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Wisconsin National Guard

Library Search Strategies

The Library Catalog (formerly MadCat) provides the most comprehensive method of accessing information about Library holdings related to the Wisconsin National Guard. Generally, the most productive search strategy is to conduct a "guided search" with Wisconsin as the first term combined with any of the following terms or phrases: national guard, militia, adjutant general, or military affairs. 

The Library's holdings are so extensive that some searches may produce a pool of results too large to review. When this happens, add a second or third term or phrase to your initial search as a way to produce more limited results. For similar reasons, no one search will be comprehensive. Try variations on your initial search to see additional results

How to Access Library Resources

If you plan to visit the Library, search the Library Catalog (formerly MadCat), for the call numbers and locations of collections that interest you.

If you cannot visit the Library, the material you wish to use may be available through Interlibrary Loan .

If the material is not available for loan or you would like our Reference Staff to locate and photocopy pages from any resource in our collection, please visit Requesting Research Assistance for an explanation of charges before you place any order.


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