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About the McCormick-IHC Collection

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The McCormick-IHC Collection encompasses the personal papers of Cyrus H. McCormick, his wife Nettie Fowler McCormick (1835-1923) and their descendants, Cyrus H. McCormick, Jr., Harold F. McCormick, Stanley A. McCormick, Mary Virginia McCormick, Anita McCormick Blaine, and Fowler McCormick; records of the McCormick Estates; records of people and businesses in Virginia; and business records of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and the International Harvester Company. Learn more about the history of the collection.

The collections also include administrative correspondence, financial records, reports, interviews, notes and subject files of the McCormick Biographical Association, the Nettie Fowler McCormick Biographical Association and the Reaper Centennial Celebration.

For more a more detailed description of the contents of the McCormick-IHC Collection, search under "McCormick Collection" in the Archives Computer Catalog, or consult our list of frequently asked questions.

McCormick Family Papers

McCormick Family Portrait
Family portrait, 1905. Cyrus, Jr.
was president of IHC, Anita
and Nettie contributed heavily
to education, missionary and
social work throughout the world.

The McCormick Family Papers contain correspondence, diaries, genealogies, financial and legal records, landscape and architectural plans, medical reports, photographs, scrapbooks, and subject files documenting their personal lives, business, philanthropic and political activities, estates, investments and travel.

McCormick Harvesting Machine Company

Records of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company (1848-1902) include advertising literature, catalogs, correspondence, financial records, legal and patent records, minutes of stockholder and board of directors meetings, payroll records, exhibit catalogs and photographs.

IHC McCormick Works
IHC McCormick Works, Chicago.
Metal finishing room.

Among other topics, these records trace the development of agricultural mechanization and the evolution of the modern business corporation.

International Harvester Company

International Harvester Company records (1881-1984) consist primarily of advertising literature; product catalogs; technical publications such as operators' manuals, instruction papers, parts catalogs and service manuals; agricultural bulletins; news releases, public relations files, and company magazines; market research studies; financial and legal records of the company's Russian operations (1908-1919); and photographs, posters and films.

The collection also includes some payroll records, product catalogs and instruction papers of three of the companies that merged in 1902 with the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company to form IHC: the Deering Harvester Company, Milwaukee Harvester Company, and Plano Harvester Company. IHC records extensively document the history, development and marketing of its tractors, stationary engines, farm implements and industrial equipment.

1947 IH World magazine cover
January 1947 cover of International
Harvester World magazine, marking
the company's entry into the
refrigerator-freezer industry.

Collectors of tractors and antique farm equipment can find the visual materials and technical information required to restore and operate many of the products manufactured by International Harvester, however the collection does not include blueprints, daily serial number lists, customer records or "build card" information. For more information on how we can help collectors, please consult our frequently asked questions page.


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