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2009 Local History and Historic Preservation Conference

Presentations Available - View or Download

Many of you were interested in seeing presentations you missed or reviewing again ones that held special meaning for you. We have most presentations available online to either view or download. If you do not see a particular presentation listed, the presenter may not have made materials available. If you are having problems downloading these files and would like the presentations in a different format, please contact Amy Wyatt.

Click on any image below to open the presentation PDF in Adobe Reader.

Friday, October 9

Friday Morning Presentations and Workshops

Fundraising 101: Getting Started in the Right Direction
Jeanne L. Engle
Wisconsin Historical Foundation
(31 pages, 1.11 MB)

Fundraising 201: The Next Steps
Dianne Coopman
Wisconsin Historical Foundation
(18 pages, 312 KB)

Care and Display of Textiles
Carrie Ronnander and
Kathleen Roy
Chippewa Valley Museum
(30 pages, 709 KB)

Effective Online Communications
Scott Jennings, Cathy Klima and Angie Truby
Wisconsin Historical Society
Websites (32 pages, 1.42 MB)
Social Media (21 pages, 593 KB)
Email (29 pages, 875 KB)

Historic Preservation Commission: Basic Training
Joe DeRose, Rick Bernstein and Chip Brown
Wisconsin Historical Society
Ordinance (29 pages, 1.08 MB)
Surveying (24 pages, 1.45 MB)
Stoughton (21 pages, 1.04 MB)

Great Places, Great Projects
Montello Preservation Society, Douglas County Historical Society, Whitewater Historical Society
Montello (49 pages, 3.15 MB)
Douglas Cty (14 pages, 1.89 MB)
Whitewater (13 pages, 2.66 MB)

Friday Afternoon Presentations and Workshops

This Place Matters: Restoration Award Winners
Gary Gorman
Gorman & Company, Inc.
Chuck Liddy
Miller Dunwiddie Architects
(Mabel Tainter, 59 pages, 4.28 MB)
(Oregon, 33 pages, 2.62 MB)

21st Century Archaeology in Wisconsin
John Broihahn and
Kelly Hamilton
Wisconsin Historical Society
(35 pages, 1.97 MB)

Double Benefit: Restoration and Revenue
Charlie Quagliana
Preservation Architect
(48 pages, 2.43 MB)

Preservation Conservation Workshop
Ellen Penwell
Old World Wisconsin
(40 pages, 1.22 MB)

Saturday, October 10

Saturday Morning Presentations and Workshops

All Historic Preservation Is Local
Sandy Decker
Mayer of Evansville
Jeannette Bell
retired Mayor of West Allis
(Evansville, 31 pages, 2.12 MB)
(West Allis, 33 pages, 4.27 MB)

19th and 20th Century Architecture
Joe DeRose
Daina Penkiunas
Wisconsin Historical Society
(19th, 48 pages, 3.44 MB)
(20th, 35 pages, 2.85 MB)

What We Did With $700
New Holstein Historical Society
(8 pages, 502 KB)

The Visitor Viewpoint
Julie Raye
Wisconsin Historical Society
(33 pages, 522 KB)

Unlocking the Fox
Anne Biebel
Cornerstone Preservation
Jim Draeger
Wisconsin Historical Society
(31 pages, 6.55 KB)


About the 2009 Conference

Over 350 presenters and attendees converged to attend the "Connecting to the Past" 2009 annual conference. We set a new attendance record of 226 attendees, up from last year's record of 207. Each year seems to bring more offerings and activities, and 2009 year was no exception. Workshops, activities, networking meetings and tours offered many opportunities. View the complete 2009 Annual Conference Brochure (PDF, 3.1 MB).

Want to see more?

Interested in seeing presentations from past conferences and regional meetings? They are available to view online, print or download.

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Oct 24-25, 2014

Elkhart Lake

Osthoff Resort
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101 Osthoff Avenue
Elkhart Lake, WI

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