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Electronic Records Program 1995-1996 Report

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Accomplishments for 1995-1996

Program staff continue to make significant progress toward meeting the goals of the project. Areas of work include program planning and administration, data management and administration, assistance to state agencies, local governments, and the public, outreach, and participation in state technology initiatives. Below is a brief listing of some of the work accomplished in the second year of the Program.

Program Planning and Administration

  • Developed strategic plan for 1996-1998,
  • Met with the Advisory Group to establish priorities and direction for the Program's work,
  • Met with top level Department of Administration officials to discuss electronic records issues and promote the possibility of collaborative projects.

Data Management and Administration

  • Developed and implemented accession procedures for electronic records,
  • Identified consulting services for data conversion,
  • Drafted a report on the failed attempt to transfer electronic records from the Sentencing Commission (see Appendix B),
  • Worked with the Elections Board in a collaborative project to read twenty nine-track tapes of campaign finance and election data,
  • Accessioned five electronic record series, including electronic texts from the Wisconsin Women during World War II Oral History Project and survey data of the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women.

Assistance to State Agencies, Local Governments, and the Public

  • Met with the Department of Health and Social Service, Bureau of Vital Statistics staff to evaluate the Electronic Birth Registration system,
  • Consulted with technology staff of Department of Health and Social Services on the feasibility of including Federal Government Information Locator System standard fields into their website,
  • Reviewed a feasibility study for the Employe Trust Funds Imaging System,
  • Consulted with staff of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and several local government agencies on the legality of accepting and storing public records in electronic form,
  • Consulted with members of the public interested in preserving electronic records in their possession.


  • Spoke to the Wisconsin Data Administrators Group on the issues and problems of preserving electronic records,
  • Presented a paper at a regional professional conference on the need for documentation for electronic systems,
  • Spoke to a UW-Madison conservation course on the issues and problems of preserving electronic records.

Participation in State Technology Initiatives and Groups

  • Statewide Electronic Forms Standard
  • Electronic Mail Policy Task Force
  • Wisconsin Data Administrators Group
  • State Web Administrators Group

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