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County Clerk General Records Schedule

Alphabetical Index of Records

To the best of our knowledge these retention periods comply with existing state laws as of 1994. It is recommended that local governments consult the latest federal and state regulations to ensure compliance with federal regulations that may be at variance with the schedule and to ensure compliance with any changes in the laws.

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Absentee certificate-affidavit envelopes - see Elections
Aid - see Social Services
Aid to immigration societies - see Administration
Airport land: acquisition of - see Public Lands &Roads
Annual report: department of social services - see Social Services
Any record subject to litigation - see Taxes
Apportionment maps - see Administration
Apportionment of county taxes - see Taxes
Audit by state Department of Health and Social Services - see Social Services
Audit reports - see Administration
Audits of claim against county - see Social Services
Automobile registration lists - see Licenses
Award of compensation pursuant to relocation orders - see Public Lands & Roads

Ballots, Federal - see Elections
Ballots, non-Federal - see Elections
Bank statements - see Administration
Bonds furnished by conservator of county hospital patient - see Social Services
Bounty claims forwarded to DNR - see Administration

Cancelled checks - see Taxes
Cancelled voter registration cards - see Elections
Cemetery care funds - see Social Services
Certificate of election - see Elections
Certified lists of all candidates on file - see Elections
Claims or proceedings against the county - see Administration
Claims paid by county and supporting papers - see Administration
Clerk of Court for juvenile matters - see Social Services
Condemnation proceedings - see Public Lands & Roads
Consent by guardian for marriage - see Licenses
Consolidation of counties - see Administration
Copies of legislative documents - see Public Lands & Roads
Correspondence - see Taxes
County board committee proceedings - see County Board
County board ordinances - see County Board
County board proceedings - see County Board
County board resolutions - see County Board
County board: meeting notices - see County Board
County contribution to the mosquito control district - see Administration
County forest lands - see Public Lands & Roads
County forest road aids - see Public Lands & Roads
County highways - see Public Lands & Roads
County improvement notice - see Public Lands & Roads
County officers: appointment of - see Administration
County orders uncalled for by the payee - see Administration
County park commissioners - see Public Lands & Roads
County parks and parkways - see Public Lands & Roads
County zoning ordinance - see Administration
Court certificates - see Taxes
Court commissioner: statement of all actions - see Administration
Court costs and fees - see Administration
Crop reports by local assessors - see Administration

Detachable recording units - see Elections
Detachment of farm land from cities - see Administration
District protection and rehabilitations - see Public Lands & Roads
Dog license fee records, reports - see Licenses
Dog licenses - see Licenses
Dog licenses and tags - see Licenses
Drainage district - see Public Lands & Roads

Election materials and supplies - see Elections
Election notices - see Elections
Election returns - see Elections
Election supplies - see Elections
Electronic ballot tallies - see Elections
Equalization board proceedings - see Administration

Farmland preservation agreements - see Administration
Federal elections records - see Elections
Financial registration statements and reports - see Public Lands & Roads
Flood works - see Public Lands & Roads
Forest products - see Administration
Forfeiture - see Administration

Highway and road records - see Public Lands & Roads
Highway jurisdiction maps - see Public Lands & Roads
Hunting, trapping, fishing licenses - see Licenses

Illegal tax certificates - see Taxes
Inland lake protection and rehabilitation district - see Public Lands & Roads

Leasing of land under the U.S. flood control act - see Public Lands & Roads
License fee records - see Licenses
List of dogs kept in assessment district - see Licenses
Livestock: claims for damage by dogs - see Licenses
Local assessors - see Taxes

Marriage license applications - see Licenses
Marriage license docket - see Licenses
Marriage license fees receipts and records - see Licenses
Metropolitan Transit Authority annual report - see Administration
Municipal power and water districts - see Public Lands & Roads

Nomination papers - see Elections
Nomination papers for political party committees - see Elections
Notice of application for tax deed - see Taxes
Notice of stray animals - see Licenses
Notices of application for taking of tax deeds - see Taxes
Notices to town assessors regarding lands sold - see Public Lands & Roads

Oaths of office - see Administration
Officers: town, city and village - see Administration
Official bonds - see Administration
Official canvass record - see Elections
Official Canvasses - see Elections

Payment vouchers and disbursements - see Administration
Power of attorney - see Public Lands & Roads
Protest of proposed zoning amendment - see Public Lands & Roads
Publications fees - see Administration

Receipts from every county officer - see Taxes
Receipts issued by treasurer - see Taxes
Record of any alteration of boundaries or organization - see Administration
Recount fees - see Elections
Registration and poll lists - see Elections
Registration and Voting statistics - see Elections
Relocation orders - see Public Lands & Roads
Removals from office - see Administration
Resignation of public officers - see Administration
Resolution redefining metro sewage district boundary - see Public Lands & Roads
Resolutions: agricultural use zoning ordinance - see Administration

Sample ballots - see Elections
School tuition claims for nonresidents - see Administration
Service of notice on owner of record of original title - see Taxes
Soldiers graves - see Social Services
State trunk highways, county maps - see Public Lands & Roads
Statistical report of county clerk to county board - see County Board
Streets and parkways - see Public Lands & Roads

Tax Appeals Commission - see Taxes
Tax apportionment - see Taxes
Tax apportionment notices - see Taxes
Tax deeds - see Taxes
Tax receipts - see Taxes
Taxes levied on taxable property - see Taxes
Town highways - see Public Lands & Roads
Town: order establishing a new town - see Administration

Vehicles: applications for registration of - see Licenses
Veterans burials and record of financial assistance - see Social Services
Veterans service commission - see Social Services

Wills, living - see Social Services
Woodland tax law - see Taxes
Writs of certiorar - see Administration

Zoning ordinance - see Public Lands & Roads


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