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Boys' clothing of the 1970s (29 records)

Halloween costume mask, boy's, Frankenstein, green molded plastic, 1972-1975
Halloween costume, boy's, Frankenstein, green vinyl and rayon, Collegeville Costumes, Collegeville, PA, 1972-1975
Snowsuit, boy's, brown nylon, gold nylon trim, c. 1970
Boots, boy's, black plastic, blue nylon leggings and zipper-up fronts, c. 1970
Coat, boy's, navy blue polyester knit, red, white and blue enamel buttons, c. 1975
Pants, boy's, blue printed cotton with fake "patched" look, blue and red top stitching, c. 1970
Pants, boys, dark blue cotton, bell bottom style, 1970-1975
Shirt, boy's, brown cotton knit, pull-over long sleeve turtleneck, K-Mart, 1970-1977
Pants, boy's, dark red polyester, small checked weave, 1970-1975
Pants, boy's, light brown cotton, gold and white plaid weave, 1970-1975
Pants, boy's, bright blue cotton and polyester blend, heavy twill weave, flared pant legs, Wrangler, 1970-1975
Pants, boys, red corduroy, flared legs, patched knees, 1970-1975
Shirt, boy's, pink, orange and white striped cotton, long sleeves, floral discharge print, 1970-1977
Boots, boy's, terra cotta synthetic, red cotton laces, 1975-1976
Coat, boy's, brown plaid synthetic, fake fur with brown nylon trim, 1970-1975
Pants, boy's, dark blue cotton twill, square patch pockets, Sears, 1970-1978
Pants, boy's, brown, red and white plaid cotton and polyester blend, Wrangler, 1970-1975
Pants, boy's, blue-gray synthetic, coarsely woven, Levi's, 1970-1975
Pants, boy's, brown synthetic, coarse weave, 1970-1975
Pants, boy's, dark red brushed cotton denim, square patch pockets, c. 1972
Boots, boy's, brown synthetic leather, lace-up style with metal eyelets, 1970-1978
Dance costume, boy's, black polyester tailcoat and pants, white satin cummerbund, used at Kehl School of Dance, Madison, Wisconsin, 1971-1972
Shoes, adolescent boy's, platform, tan leather, brown stitching, Thom McAn, c. 1976
Suit, adolescent boy's, blue-gray cotton corduroy, flared legs, Lee, 1971-1972
Shirt, boy's, white cotton, patchwork yoke, 1974
Patch, Tom Kita Chara Lodge, Samoset Council, Boy Scouts, Wausau, Wisconsin, c. 1970
Ice skates, boy's, black, white laces, 1974-1978
Coat, boy's, beige wool, Brooks Brothers, 1972-1975
Windbreaker, adolescent boy's, blue nylon, "Monona Grove Bands," Monona, Wisconsin, 1976-1978
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