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World War I

Archives Search Strategies

The Archives Computer Catalog ArCat provides the most comprehensive method for accessing information about Archival holdings. 

The appropriate ArCat search term for World War I material is World War 1914-1918 . To focus on more specific types of materials, combine that general term with more specific ones. For example, to locate soldier letters and diaries, combine the phrases World War 1914-1918 and personal narratives . For information on a particular unit (in this example the 127th infantry) combine World War 1914-1918 and infantry regiment 127th

Perform a "guided search" in ArCat to identify collections relevant to your research. If you are not familiar with this catalog, take a moment to review  instructions included on the ArCat home page. To see a description of World War I service records, enter the collection title World War I Military Service and Bonus Summary as a "guided search" in ArCat. For instructions on combining research terms in a "guided search," take a moment to review instructions available on the ArCat home page.

Collections documenting the home front may be somewhat more difficult to locate in ArCat. Research material related to many efforts to promote the war effort may be found by combining the phrases World War 1914-1918 and war work

Documentation on Wisconsin home front activities can be identified by searching the phrase War History Commission . Researchers should also search the names of organizations and/or individuals known to be active on the issue of interest.

How to Access Archives Resources

Visit Reference Services to learn about various ways to access Archives collections and services.


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