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Governor's Archives Awards for 2005

Pictured are Michelle Sweetser,
Bill Fliss, Ellsworth Brown, Director,
WHS, Matt Blessing, Mark Thiel,
and Phil Runkel.

Marquette University's Raynor Memorial Libraries, the Kewaunee County Historical Research Center, the Milwaukee Jewish Historical Society, and Debra Anderson have been selected to receive 2005 Governor's Archives Awards from the Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board. The awards recognize three different categories of outstanding work in historical records preservation and access in Wisconsin.

Winners Announced in Archival Achievement

The Award for Archival Achievement goes to the Raynor Memorial Libraries and to the Kewaunee County Historical Research Center. The Raynor Memorial Libraries' special collections department has built a highly respected archives program featuring collections on Catholic missions among American Indians, the papers of Catholic activist Dorothy Day, and the papers of British author J.R.R. Tolkien. Housed in the Raynor Memorial Libraries' new facility, these and other collections have become more accessible to the public through exhibits, public programs, a Web site, and thorough cataloging.

Kewaunee County
Historical Research Center

The Kewaunee County Historical Research Center has established a valuable resource for citizens of its community and beyond. Through the expansion of its facility and the commendable efforts of its volunteers, the center has been actively building its collections of historical records and making them accessible to the public. The center has a growing library that is used by researchers, genealogists and local citizens. It is an important promoter and resource for the community it serves.

Milwaukee Jewish Historical Society Wins Award for Archival Innovation

Pictured are Michael Green, Chair,
MJHS Website Committee; Marianne
Lubar, Chair, MJHS; and Peter
Gottlieb, State Archivist, WHS.

The Award for Archival Innovation goes to the Milwaukee Jewish Historical Society for taking full advantage of its Web site to increase awareness of historical records. The Society has used its Web site to continue collecting, preserving and exhibiting materials; recruit volunteers; raise financial support; and connect with historical societies, libraries and museums worldwide.

Debra Anderson Wins Award for Archival Advocacy

The Archival Advocacy Award goes to University of Wisconsin-Green Bay archivist Debra Anderson, for her unflagging efforts to develop archival programs, cultivate the UW-Green Bay Area Research Center, and build relationships with researchers, students, faculty, government officials, and community members. As part of her outreach, she works with UW-Green Bay faculty to develop papers and projects for students that utilize historical records. She also collaborates with public elementary and high school teachers to foster a local network for National History Day.

Debra Anderson

A five-member committee of the Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board selected these winners from a field of 11 nominees. The awards will be presented to the institutions at ceremonies in September and October.

The Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board has 10 members appointed by the governor. It assists Wisconsin institutions in applying for federal grants for archival work and in improving the preservation and availability of historical records in Wisconsin.


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