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Register of Deeds General Records Schedule

Non-permanent Retentions

The following records series should be retained for the time period indicated in the records retention schedule, below. A retention period is defined as the amount of time an identified record must be kept until destruction. If "waived" is indicated in the Notification column, a Register of Deeds can destroy the records after the prescribed retention period without further notice to the State Historical Society. If "notify" is indicated in the Notification column, the Register of Deeds should notify the State Historical Sociey of their intention to destroy the records (see instructions on notifying the Wisconsin Historical Society).


The following terms and abbreviations are used in the records retention schedule:

CR: creation date (or receipt date) of the record

FIS: current fiscal year

EVT: event (such as satisfaction of a mortgage)

Records Retention Schedule

Records Series
Retention & Authority
Accounts payable CR +7 years Waived
Accounts receivable CR + 7 years Waived
Accounts receivable, paid CR + 2 years Waived
Airport protection plans, specifications, and amendments CR + 7 years
s. 114.135
Any records subject to litigation, claim, audit or other action Until permission to destroy obtained from Corporation Council Waived
Applications for certified copies CR + 2 years Waived
As-built tracings Life of project Waived
Bills of sale CR + 6 years Waived
Blueprints Until superseded by as-built tracings Notify
Breeding service: claim and payment for CR + 7 years
s. 779.49 (1)
Cancelled checks CR + 7 years
s. 59.54(16)
Cash register tapes CR + 2 years Waived
Certificates of old age assistance and indexes CR +7 years Notify
City record of officers and employees' surety bonds CR + 7 years
s. 66.145
City/Village: Reorganization of city as village, election returns on question of CR + 7 years
s. 66.019 (6)
City/village: lease of space by CR + 7 years
s. 66.048 (3)(c)
Correspondence CR + 3 years Waived
Equipment & furnishings inventories Until superseded Waived
General information CR + 7 years Notify
Guardian, petition for appointment of CR + 7 years
s. 880.215
Indigent defendants: certificate of legal fees paid by county or state CR + 7 years
s. 757.66
Insurance policies, claims made 7 years after expiration
s. 59.52(10)
Insurance policies, occupance CR + 7 years
s. 59.52(10)
Liquidated insurers' records 7 years after close of liquidation proceedings
s. 645
Municipal redevelopment plan and revisions CR + 7 years
s. 66.431 (9)(a)1, 66.431 (11)(b)
Notice of removal of human corpse 2 months from date of death; Dept. H&SS directive Waived
Notification of failure to pay taxes and notification of balances due (veterans) CR + 7 years
s. 45.53
Order to suspend proceedings for collection of property taxes of property owned by veterans CR + 7 years
s. 45.53 (6)
Purchase orders CR + 7 years Waived
Raze order CR + 7 years
s. 66.05 (1)(d)
Receipt journals CR + 7 years Waived
Receipts CR + 7 years Waived
Report for final disposition of corpse 2 years from date of death; Dept. H&SS directive Waived
Treasurers receipts CR + 2 years Waived
UCC filings (Fixture)409.403 (6)409.402 (5) EVT = satisfaction of mortgage
s. 409.403 (6), s. 409.402 (5)
UCC filings (Non-fixture) CR + 5 years
s. 409.403 (3)
UCC - 11, search copies CR + 2 years Waived
Vital record, request for copy of FIS + 1 year Waived
Vouchers order/register CR + 7 years Waived
Wills, foreign: certificate of assignment CR + 7 years
s. 868.05 (2)
Wills, notice that proceedings have been taken to contest the will CR + 7 years
s. 868.01 (3)


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