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Girls' clothing of the 1970s (45 records)

Skirt, girl's, red, blue and pale yellow wool, houndstooth check, 1969
Skirt, girl's, pastel pink and green wool, plaid weave, 1968
Blouse, adolescent girl's, purple cotton blend, white polka dot print, 1969
Raincoat, girl's, bright orange vinyl, black plush collar, c. 1970
Dress, girl's, bright pink sheer, appliqued daisies, 1970-1977
Jacket, girl's, pale pink nylon, zipper front with hood, 1970-1975
Dress, girl's, bright green rayon, white cotton collar and cuffs, 1970-1977
Dress, girl's, purple poly/nylon/cotton blend, white dotted swiss woven pattern, 1970-1977
Dress, girl's, pink cotton, bib-style collar with daisy embroidery, 1970-1977
Dress, girl's, white linen, red piping with bird and floral embroidery, 1970-1977
Dress, girl's, red velveteen, white lace trim, 1970-1977
Dress, girl's, bright teal blue cotton, sailor suit style with white braid trim, 1970-1977
Romper, girl's, white cotton with yellow and orange floral print, culotte style, 1970-1975
Dress, girl's, bright yellow-green print pink, white and blue floral pattern, white lace, 1970-1977
Halloween costume, girl's, gypsy, red and green rayon, 1970-1979
Sash, with merit badges, green polyester, Girl Scouts, 1963-1970
Dress, girl's, blue corduroy, red and white sailor-style trim, 1965-1970
Pants, girl's, dark blue denim, embroidered elephants, 1968-1972
Dress, girl's, bright orange, pink and yellow cotton/polyester, floral print, 1968-1970
Pants, girl's, multi-colored cotton/polyester, blue, tan, green and yellow stripes, 1968-1972
Pants, girl's, navy blue cotton/polyester, white "environmental" words, 1972-1973
Blouse, girl's, red cotton print, blue white and yellow diamond and stylized floral pattern, c. 1970
Dress, girl's, brown printed cotton, large white and blue daisy print, c. 1970
Dress, girl's, orange sheer cotton/polyester, printed with beige polka dots, c. 1970
Dress, girl's, turquoise cotton/polyester, printed with stylized flowers in green, gold, bright pink and purple, c. 1970
Smock, girl's, white cotton, multi-colored stripes, 1976-1978
Dress, girl's, red cotton/rayon, white polka dot print. c. 1970
Suit, girl's, brown and white herringbone woven wool, 3-piece, c. 1968
Raincoat, girl's, light blue transparent plastic, hooded, c. 1970
Tam o'shanter, girl's, blue, green, red and yellow plaid acrylic knit, Hansen, c. 1970
Coat, girl's, turquoise acrylic velvet, duster style, 1970-1973
Blouse, girl's, ecru & slate blue triacetate/nylon knit, flapper figures, 1970-1973
Blouse, girl's, ecru & slate blue triacetate/nylon knit, flapper figures, 1970-1973
Half slip, girl's, bright pink and white girl's, mod floral print, 1964-1966
Half slip, girl's, light green nylon knit, lace and ribbon trim, Munsingwear, 1964-1966
Half slip, girl's, peach polyester/cotton, bright floral print, 1967-1969
Poncho, adolescent girl's, red wool with green and white trim, 1970
Pants, girl's, large floral print on cotton, flared leg, c. 1972
Communion dress, white organdy eyelet, 1970
Blouse, girl's, denim blue cotton, strawberry applique, 1974
Dress, girl's, printed yellow cotton/polyester, 1974
Dance skirt, adolescent girl's, black fringe, multi-colored sequins, Leo's, c. 1975
Jazz dance costume, adolescent girl's, black, silver beads, Advanced Theatrical Co., Chicago, 1975-1977
Bathing suit, girl's, bikini, yellow nylon, floral print, 1970-1975
Shorts, girl's, turquoise denim, Wrangler, 1965-1970
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