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Governor's Archives Awards for 2007

The Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board and the Wisconsin Historical Society have announced the winners of the Governor's Archives Awards for 2007. These annual awards recognize outstanding work in historical records preservation and access in Wisconsin. In addition, the 2007 winners each receive a $500.00 gift certificate from DEMCO, Inc.

Awards will be presented in October during 2007 Archives Month.

Cudahy Family Library Wins Award for Archival Achievement

The Cudahy Family Library Local History Collection in Cudahy has won the 2007 Governor's Award for Archival Achievement. The archival achievement award goes to the Cudahy Family Library for developing its local history collection from the contents of two filing cabinets to the new Local History Room that is in the library today.

Maps, directories, local newspapers, city and business records, as well as a wide range of other resources make it one of the finest local history collections in any Wisconsin public library.

The Cudahy Family Library.

Patrons use the collection for local history and genealogical research as well as for researching individual family histories of Cudahy residents. The information the collection holds on the many Cudahy street names that Milwaukee incorporated into its streets illustrates the collection's depth. Researchers will not find this early information on Milwaukee anywhere else.

A five-member panel of archival professionals selected the Cudahy Library Local History Collection for the award from a field of five nominees. The panel described the collection as carefully preserved, well-organized, easily accessible, and electronically searchable — a rarity in the field of local history. The records are also stored in a room that makes them easy to view and copy.

Rose M. Clark

Clark Wins Award for Archival Advocacy

Rose M. Clark of Mauston has won the 2007 Governor's Award for Archival Advocacy. The archival advocacy award goes to Clark for outstanding work to help preserve and educate the public about the history of Juneau County. Among her many activities, she has organized volunteers to augment preservation efforts, helped bring in preservation funding, and provided information and instruction to youth and local citizens on interviewing World War II veterans.

A five-member panel of archival professionals selected Clark for the award from a field of three nominees. The panel cited her for accomplishing a massive reorganization of the Juneau County Historical Society's archival collections, noting that she is a true advocate of preservation and has increased accessibility to the local historical society's collections for all who want to use them.

Milwaukee County Zoo Wins Award for Archival Innovation

Photo of Milwaukee County Zoo flowers.
Milwaukee County Zoo.

The Milwaukee County Zoo has won the 2007 Governor's Award for Archival Innovation. The archival innovation award goes to the zoo for developing its own archives as a resource for researchers inside and outside the zoo community. In addition, it has created a zoo history photo and film archives; provided Web site support for the Bartlett Society, an international organization devoted to the study of zoo history; sponsored a conference on zoo history at the Association of Zoos and Aquarium (AZA) meeting; and accepted the zoo ephemera files of the Smithsonian Institution's National Zoological Park Library, preserving in one place a unique collection not available anywhere else.

A five-member panel of archival professionals selected the Milwaukee County Zoo for the award from a field of two nominees. The panel determined that, in taking the subject of zoo history beyond the confines of its institutional history and by engaging the help of historians with broad interests, the Milwaukee County Zoo has recognized that the histories of individual zoos acquire added meaning when considered in relation to their local communities, by comparison to other zoos, and in light of broader cultural trends.

The Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board

The Wisconsin Historical Society and the Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board jointly sponsor the Governor's Archives Awards annually. The Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board consists of 10 members appointed by the governor. It assists Wisconsin institutions in applying for federal grants for archival work and in improving the appreciation and care of historical records in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Historical Society Board of Curators' Awards Committee conferred the Governor's Archives Awards at its meeting in Wisconsin Dells on Saturday, June 9.


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