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Governor's Archives Awards for 2011

The Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board and the Wisconsin Historical Society have announced the winners of the Governor's Archives Awards for 2011. These awards, given annually since 2001, recognize outstanding work in preserving and providing access to Wisconsin's historical records. In addition, the winners receive a $500 gift certificate from DEMCO, Inc.

The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee wins Award for Archival Achievement

The 2011 Award for Archival Achievement goes to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries for their development of the March on Milwaukee Civil Rights History Project. The award recognizes a historical records repository that has made an outstanding contribution to the archival profession.

The March on Milwaukee Civil Rights History Project is a digital collection drawn from archival collections from the UWM Libraries and the Wisconsin Historical Society, including documents, photographs, news film footage, and oral history recordings and transcripts. These collections could previously be accessed only in person during the Libraries’ limited hours. Now, scholars, students, teachers, and members of the community can access the materials from any location. The digital collection can be accessed at here.

The UW-Madison Digital Collections Center and Department of Geography Win Award for Archival Innovation

A partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Madison Digital Collections Center (UWDCC) and Department of Geography is the winner of the 2011 Award for Archival Innovation for their work on the Changing Landscapes of Wisconsin Project. This award highlights projects that demonstrate the significance or relevance of historical records in new ways, or that use historical records to reach new audiences.

The Changing Landscapes of Wisconsin project was designed to preserve and expand access to a rare collection of historic aerial photographs of Wisconsin’s landscapes from 1937-1941. The photographs were expertly digitized and indexed by the UWDCC and made available to researchers using the Wisconsin Historic Aerial Image Finder, a tool created by the State Cartographer’s Office which combines the historical images with modern mapping technology. The photography collection and the WHAIFinder can be accessed at the Department of Geography’s website.

Penny Deshur of the Jewish Museum Milwaukee Wins Award for Archival Advocacy

Penny Deshur of the Jewish Museum Milwaukee is the winner of the 2011 Award for Archival Advocacy. It recognizes Deshur’s extensive body of work as a teacher, genealogist, community leader, and philanthropist. The award honors support for historical records work through organizational leadership, public advocacy and financial or volunteer contributions.

As the co-chair of a Milwaukee Jewish Federation Women’s Division genealogy group, Penny Deshur helped establish the Wisconsin Jewish Genealogical Society in 1989, and served as the Society’s president for 10 years. Deshur also serves as the Jewish Museum’s Vice President of Education and Development Committee Chair, and teaches genealogy classes in Milwaukee and surrounding communities. In addition to these accomplishments, Deshur devotes considerable time and effort to making Jewish burial records available online for researchers and genealogists at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee’s website.

The Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board

The Wisconsin Historical Society and the Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board jointly sponsor the Governor's Archives Awards annually. The Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board consists of 10 members appointed by the governor. It assists Wisconsin institutions in applying for federal grants for archival work and in improving the appreciation and care of historical records in Wisconsin.


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