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Wisconsin National Guard

Archives Search Strategies

The Archives Computer Catalog ArCat provides the most comprehensive method for accessing information about Archival holdings. Consult ArCat to identify collections relevant to your research. If you are not familiar with this catalog, take a moment to review  instructions included on the ArCat home page.

For the pre-Civil War period, the most effective general search strategy is to enter the term Militia and then scan the date column on the right side of the screen for reference from the proper time period.

For the post-Civil War period, basic search terms are Adjutant General or National Guard . Since state government reorganization in 1967, the adjutant general has headed the state's Department of Military Affairs and the most recent administrative records are found in ArCat under that term. Entering any of these terms will produce large results and most researchers will want to scan the date column on the right side of the screen to narrow the number of potentially relevant sources. 

Additional documentation on the National Guard can be found in records from the governor's office and in the manuscript collections of Charles King and Ralph Immell . King and Immell both served as state adjutant general and had long associations with the National Guard.

Finding Service Records on National Guard Members
For personnel records on the post-Civil War militia and National Guard members, enter the designation Officer and Enlisted Service Card Records . More recent personnel records are also present for the Guard and the Air National Guard. All personnel records less than 75 years old are legally confidential and must be obtained through the Department of Military Affairs.

How to Access Archives Resources

Visit Reference Services to learn about various ways to access Archives collections and services.


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