Evansville Grove Society, Inc. (CPL Region)

Evansville Grove Society, Inc.
15 Antes Drive
non-deliverable address
Evansville, WI, 53536

Website: http://www.grovesociety.org
Phone: 608-882-5528
Email: grovesociety@gmail.com

Society President

Jennifer Eager Ehle
1532 Langley LN
Madison, WI, 53817

Email: jenniferehle1@gmail.com

Historic Baker Office Building

John Decker
15 Antes Dr.
non-deliverable address, Evansville, 53536

Phone: 608-882-0598
Email: grovesociety@gmail.com

Hours: May 17 and July 4, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Group tours by appointment. See our web site and Facebook page for additional special events.

Plan Your Visit: Visitor Center and Local History Museum. Permanent Baker Mfg. Co. and technology exhibit; temporary exhibits change semi-annually.

Historic Photograph Exhibit

John Decker
7 E. Main Street, Evansville, 53536

Phone: 608-882-5528

Hours: 8:00 - 5:00 M-F
8:00 - 3:00 Sat

Plan Your Visit: Permanent exhibit of historic Evansville photographs in lower level of Historic Eager Economy Store, recently restored to c. 1904 appearance.

Historic artifacts exhibit

John Decker
201 N. 4th Street, Evansville, 53536

Phone: 608-882-5528

Hours: Open to residents of The Heights at Evansville Manor and their guests. (Others by appointment only.)

Plan Your Visit: Exhibit of Evansville photographs and artifacts; changes quarterly.

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