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Guidelines for the Management of Electronic Information

Statement of Purpose

This document was prepared under the joint sponsorship of the State Archives (State Historical Society of Wisconsin), the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Archives, and the Records Management Section of the Department of Administration. It has been endorsed by the Public Records and Forms Board.

The Public Records and Forms Board is a statutory body mandated to preserve for permanent use important state records, provide an orderly method for the disposition of other state records and rationalize and make more cost effective the management of forms and records by state agencies, Wisconsin Statutes 16.61. Board membership includes the following: the governor, the director of the State Historical Society, the attorney general, the state auditor, a representative of the small business community, a representative of a Wisconsin newspaper, a representative of the Permit Information Center and the executive secretary of the Legislative Council or their designated representatives.

This document provides an introduction to electronic records and information and related technology issues. While it addresses mandated responsibilities of the Public Records and Forms Board, it does not attempt to address all aspects and complexities of electronic records management. The Board's authorities relate primarily to evaluation of records and information, the establishment of records retention policies and the protection of the informational content of information systems.

A major objective of the document is to encourage communication on a wide range of issues associated with electronic information management. The question and answer format provides background on major issues that should be of concern to agency administrators, program managers, information technology specialists, records and forms officers and data processing personnel.

The sponsors of this document welcome your comments and questions. Correspondence should be addressed to: DOA Records Management Section, 4622 University Avenue, Madison WI 53702.

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