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All children's clothing of the 1990s (75 records)

Briefs, boy's, white cotton, clear plastic packaging with brown print, Jockey International, Kenosha, Wisconsin, 1987-1990
Container, clear plastic tube, Jockey's boy's underwear, 1986-1990
Briefs, boy's, gray cotton knit, colored stripes, Jockey, 1986-1990
Briefs, boy's, white knit cotton, colored stripes, Jockey, 1986-1990
Briefs, boy's, red knit cotton, colored stripes, Jockey, 1986-1990
Panties, girl's, cotton, white, red, blue and teal stripes, Jockey International, Kenosha, Wisconsin, 1989-1990
Hat, girl's, white polyester satin, wedding costume, in original box, 1990
Pajamas, boy's, red and blue polyester knit, "Spider-Man," 1987-1990
Undershirt, girl's, pink cotton, white elastic trim, Oshkosh b'Gosh, 1990-1992
Undershirt, girl's, pink cotton, ribbed knit tank style, Jockey, 1990-1992
T-shirt, child's, gray cotton, illustration of Marty Reynolds, G-Tees Inc., 1992
Nightgown, girl's, white cotton flannel, blue embroidery, American Girl, 1989-1991
Dress, girl's, white cotton, middy-style, 2-piece, American Girl, 1989-1991
Dress, girl's, forest green acetate/rayon velvet, American Girl, 1989-1991
Raincoat, girl's, yellow vinyl, black corduroy collar, American Girl, 1989-1991
Rain hat, girl's, yellow vinyl, wide brim, American Girl, 1989-1991
Dance costume, girl's, patriotic, red, silver and blue satin acetate, American Girl, 1989-1991
Dance costume, girl's, white polyester, rabbit-themed with sequin and white feather trim, 1990-1992
Halloween costume, child's, Smurf, blue vinyl, includes mask, 1985-1990
Briefs, boy's, white cotton, "Super Mario Brothers" characters, 1989-1993
T-shirt, child's, light blue cotton, "Camp Shalom," Screenstars, 1990
Mittens, girl's, light teal polyester, down-filled, Company Store, 1992
T-shirt, child's, red cotton/polyester knit, "College for Kids," Screenstars, 1990
Baseball helmet, child's, red plastic, Madison Hatters logo, 1994
T-shirt, child's, white knit polyester/cotton, Madison Hatters, Fruit of the Loom, 1994
T-shirt, child's, white cotton/polyester, Baraboo/Devils Lake, Screenstars, 1987-1990
Baptismal dress, white cotton/polyester eyelet, 1988
Drawers, girl's, white cotton/polyester, embroidered lace trim, The Children's Hour, c. 1990
Shoes, girl's, black vinyl, "Mary Jane" style with grosgrain ribbon bows, 1989-1990
Diaper cover, white vinyl, elastic waist and leg, Toddletine, 1992-1993
Diaper, white cotton, square, twill weave, 1992-1993
Pacifier, light blue plastic, yellow latex nipple, 1993
Pacifier clip, yellow cotton/polyester bunny, metal clip and white ribbon with snap, 1993-1994
Shoes, baby's, white vinyl, perforated decorations, 1993-1994
Shoebox, baby's, white cardboard, pink and blue animal print, 1993-1994
Sleeper, pink terry cloth, cat and dog print, Terry Products Inc., Kannapolis, NC, 1993
Sweatshirt, baby's, pink knit, Cheddarheads Future Miss Wisconsin, 1993
Cap, child's, green knit, Green Bay Packers, 1993-1995
T-shirt, child's, white cotton, Wisconsin Sesquicentennial, "Young Abe," Gildan, 1998
T-shirt, child's, gray cotton, Wisconsin Sesquicentennial, happy birthday, Gildan, 1998
Slip, adolescent girl's, brown leopard print, black lace, 1995-1998
Scarf, adolescent girl's, black lace, 1995-1998
Pantyhose, adolescent girl's, black with several runs, 1995-1998
Pants, girl's, white cotton denim, flared legs, Levi's, 1995-1998
Jacket, girl's, windbreaker, white cotton, "POLO/ RALPH LAUREN," 1995-1998
Tank top, girl's, olive green cotton, "White Stag," 1995-1998
Pants, girl's, blue denim, hip hugger, flared legs, Anchor Blue, 1995-1998
Pants, girl's, baggy, olive green cotton twill, "LIMITED," 1995-1999
T-shirt, adolescent's, black/white/gray cotton, camouflage print, Rothco, Smithtown, New York, 1995-1998
Sneakers, girl's, black suede, "Etnies," 1995-1998
Shirt, boy's, blue, tan, & light brown plaid flannel, 1995-1998
T-shirt, adolescent's, gray heather cotton, Tom Knox, Sonic Skateboards, 1993-1994
Cap, adolescent's, knitted navy blue and taupe with "THINK," 1995-1998
Pants, boy's, baggy, taupe cotton twill, "Lucky Brand," 1995-1998
Jacket, girl's, black acrylic knit with hood, 1995-1998
Cap, adolescent's, olive green, brim and ear flaps, 1995-1998
Tank top, girl's, black nylon, "Fila," 1995-1998
Pants, girl's, baggy, blue denim, "Boss," 1995-1998
Boots, girl's, black leather, "Lugz," c. 1996
Hood ("do-rag"), adolescent's, black nylon with ties, 1995-1998
Shorts, boy's, baggy black denim, "Pelle Pelle," 1995-1998
Pants, boy's, baggy, black denim, "UPTIME JEANS," 1995-1998
T-shirt, adolescent's, white cotton, Steve's Tattoo, Madison, Wisconsin, 1995-1998
T-shirt, adolescent's, purple cotton, "Fresh Rave," 1995-1998
Pants, girl's, blue denim, yellow, red & green plaid inserts, Levi, 1995-1998
Pants, adolescent's, navy blue nylon, "Reebok," 1995-1998
T-shirt, adolescent's, white cotton, Adidas, 1995-1998
T-shirt, adolescent's, white cotton, Reebok logo, 1995-1998
Boots, girl's, black leather, 1995-1998
Restraint device, child's, Tag Along, c. 1995
Purse, adolescent girl's, small, green leather, "Macro Bag", Amity Leather Products Company, West Bend, Wisconsin, 1994
Slippers, boy's, green and yellow, football shape, Green Bay Packers, 1995-2000
Class ring, 10kt gold, diamonds, ruby, Cedarburg High School, 1996
Racing skin, Madison Speed Skating Club, worn by Casey FitzRandolph, c. 1991
Sandals, boy's, brown leather, Smartfit, 2007
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