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Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board

2012-2016 Strategic Plan

Historical records provide both memory and accountability for individuals, families, organizations, governments and communities.

The Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board (WHRAB) has developed a strategic five-year plan that outlines steps for implementing electronic records preservation goals.

  • Goal 1: Promote a greater understanding of electronic records preservation and access issues and methods, especially among small repositories
  • Goal 2: Promote training in core competencies for records creators and keepers
  • Goal 3: Facilitate consortium building and networking among organizations and individuals responsible for or associated with record keeping and preservation
  • Goal 4: Increase public awareness and support for historical records preservation and access

Challenges for Historical Records Preservation and Access

Currently there are four main challenges facing officials in state record keeping offices, archivists, and individuals representing other professions that keep or use historical records.

  1. Records and many other kinds of documents are increasingly created and kept only in electronic formats and archives continue to struggle with preserving and providing access to these records.
  2. Training and education remains a critical need for many records keepers.
  3. Resources with which to tackle problems such as training and management of electronic records are stagnant or declining.
  4. The importance and value of historical records and of archives is little understood or appreciated.

About the Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board

The Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board is a 10-member, governor-appointed board that works in association with the Wisconsin Historical Society. The Board's activity falls primarily into three areas.

  • To provide guidance and assistance to archives and records management programs in Wisconsin.
  • To bring federal grant funds to Wisconsin for improving access and preservation of historical records.
  • To promote the value of historical records as keys to our cultural heritage, working through partnerships with statewide organizations whose purpose and goals support that end.

Contact Us

For additional information about the activities of the Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board, please contact Matt Blessing, Deputy Coordinator and State Archivist of the Society's Library Archives Division.

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