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Federal Depository Library Discard Procedure

Wisconsin Depository Libraries in the Madison Region

Selective depository libraries do not need to notify regional depositories when discarding publications which appear in the "List of Superseded Depository Documents."

Selective depository libraries may, with the permission of their regional depository library, discard other depository publications held for five or more years. The procedure follows:

  1. Prepare a list of the publications. The list should be arranged by Superintendent of Documents number, and include the title of each series or monograph, the series number, or the years covered by annual or biennial reports or periodicals.
  2. Send the list in Word or PDF format attached to an email message to the Government Publications librarian at
  3. The Madison regional librarian will go through the lists first, request any needed materials and remove the items from the lists.
  4. Lists will then be posted on the Government Publications home page of the Wisconsin Historical Society. Lists received during the first three weeks of a month will be posted in the first week of the following month, unless otherwise indicated. The lists will be maintained on the web page until the end of the month in which they are posted.
  5. All publications must be held for the entire time that the list appears online.
  6. Libraries requesting items from the lists will be responsible for postage charges.
  7. It is strongly encouraged that selective depository libraries utilize the "Needs and Offers" list issued by the U.S. Government Printing Office to advertise the availability of discarding titles.
  8. Discard the remaining publications. If any of the publications are sold, the money must be sent to the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, DC 20402.


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