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Building on the Basics: 2008 Local History and Historic Preservation Conference in Wisconsin banner.
Presentations Available - View or Download

Many of you were interested in seeing presentations you missed or reviewing again ones that held special meaning for you. We have most presentations available online to either view or download. If you do not see a particular presentation listed, the presenter may not have made materials available. If you are having problems downloading these files and would like the presentations in a different format, please contact Amy Wyatt.

Click on any image below to open the presentation PDF in Adobe Acrobat format.

Friday, September 26

9:15-10:30 am

Archival Management Workshop
Matt Blessing: Collection Development Workshop
(23 pages, 228 KB)

Fuelish Thoughts: Lessons Learned from the Lowly Gas Station
Jim Draeger and Mark Speltz: Fuelish Thoughts
(29 pages, 2.12 MB)

Fundraising: Building a Capital Campaign
Jodi Bender Sweeney: Building on the Basics to Launch a Capital Campaign
(23 pages, 501 KB)

Building a Preservation Constituency
Trent Margriff: Building a Preservation Constituency
(25 pages, 405 KB)


Gravestone and Cemetery Preservation
Carolyn Ohnstad: Evergreen Cemetery
(25 pages, 1.77 MB)

Jarrod Roll: Save Your Gravestones
(40 pages, 1.55 MB)

Marketing History: Historic Districts and Sites
Naletta Burr: 13 Years of Progress and Counting
(44 pages, 2.06 MB)

Steve Lightbourn: Recent Successes at Wisconsin Historic Sites
(30 pages, 760 KB)

Advocating for Historic Preservation
Heather MacIntosh: How to be a Card Carrying Lobbyist (The Good Kind)
(21 pages, 478 KB)

Fundraising: Two Local Case Studies
Terry E. Thiessen: Nuts & Bolts of a Successful Campaign
(14 pages, 585 KB)

James A. Stroschein: Fundraising
(25 pages, 1.07 MB)

Luncheon Keynote Presentation

Design as an Agent of Community Change
Randy Wilson: Practical Preservation Planning
(136 pages, 17 MB)


Oral History Workshop
Troy Reeves: An Oral History of Our Time
(40 pages, 550 KB)

Finding Your Story
Joe DeRose and Daina Penkiunas: Finding Your Story
(39 pages, 3.37 MB)

Making the Most of a Museum Store
John Lemke: Getting the Most of Your Museum Store
(28 pages, 103 KB)

Affordable Professional Advice for the Small Museum
Elisa L. Redman: Midwest Art Conservation Center(50 pages, 1.10 MB)

Ann L. Koski: Museum Assessment Program
(17 pages, 152 KB)

Historic Structures Reports 101
Anne Biebel:Historic Structures Reports 101: A Primer for Historic Property Owners and Managers
(23 pages, 714 KB)

Terry E. Thiessen: Historic Structures Report-Why Bother?
(12 pages, 721 KB)


Universal Principles of Good Design
Randy Wilson: Identifying Architectural Character
(100 pages, 4.12 MB)

Insurance 101 for the Small Historical Organization
Casey Wigglesworth: Insuring Your Museum or Historic Site
(9 pages, 46 KB)

Decorating Your Victorian House for the Holidays
Ann L. Koski: Decorating Your Victorian House for the Holidays
Part 1 (22 pages, 2.2 MB)
Part 2 (19 pages, 2.4 MB)
Part 3 (12 pages, 2.3 MB)
Part 4 (15 pages, 1.9 MB)
Part 5 (18 pages, 2.9 MB)

Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories: Partnership Opportunity
Carol Larson, Mik Derks, Jeff Kollath, and Janet Seymour: Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories: Partnership Opportunity
(10 pages, 151 KB)

Saturday, September 27


Curatorial Management Workshop
Ellen Penwell:Introduction to Preventive Conservation
(39 pages, 1.19 MB)

Saving by Moving: Is a Free Building Worth the Price?
Daina Penkiunas: Saving by Moving: Is a Free Building Worth the Price?
(16 pages, 968 KB)

David Grabitske: Saving by Moving: Local History Perspective
(12 pages, 228 KB)

Common Questions and Challenges for New Organizations: Part 1
Janet Seymour: Common Questions and Challenges for New Organizations
(28 pages, 465 KB)

Archaeology Inside and Out
Amy Rosebrough: The Land, People and History at an Educational Park in Dane County
(34 pages, 1.6 MB)

Managing and Presenting Archaeological Collections
(33 pages, 1.01 MB)


Hosting a Historic Walking Tour
Erica Fox Gehrig: Madison Trust for Historic Preservation Walking Tours
(21 pages, 885 KB)

About the 2008 Conference

Over 300 people from 41 counties across Wisconsin gathered in Madison for "Building on the Basics", the 2008 Local History and Historic Preservation Conference, held September 26-27. We are pleased that you found the range of 27 session topics interesting and informative. View the Complete 2008 Conference Brochure (PDF, 771 KB).

Want to see more?

Interested in seeing presentations from past conferences and regional meetings? They are available to view online, print or download.

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