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Spanish-American War

Archives Search Strategies

The Archives Computer Catalog ArCat provides the most comprehensive method for accessing information about Archival holdings. Perform a "guided search" in ArCat to identify collections relevant to your research. For instructions on combining research terms in a "guided search," take a moment to review instructions available on the ArCat home page.

Most ArCat searches should begin by entering the name or term which best describes your topic. Manuscript holdings can be identified using general searching terms such as Spanish-American War , or Philippines .

A few additional official records of Wisconsin troop participation can be identified by entering the search term Wisconsin National Guard , or the search term Adjutant General , and then scanning the dates column on the right side of the screen for records from 1898.

Service Records
To find official service records on Wisconsin Spanish-American War soldiers, you must first identify the military unit to which the soldier belonged. The unit affiliation can be determined from a collection titled Officer and Enlisted Service Card Records

The service record information itself is available in two collections, each of which is organized by regiment and company:

  • Muster In and Muster Out Rolls
  • Regimental Rosters and Indexes

How to Access Archives Resources

Visit Reference Services to learn about various ways to access Archives collections and services.


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