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Wisconsin Council for Local History Activities 

A Fruitful Relationship

Wisconsin's local historical societies and the Wisconsin Historical Society enjoy a dynamic relationship. Together, they have preserved a countless number of artifacts, photographs, maps, manuscripts, oral histories and other documentation. Beyond their shared mission of preservation, they have worked together to educate the public about the past and have collaborated on special projects to enhance historical efforts in Wisconsin.

Successful Projects

Together, the Wisconsin Council for Local History and the Wisconsin Historical Society have:

  • Investigated and promoted a special insurance program for local historical societies;
  • Organized to help create the Wisconsin Historical Society's Office of School Services;
  • Organized a booth for the Genealogy 2000 Conference to promote local historical societies' publications; 
  • Promoted locally initiated programs of events and projects to commemorate Wisconsin's Sesquicentennial of Statehood;
  • And organized a statewide project to create community banners, which led Madison's 1998 Holiday Parade and were displayed at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

The Wisconsin Council for Local History and the Wisconsin Historical Society also provided each affiliated local historical society a display set of sesquicentennial posters consisting of reprints of maps, documents, and photographs related to the statehood era.

Become More Active in the Council

If your local historical society is an affiliate of the Wisconsin Historical Society, it belongs to the Wisconsin Council for Local History. This affiliation allows you to:

  • Attend the regional meeting in your area. These conventions, held in 10 areas of the state each year, provide opportunities for local historians to share their interests and ideas. Each convention also includes a tour or behind-the-scenes look at the host community or local museum. Regional conventions are usually held in August, September, and October. 
  • Attend the statewide conference. This meeting, convened every fall, offers workshops and presentations on historical topics. The annual conference is fun, educational and a wonderful way to meet others from around the state.
  • Submit award nominations. Each year the Wisconsin Historical Society presents awards to recognize achievements in a variety of history-related fields, including local history.


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