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Governor's Archives Awards for 2006

UW Oshkosh Wins Award for Archival Achievement

The Area Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and Madison's La Follette High School Archives and History Center Museum have won Governor's Archives Awards for 2006. The Wisconsin Historical Society and the Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board jointly sponsor the awards. These annual awards recognize outstanding work in historical records preservation and access in Wisconsin. In addition, 2006 winners have received a $500.00 gift certificate from DEMCO, Inc.

UW Oshkosh archivist Josh Ranger

The Award for Archival Achievement goes to the UW-Oshkosh Area Research Center for rapid and sustained improvement of the Area Research Center that has made it a well-recognized resource on the university campus and in the region of the state that it serves. An independent five-member judging panel cited the center's substantial increase in public access and usefulness plus major improvements to its archival facility. According to UW Oshkosh archivist Josh Ranger, “It has been a tremendously worthwhile experience to help build the UW Oshkosh and Polk Library Archives from a largely moribund program into one that is actively engaged, both in the University and community. The program has a new, larger facility which allows us to maintain and preserve the materials we have, as well as expand by adding more historical collections from campus and the five counties we serve.”

La Follette Archives Wins Award for Archival Innovation

Victoria Straughn

The Award for Archival Innovation goes to the La Follette High School Archives and History Museum. The school established the archives in 1999 and has developed and sustained it ever since. The awards panel cited the archives' experimentation with new approaches to raising awareness and appreciation of historical and its use of historical records to reach new audiences. According to Victoria Straughn at LaFollette, “This project is an important step toward securing the future of the LaFollette High School Archives. The students initiated this project out of a love for their school and, in the process, gained a valuable appreciation for its history. Our collection can be used by teachers and students throughout the school district, as well as by outside researchers studying the history of high schools and teen culture, and I am thrilled to receive the Governor's Archive Award.”

The Wisconsin Historical Society Board of Curators' Awards Committee confirmed the awards at its meeting in Ashland on Saturday, June 24. The Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board consists of 10 members appointed by the governor. It assists Wisconsin institutions in applying for federal grants for archival work and in improving the appreciation and care of historical records in Wisconsin.


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