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Directory of Wisconsin Local Historical Societies

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Pepin County Historical Society (WC)

Society Information
315 W. Madison St.
Durand, WI, 54736
Phone: 715-672-5423
Web site:

Society President
Kim Wagenbach
S277 State Hwy 25
Durand, WI, 54736
Phone: 715-672-5555
* Old Courthouse Museum & Jail
Terry Mesch
Washington Square
315 W. Madison St., Durand, 54736
Phone: 715-672-5423
Open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thurs thru Sun Mem Day to Labor Day. Tuesday- 10am-noon year round. Anytime by appointment all year.
Old Courthouse Museum & Jail. Only remaining wood-frame courthouse in Wis.; Nat'l Register of Historic Places. Exhibits: iron-latticed cellblock in the jail; upstrs crtrm near-original; "Helen Parkhurst" (20th century's most important female educator); Railroad Room"; "Bridges of Durand; "Century-old Paintings of C.H.Gleason" (b.1874 in Pepin County); doctor and dentist office displays; appliances and tools used in the home, shop and fields. Free admission. Guided tours anytime by appointment.


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