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Register of Deeds General Records Schedule

Index by record type



Accounts payable
Accounts receivable
Accounts receivable, paid
Airport protection plans
Annexation of territory by a city or village
Annulment, divorce or legal separation judgement
Any records subject to litigation, claim, audit or other action
Applications for certified copies
Appointment of any guardian or conservator
Armed forces
Articles of incorporation
Articles of incorporation and amendments for mutual associations
Articles of incorporation for banking corporation and amendments
Articles of incorporation for capital stock associations and amendments
As-built tracings
Assessors' plats and amendments
Authorization to execute conveyances


Bills of sale
Breeding service: claim and payment for
Bulkhead line
Business partnership agreements, amendments, articles of dissolution


Cancelled checks
Cash register tapes
Cemetery association (non-profit) certification resolutions and copy of proceedings
Cemetery plat or map, records
Census schedules
Certificate of authorization to exercise fiduciary powers
Certificate of conversion
Certificate reorganizing a mutual association
Certificates of conversion from a mutual savings bank to a stock savings bank
Certificates of old age assistance and indexes
Certified survey map and corrections of
Chattel mortgages
City condemnation and acquisition of property
City record of officers and employees' surety bonds
City/Village: Reorganization of city as village, election returns on question of
City/village: lease of space by
City: certificate showing that a city has established an official map
Condominium instruments
Contracts: credit sale of alcoholic dispensing equipment,share croppers
Conveyance and instrument affecting title to land in this state and index
Corporate name
Corporations (miscellaneous non-profit)
Corporations (non-stock)
Corporations (religious)
Corporations: resolution dissolving domestic corporation
Credit Unions


Daily report regarding system of tract indices
Declaration of trust for domestic and alien corporations and amendments
Deed: certificate of cancelled deed
Descent of property, judgement to determine
Discharge certificate from U.S. armed forces
Drainage district


Equipment & furnishings inventories
Estate transfer by will, intestacy or appointment,disclaimer of
Estates: Order settling small estates
Execution and sale of real estate
Exploration mining lease


Farmland preservation agreement and relinquishment
Farms or country estates, registration of names
Federal tax liens
Forest croplands, order of entry, transfer, withdrawal
Forest land (managed): Orders regarding
Forest lands (county): order of entry, withdrawals


General information
Grantor/grantee index -- index to real property records
Guardian, petition for appointment of


Highway (controlled access)
Highway assessments andapportionment
Highway or street maps
Highway register: county


Ice age trail areas
Index for ancillary documents
Index of records or files kept in the register's office
Indigent defendants
Industrial development agencies
Inland lake protection and rehabilitation district
Insurance policies, claims made
Insurance policies, occupance
Interest in property, statement or certificate confirming


Judgment of declaration of interests in real property


Land patents, U.S.
Levy or writ of execution on real property
Lien for threshing, husking, baling
Lien judgement
Lien or mortgage, discharge order
Lien: certificate of redemption of judgment lien on loan
Liquidated insurer, documents relating to property of
Liquidated insurers' records
Lis pendens


Marital property agreements and related statements
Metro sewage district boundary: resolution to redefine
Mineral interests: statement of claim
Mineral rights register consisting of conveyances ofmineral interests
Monuments: survey conducted to erect monuments
Mortgage liens upon public utilities and satisfaction of mortgage lien
Mortgage: certificate of discharge after foreclosure
[Mortgage] title: evidence of right of creditor to acquire
Municipal redevelopment plan and revisions


Name change: certified copy of order and indexes
Natural areas heritage program
Notice of removal of human corpse
Notification of failure to pay taxes


Oaths of office
Order to suspend proceedings for collection of property taxes


Plat maps and corrections of
Plat maps: notification to authorities
Plat maps: resolution of municipality
Power of attorney
Probate judgment
Proof of age (duplicate or certified copy)
Public land: notice of pending application
Public lands: abstract and records
Public lands: annulment of certificates and patents
Purchase orders


Rail property: release of first right to acquire by DOT
Railroads: map showing proposed route
Railroads: surveyed map and certificate of the alteration or change of routes
Raze order
Real estate liens: payment affidavit for prior liens
Real estate owners subject to building codes
Real estate transfers
Real estate: order confirming the sale of real estate
Real property: affidavit of publication of a sale
Receipt journals
Release of power of appointment
Rental units: certificates, waivers, stipulationsrelating to
Report for final disposition of corpse
Retrocession of jurisdiction, documents concerning


Savings bank: articles of incorporation of a savings bank and amendments
School district
Security interest in personal property
Security interest upon certificate of title
Security interests: financing statements
Sewer and transportation facilities, record of damage awards by condemnor
Share croppers' contracts
Solar access rights
Solid waste disposal facility
Surety company bond
Surplus state-owned real property, agreement of transfer
Surveyor's records, field notes


Time-share instrument and amendments; termination agreement
Town boundary or name change: order or ordinance
Town mutual corporate documents
Town sanitary districts
Towns: record of non-compliance with zoning ordinance
Tract index
Trademarks, labels, badges, statement or description of
Treasurers receipts
Trusts: disclaimer of real property or an interest in real property
Trusts: letters of trust for a foreign trustee [named in a will]


UCC - 11, search copies
UCC filings (Fixture) 409.403 (6)409.402 (5)
UCC filings (Non-fixture)


Village records
Village: petition for dissolution of a village and election results on question of
Vital record, request for copy of
Vital records
Vouchers order/register


Wills, foreign: certificate of assignment
Wills, notice that proceedings have been taken to contest the will
Woodland tax lands
Writ of attachment and related records


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