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All children's clothing of the 1960s (139 records)

Kimono girl's, blue, white and peach crepe, Japanese-style motifs, 1940-1960
Kimono, girl's, blue, off-white and brown printed crepe, Japanese-style motifs, 1940-1960
Pants, boy's, brown cotton and nylon blend, "blue jeans" style, white top stitching, Sears, 1969
Pants, boy's, dark blue cotton and nylon blend, "blue jeans" style, white top stitching, Sears, 1969
Shirt, boy's, bright red acrylic, long-sleeved pullover, Sportswear of Distinction, 1965-1967
T-shirt, boy's, light blue cotton, raglan sleeves, patch pocket on chest, Montgomery Ward, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, off-white and taupe cotton/polyester knit, Donmoor, 1965-1968
Shirt, boy's, blue and white cotton, short sleeves, striped seersucker material, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, blue, green, and tan polyester/cotton, short sleeves, plaid, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, olive green cotton knit, mock military style, Montgomery Ward, 1965-1968
Shirt, boy's, pale blue cotton, long sleeves, small pocket embroidery, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, red and black plaid cotton, long sleeves, button-down collar, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, dark red and gold cotton print, long sleeves, paisley print, Towncraft, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, black cotton print, long sleeves, large mustard yellow polka-dot motifs, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, bright yellow polyester/cotton, long sleeves, button-down collar, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, gold and red plaid knit cotton, gold ribbed mock turtleneck, 1965-1968
Pajamas, boy's, red and black cotton, kimono style, Weldon, 1966-1968
Pants, boy's, tan cotton, zipper fly with snap waist closure, Farah, 1966-1968
Pants, boy's, dark green cotton, pressed front creases and permanent cuffs, 1966-1968
Raincoat, boy's, tan vinyl and nylon, air vents under arms, 1966-1968
Coat, boy's, light brown wool tweed, c. 1960
Sundress, girl's, yellow sheer nylon, small dotted white flocking, c. 1958
Sash, with merit badges, olive green cotton twill, Boy Scouts, 1960-1965
Uniform shirt, olive green cotton, short sleeves, Boy Scouts, Troop 120, Madison, Wisconsin, c. 1964
Uniform shirt, olive green cotton/polyester blend, short sleeves, Boy Scouts, Madison, Wisconsin, 1960-1965
Uniform shirt, olive green cotton twill, long sleeves, Boy Scouts, Madison, Wisconsin, 1960-1965
Uniform shirt, dark green cotton twill, short sleeves, Explorer Scouts. 1965-1969
Neckerchief, dark green/yellow cotton, triangle, Boy Scouts, 1960-1969
Uniform pants, khaki twill, red pocket trim, Boy Scouts, 1960-1969
Uniform shirt, light olive green cotton twill, short sleeves, Boy Scouts, 1960-1969
Neckerchief, yellow/blue cotton, triangle, Cub Scouts, c. 1960
Uniform shirt, olive green twill, long sleeves, Boy Scouts, Troop 11, Madison, Wisconsin, c. 1965
Bib, white terry cloth, Christmas scene, Sears, 1968-1969
Snowsuit, boy's, brown nylon, gold nylon trim, c. 1970
Beret, green wool, Girl Scouts, 1960-1969
Skirt, girl's, red, blue and pale yellow wool, houndstooth check, 1969
Skirt, girl's, pastel pink and green wool, plaid weave, 1968
Blouse, adolescent girl's, purple cotton blend, white polka dot print, 1969
Coat, boy's, navy blue polyester knit, red, white and blue enamel buttons, c. 1975
Raincoat, girl's, bright orange vinyl, black plush collar, c. 1970
Pajamas, child's, yellow fleece, orange elephant embroidery, 1960-1969
