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Local Government Records Program

The Wisconsin Historical Society has statutory responsibility to collect, maintain and make available for use permanently valuable records of Wisconsin's local governments and court system. Local governments include municipalities, towns, school districts, counties, and special districts (such as CESA and sewerage districts). The court system includes municipal, probate and juvenile courts. In general, the Society collects local records that document the administration of government, settlement of estates and resolution of family matters, adjudication of disputes (civil and criminal), naturalization, education, recording of private property ownership, recording of vital statistics, and taxation. Local government records in the Archives can be accessed through Reference Services.

  • Wisconsin Municipal Records Manual
    An overview of records management practices and recommendations for the retention and disposition of public records.
  • Administration of Local Government and Court Records
    Information on how local governments can comply with the statutory obligation to notify the Wisconsin Historical Society, prior to destruction of public records. Also describes the Society's policies for administering local records in its custody.

Links to other records management resources

General Records Retention Schedules for Selected County Offices

Schedules for the primary records of the county treasurers, register of deeds, and county clerks. Schedules define an appropriate retention period for each records series and provides clear guidance on notifying the Wisconsin Historical Society of destruction.


For information about the policies and procedures of the Local Government Records Program contact:

Virginia Fritzsch
Public Records Archivist
Wisconsin Historical Society Archives
816 State Street Madison, WI 53706
(608) 264-6469


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