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Consulting Services for Local Historical Societies

General Assistance and Affiliations

The Society operates two field services offices that can provide general assistance and help with affiliation issues. Contact Rick Bernstein or Janet Seymour if you have any questions.

Museum Collections

Curators from the Society's museum will be available for consultation on the care of collections in your museum. Please contact Paul Bourcier or Jennifer Kolb so they can put you in touch with the proper museum expert to assist you.

Programs for Elementary, Middle & High School Students

Kurt Griesemer from the Society's Historic Preservation-Public History Division can provide ideas and advice on ways to work with local elementary, middle and high school teachers in involving students in local history.

Building Restoration and Rehabilitation Techniques

If you have questions regarding how to properly restore or rehab your historic building, contact Jennifer Davel.

Applying for Tax Credits for Rehabilitation of Your Members' Historic Homes

If you would like to relay information to your members regarding how they may apply for tax credits when they rehabilitate their historic homes. All program materials including an application are available online. For additional information, contact Jennifer Davel.

Getting Involved in Your Community's Cultural Resource Planning Process

By 2010, most communities in Wisconsin will need to have a comprehensive plan in place. These plans must address several issues including the preservation of cultural and historic resources. Contact Rick Bernstein to learn how other history organizations throughout the state are getting involved in this local effort.

Care of Historic Cemeteries

Contact John Broihahn if your organization needs information on protecting historic cemeteries.

Preservation of Native American Burial Sites

If your organization has questions regarding the identification and protection of Native American mounds, contact John Broihahn.

Protection of Archaeological Sites

Contact State Archaeologist John Broihahn with questions regarding the identification and protection of archaeological sites.

Maritime Preservation and Archaeology Programs

Contact Chad Gulseth regarding historic maritime resources such as lighthouses and shipwrecks.

Applying for National Register of Historic Places Status

Contact Peggy Veregin if you have questions regarding the Register or would like to nominate a building, site or district to the Register.

Researching Historic Buildings or Districts

Contact Joe DeRose if you have questions regarding how to research historic properties. 

Working with Government Agencies to Protect Historic Resources

If a government agency project may negatively impact a historic resource your organization is affiliated with, contact Chip Brown for information on how to work with the agency.

Landmarks Commissions

If you represent a local historic preservation landmarks commission and would like to inquire about technical assistance or training, please contact Rick Bernstein.

Historic Preservation Assistance to Nonprofits

Contact Jim Draeger if you represent a nonprofit organization interested in receiving technical assistance or training regarding historic preservation planning projects.

Historic Photographs and Visual Materials

Curator Andy Kraushaar will answer questions about photographs and other iconographic materials.

Paper Conservation Conservator

Kate Mullen will be happy to advise you about the care and handling of paper artifacts, including books, manuscripts, and visual materials.


Library staff can assist with questions about maps, atlases, and cartographic materials. Contact the reference staff at 608-264-6535 or via email.

Questions on Wisconsin and American History

Library staff will answer factual questions about Wisconsin or American history. Contact the reference staff at 608-264-6535 or via email.

Genealogy Questions

You can refer genealogists directly to the Genalogy section of the Society's website , where they'll find a wealth of information. You can also send them to the Area Research Center that covers your county. If you need to speak with a genealogical specialist, call the Society library at 608-264-6535 where a reference librarian trained in genealogy is available during all hours that the library is open.


The Wisconsin Historical Foundation has agreed to provide assistance to local historical societies around the state by answering questions related to fundraising. Contact Diane Nixa at the Wisconsin Historical Foundation.


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