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Infants' clothing of the 1950s (37 records)

Dress and panties, baby's, pink cotton baby's, embroidered dog, "Little Craft," 1958
Dress, baby's, white cotton, embroidery on net, 1935-1939
Slip, baby's, white cotton, white tatted lace trim on hem, 1935-1939
Bellyband, white cotton knit, Carter's, 1951
Nightgown, baby's, white knit, long sleeves, Carter's, 1950-1951
Romper, baby's, white nylon, yellow trim, embroidered cat, 1951-1952
Romper, baby's, white cotton, red embroidered "hello," 1951-1952
Romper, baby's, light green and white cotton, elephant applique, 1951-1952
Romper, baby's, blue and white cotton, 2-piece, I Wanta, 1951-1952
Bathrobe, baby's, white flannel, pink embroidered dogs and flowers, 1951-1952
Sweater, baby's, off-white knit, light green and pink flowers, 1951-1952
Undershirt, baby's, white cotton, rib knit, Carter's, 1950-1951
Beanie, baby's, white nylon, ivory pompon on top of crown, 1951-1952
Cap, baby boy's, yellow cotton blend, eton-style, Cinderella, 1951-1952
Bootees, light green knit, white bear motif, 1951-1952
Bootees, green knit, brown leather soles, teddy bear applique, 1950-1951
Shoes, baby's, white leather, perforated decoration, in box, Ideal, 1951-1952
Shoes, baby's, white leather, perforated decoration, in box, Ideal, 1951-1952
Shoes, baby's, white leather, white laces, in box, Ideal, 1951
Blanket, baby's, white acrylic, pink cat applique, 1951-1952
Shoes, baby's, off-white nylon, white ribbon ties, 1956-1960
Bunting, baby's, white cotton flannel, clown print, 1955-1961
Crib pocket, white terry cloth, wooden hanger top, 1954
Dress, baby's, white cotton, white embroidery, 1964
Diaper, white cotton, rectangular, Di-Dee Kleen Diaper Service, with diaper pin, 1948-1949
Bib/bottle holder, light blue vinyl with pink trim, H. Daust Mfg. Co., St. Louis, MS, Carry Me, c. 1959
Box, packaging for bib/bottle holder, Carry Me, c. 1959
Diaper, white cotton, "Hi-n-Dri," Florence, SC, 1954-1956
Diaper, white cotton, "Vanta," 1954-1956
Diaper cover, snap closure, 1954-1956
Baby's bonnet, yellow, knitted, 1954-1956
Bootees, yellow, knitted, 1954-1956
Dress and panties set, baby's, white nylon, 1957
Dress and panties set, baby's, pink corduroy, 1957
Dress, baby's, yellow cotton, smocking, 1958
Sunsuit, baby's, orange polka dots, 1957
Overalls, baby's, light blue corduroy, train applique, 1954-1955
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