Robe, girl's, white quilted nylon, pastel floral print, 1960-1969
Sleeper, yellow knit, colored pompons, Cambridge Mills, 1960-1969
Sweater, girl's, pale pink acrylic knit, hood with drawstring and tassels, 1960-1969
Pants, girl's, yellow corduroy, elastic waistband and single patch pocket, 1960-1969
Panties, girl's, white nylon, pastel floral print, 1960-1969
Dress, girl's, bright turquoise velveteen, jumper-style, off-white sleeves and collar, 1960-1969
Dress, girl's, pastel yellow polyester/cotton, embroidered pastel tulips, 1960-1969
Dress, girl's, light pink printed cotton, red and green bunny caricatures, 1960-1969
Dress, girl's, light blue cotton, white woven swiss dot pattern, 1960-1969
Bodysuit, girl's, yellow ribbed knit nylon, white nylon sleeves and inset panel, 1960-1969
Playsuit, girl's, white with black print cotton, black rickrack trim, 1960-1969
Slippers, child's, leather-like synthetic, train and conductor design, 1967-1970
Pants, boy's, blue printed cotton with fake "patched" look, blue and red top stitching, c. 1970
Hat, olive green wool felt, Boy Scouts, 1960-1969
Hat, olive green wool felt, Boy Scouts, 1960-1969
Diaper safety pin, pink plastic, molded duck shape, 1960-1965
Diaper saftety pin, pink plastic, molded duck shape, 1960-1965
Dress, girl's, off-white organdy and taffeta, embroidered bluebird appliques, c. 1960
Dress, girl's, off-white and pale slate blue organdy, ivory taffeta slip, c. 1960
Sash, with merit badges, green polyester, Girl Scouts, 1963-1970
Dress, adolescent girl's, pink nylon chiffon over acetate taffeta, belt, Semitte N, 1963
Socks, green heather cotton, Girl Scouts, c. 1960
Dress, girl's, blue corduroy, red and white sailor-style trim, 1965-1970
Dress, adolescent girl's, turquoise and white gingham cotton/polyester, white ric-ric trim, double layered skirt, belt, 1961
Dress, girl's, red, white and blue linen, matching belt with gold anchor buckle, c. 1963
Pants, girl's, dark blue denim, embroidered elephants, 1968-1972
Dress, girl's, bright orange, pink and yellow cotton/polyester, floral print, 1968-1970
Pants, girl's, multi-colored cotton/polyester, blue, tan, green and yellow stripes, 1968-1972
Shirt, boy's, orange, brown, & white cotton print, paisley and stripe pattern, c. 1965
Blouse, girl's, red cotton print, blue white and yellow diamond and stylized floral pattern, c. 1970
Dress, girl's, brown printed cotton, large white and blue daisy print, c. 1970
Dress, girl's, orange sheer cotton/polyester, printed with beige polka dots, c. 1970
Dress, girl's, turquoise cotton/polyester, printed with stylized flowers in green, gold, bright pink and purple, c. 1970
Snowsuit, child's, red and off-white wool knitted, shoulder zipper, c. 1955
Dance costume, girl's, red polyester velvet, iridescent rhinestone trim, c. 1960
Dance costume, girl's, black polyester satin, pink and black sequin trim, c. 1965
Shoes, baby's, off-white nylon, white ribbon ties, 1956-1960
Bunting, baby's, white cotton flannel, clown print, 1955-1961
Long underwear, child's, off-white wool, hand-knit, 1960-1962
Dress, girl's, red cotton/rayon, white polka dot print. c. 1970
Suit, girl's, brown and white herringbone woven wool, 3-piece, c. 1968
Raincoat, girl's, light blue transparent plastic, hooded, c. 1970
Scarf, boy's, black acrylic, knitted, hand-made, c. 1965
Tam o'shanter, girl's, blue, green, red and yellow plaid acrylic knit, Hansen, c. 1970
Earband, boy's, black wool knit, white stylized snowflake design, c. 1960
Dress, baby's, white nylon, white lace, 1964
Bootees, off-white satin, attached knit sock, 1964
