Wittenberg Area Historical Society (NWDS Region)

Wittenberg Area Historical Society
PO Box 224
500 W Summit St
Wittenberg, WI, 54499

Phone: 715.881-0326
Email: drboov@gmail.com

Society President

Carla Strassburg
N6396 Banner Rd
Box 224
Wittenberg, WI, 54499

Email: witt40@wittenbergnet.net

Wittenberg Area Historical Museum

Carla Strassburg
Former St. Paul Lutheran Parochial School Building
Corner of Vinal and Summit, Wittenberg, 54499

Phone: 715-881-0326
Email: drboov@gmail.com

Hours: Open Memorial Day-Labor Day, Sundays,
1:30-4pm and by appointment.

Roger Block

Bonnie Almazar
1302 Oriole Lane, Wausau, 54401

Phone: 715-842-3930