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Task Force Members

Registers in Probate Association Task Force

  • Sally Lunde Chair - Waukesha Co. Register in Probate
  • Eyvonne Ebert - Menominee and Shawno Co. Register in Probate
  • Joy Legro-Pecha - Langlade Co. Register in Probate
  • Joan Maxwell - Columbia Co. Register in Probate
  • Carol Mills - Racine Co. Register in Probate
  • Susie Soukup - Marathon Co. Register in Probate
  • Jane Stetzer - Jefferson Co. Register in Probate
  • David Bubier - State Court Records Officer

Wisconsin Association of Public Librarians Task Force

  • Anita Taylor Doering Chair - LaCrosse Public Library
  • Jo Don Anderson - Southwest Wisconsin Library System
  • Tom Bachman - Brewer Public Library
  • Julie Flemming - Fox Lake Public Library
  • Polly Gropen - Delafield Public Library
  • Sue Koehler - Madison Public Library
  • Virginia Schwartz - Milwaukee Public Library
  • Cecilia Wiltzius - Appleton Public Library
  • Sandra Zuehlke - Hancock Public Library

Wisconsin Council for Local History Task Force

  • Mary Sather Chair - New Richmond Preservation Society
  • Larry Behlen - Dartford Historical Society
  • Mary Jane Hettinga - Marathon County Historical Museum
  • Dian Krause - Vernon County Historical Society
  • Tom McKay - Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Jo Miller - Luther Valley Historical Society
  • Rose Rumpff - Sheboygan County Historical Research Center
  • Gary Schlosstein - Buffalo County Historical Society

Project Staff

  • Sally J. Jacobs - Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Kyle Krause - Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Joshua Ranger - Wisconsin Historical Society


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