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Governor's Archives Awards for 2010

The Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board and the Wisconsin Historical Society have announced the winners of the Governor's Archives Awards for 2010. These annual awards recognize outstanding work in historical records preservation, advocacy, and access in Wisconsin. In addition, the 2010 winners each receive a $500.00 gift certificate from DEMCO, Inc.

The La Crosse Public Library Archives Department Wins Award for Archival Achievement

The 2010 Award for Archival Achievement goes to the La Crosse Public Library Archives Department for its work promoting archives and preserving local history. The award recognizes a historical records repository that has made an outstanding contribution to the archival profession.

The La Crosse Public Library established its program 30 years ago to serve the community's local history needs. Aside from collecting, processing, and making available archival material, the department has supported students participating in National History Day, provided historical images and information for a book and program about the La Crosse area, received a grant to digitize La Crosse area maps, and created the Footsteps of La Crosse website.

The UW Forest and Wildlife Ecology Lab with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Science Services and Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine Win Award for Archival Advocacy

The partnership of the UW Forest and Wildlife Ecology Lab, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Science Services, and Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine is the winner of the 2010 Award for Archival Advocacy for their work with historical records of public lands surveys, and the publication of a pre-settlement vegetation map and supplement. This award honors support for historical records work through organizational leadership, public advocacy and financial or volunteer contributions.

Between 1832 and 1866, the federal government surveyed the land that is now the state of Wisconsin, including notes about tree species, waterbodies, prairies, and geological features. These surveys provide a unique record of the vegetation in Wisconsin before large-scale human impact. These notes were used to create a vegetation map of Wisconsin from this time period.

The partnership also created an eight-page companion insert detailing the surveys, surveyors' notebooks, the work involved in creating the map, and the vegetation changes that have occurred in Wisconsin since that time. The map and supplement was inserted into Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine, and additional copies are available for sharing at forestry and other conferences, with schools (middle school through college), and with landowners.

Susan Braden of the Hedberg Public Library Wins Award for Archival Innovation

Susan Braden, a reference librarian at the Hedberg Public Library, is this year's winner of the Award for Archival Innovation for her work with oral histories. This award is for new ways of working with historical records and bringing those records to new audiences.

Susan Braden headed the effort to transcribe and digitize General Motors sit-down strike oral histories in order to make them available on the Internet. These oral histories detail the work, union, family, and social life of 12 men who had either participated in the 1937 GM sit-down strike in Janesville, or who worked in other Janesville industries. Originally on audiocassettes, these interviews were converted into podcasts with accompanying transcripts and are now available on the Hedberg Public Library's website.

The Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board

The Wisconsin Historical Society and the Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board jointly sponsor the Governor's Archives Awards annually. The Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board consists of 10 members appointed by the governor. It assists Wisconsin institutions in applying for federal grants for archival work and in improving the appreciation and care of historical records in Wisconsin.


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