Bonnet, baby's, off-white nylon, knit gauze with woven lining, 1964
Sack, baby's, white nylon, white satin ribbon ties, 1964
Blanket, baby's, off-white nylon, star and checkerboard knit, 1964
Dress, baby's, white cotton, white embroidery, 1964
Coat, girl's, gray heather wool blend, velvet Peter Pan collar, 1960-1965
Coat, girl's, navy blue and white houndstooth check wool, belted, 1965-1968
Half slip, girl's, white polyester/cotton, machine-embroidered trim, 1962-1963
Half slip, girl's, bright pink and white girl's, mod floral print, 1964-1966
Half slip, girl's, light green nylon knit, lace and ribbon trim, Munsingwear, 1964-1966
Half slip, girl's, peach polyester/cotton, bright floral print, 1967-1969
Shorts, boy's, olive green leather suede, Lederhosen with leather suspenders, 1955-1960
Bib/bottle holder, light blue vinyl with pink trim, H. Daust Mfg. Co., St. Louis, MS, Carry Me, c. 1959
Shoes, child's, brown leather, oxford style with laces and large eyelets, c. 1970
Boots, boy's, black plastic, blue nylon leggings and zipper-up fronts, c. 1970
Box, packaging for bib/bottle holder, Carry Me, c. 1959
Cheerleader skirt, girl's, off-white wool, pleated, 1960-1961
Graduation dress, white brocaded cotton, off-white satin ribbon trim, c. 1961
Hat, boy's, light brown wool tweed, c. 1960
Bonnet, girl's, yellow sheer nylon, small dotted white flocking, c. 1958
Winter cap, boy's, brown, 1958-1960
Slippers, boy's, tan corduroy, rocket and astronaut motif, 1958-1960
Pants, boy's, taupe twill, flannel lining, 1958-1960
Jacket, boy's, green and black stripes, flannel lining, 1958-1960
Coveralls, girl's, blue with red gingham trim, 1959-1960
Suit, girl's, 3-pc, wool plaid, c. 1965
Prom dress, metallic brocade bodice, chiffon skirt, 1963-1964
Sundress, girl's, blue gingham, 1966-1969
Sweater, boy's, v-neck, green with black trim, c. 1957
Prom dress, light blue machine-embroidered cotton, 1966
Sweatshirt, girl's, white cotton, Monona Grove High School, Monona, Wisconsin, 1960-1964
Dress, adolescent girl's, formal, white lace, ballerina length, 1960
Brooch, Rainbow for Girls, silver with multicolored stones, 1960
Earrings, Rainbow for Girls, silver with multicolored stones, 1960
Ribbon, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, 1960-1963
Patch, Tom Kita Chara Lodge, Samoset Council, Boy Scouts, Wausau, Wisconsin, c. 1970
Jazz dance costume, girl's, yellow with fringe, waffle weave, 1965-1967
Gymsuit, girl's, white cotton, attached belt, embroidered with the name "Linda Schiesser," E.R. Moore Company, Chicago, 1959-1962
Uniform dress, green heather cotton, long sleeve, patches, Girl Scouts, 1960-1962
Beret, green felt, Girl Scouts, 1960-1962
Belt, green cotton, Girl Scouts, 1960-1962
Neckerchief, yellow cotton, Girl Scouts, 1960-1962
Dress, girl's, knitted wool, horizontal stripes, c. 1967
Christening tunic, white cotton batiste, embroidered with Chi-Rho symbol, 1961
Shorts, girl's, turquoise denim, Wrangler, 1965-1970
Prom dress, pink polyester chiffon, fabric roses, includes wrap, 1963
Graduation dress, pink lace bodice, sleeveless, 1961
Uniform dress, 2-piece, bright blue cotton, white trim, Girl Scout Mariner, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, 1960-1964
Uniform cap, blue cotton, Girl Scout Mariner, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, 1960-1964
Uniform neckerchief, black cotton, Girl Scout Mariner, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, 1960-1964
Jacket, boy's, black cotton, embroidered, Vietnam souvenir, 1966
Uniform dress, green cotton, leather belt, Girl Scouts, c. 1960
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