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All boys' clothing (417 records)

Dress, boy's, light brown cotton sateen, black embroidered flowers, c. 1871
Suit, boy's, 2-pc, off-white cotton pique, ivory eyelet trim, 1901-1903
Suit, boy's, 2-pc, off-white cotton twill, sailor collar, c. 1903
Boots, boy's, black leather, red leather accents, 1866-1867
Shoes, boy's, brown leather, brass toe protectors, 1869-1870
Shoes, boy's, red leather, ankle straps and red grosgrain ribbon bow, A. Muller, Berlin, Germany, 1907-1908
Shoes, boy's, light brown leather, copper-colored ribbon bows, 1907-1908
Boots, boy's, black leather, gold embossed image on red leather of bicyclist, 1875-1885
Shoe, boy's, dark brown leather, extended sole, 1880-1890
Shoe, boy's, brown leather, lace-up style with eyelets and hooks, 1890-1899
Boot, boy's, brown leather, brass toe protector, 1865-1875
Boots, boy's, brown leather, square toe with brass protectors, 1877
Duster, boy's, brown linen, double breasted, 1878-1882
Coat, boy's, reddish-brown wool, black braided trim, 1837
Coat, boy's, red wool, double-breasted, black buttons and lining, 1915-1916
Hat, boy's, black velvet, black grosgrain ribbon trim, Spear, Olson & Veerhusen Co., Madison, Wisconsin, 1917-1919
Gloves, boy's, light brown kid leather, orange celluloid wrist snap, J.H. Danforth Co., Gloversville, New York, 1915-1917
Gloves, boy's, tan kid leather, orange celluloid wrist snaps, 1916-1917
Boots, boy's, light brown leather, copper plated toes, 1840-1849
Dress, boy's, dark blue velvet, white embroidered eyelet collar and cuffs, 1883-1884
Hat, boy's, light brown molded felt, derby style with grosgrain ribbon trim, 1883-1884
Dress, boy's, blue cotton chambray, white soutache trim, 1829-1830
Shirt, boy's, off-white cotton, long sleeves, scalloped collar, 1825-1845
Shirt, boy's, off-white cotton, long sleeves, ruffle and eyelet placket, c. 1900
Sweater, boy's, gray cotton knit, raglan sleeves and maroon colored panels, 1942-1947
Coat, boy's, off-white linen pique, elbow-length sleeves, olive green braided trim, 1866
Shoes, boy's, light gray leather, ankle supporting sole extension, 1946-1947
Shirt, boy's, light blue printed cotton, long sleeves, purple airplane print, 1945
Suit, boy's, 2-pc, brown linen, long jacket and trousers, 1922-1923
Suit, boy's, 2-pc, light brown linen, 1920-1923
Suit, boy's, 2-pc, olive velveteen shorts, off-white linen shirt, 1920-1921
Shorts, boy's, blue felt, matching belt with metal buckle, c. 1927
Suit, boy's, white lightweight cotton, blue cotton pants, collar and cuffs, c. 1919
Suit, boy's, 3-pc, dark blue wool, knicker-style pants, 1929-1930
Shirt, boy's, white cotton, long sleeves, Lord Fauntleroy-style, c. 1905
Shirt, boy's, off-white cotton flannel, pink, blue, and navy woven stripes, 1890-1899
Dress, boy's, red coarse cotton print, three pieces, 1850-1859
Dress, boy's, peach wool flannel, red check print, 1856-1857
Shirt, boy's, dark blue cotton, long sleeves, small white striped print, 1906-1907
Hat, boy's, brown and tan wool checked, turn up brim with brown cloth reinforcement, 1909-1910
Dress, boy's, white printed cotton, ribbon trim with black Greek key print, 1880-1889
Vest, boy's, brown silk faille, round polished stone shank buttons, 1850-1855
Suit, boy's, 3-pc, dark blue wool serge, black satin binding and trim, c. 1901
Suit, boy's, 2-pc, beige wool flannel, small black printed checks, c. 1866
Shirt, boy's, off-white printed cotton, small orange and black "V" print, c. 1866
Pants, boy's, white cotton, woven narrow black stippled vertical stripes, c. 1866
Socks, boy's, red and off-white knit cotton, open mesh knit with red stripes, 1890-1895
Pants, boy's, khaki brown wool, novelty twill weave, c. 1873
Pants, boy's, off-white linen, open sides with slash pockets, 1866-1869
Suit, boy's, 3-pc, black and ivory finely striped wool, black twill trim, c. 1870
Shirt, boy's, off-white cotton, long sleeves, striped weave, 1866
Drawers, boy's, off-white cotton, crocheted trim, 1864-1865
Suit, boy's, blue corduroy, matching off-white linen shirt with large ruffled Vandyke collar, c. 1893
Socks, boy's, red knit cotton, narrow blue stripes, 1890-1899
Slip, boy's, yellow wool flannel, off-white cotton top, 1865-1867
Coat, boy's, off-white cotton, bishop sleeves, princess seams, 1864-1865
Coat, boy's, off-white cotton, bishop sleeves, pink ribbon trim, 1864-1866
Shirt, boy's, off-white cotton, short sleeves, brown pin stripe print, 1864-1865
Bonnet, boy's, light yellow and blue crocheted wool, blue and silver ribbon, 1861-1862
Undershirt, boy's, light yellow flannel, crocheted and embroidered trim, 1862-1866
Undershirt, boy's, white cotton, self-fabric skirt and belt, 1862-1865
Undershirt, boy's, white cotton, self-fabric belt and skirt, 1862-1865
Shirt, boy's, red cotton, long sleeves, leg o' mutton style, 1893-1895
Shirt, boy's, blue cotton, long sleeves, pink ribbon and lace trim, 1893-1895
Coat, boy's, dark brown linen print, attached hood with drawstrings, 1833-1836
Jacket, boy's, brown and ivory cotton twill, single breasted with notched collar, 1950-1952
Shoes, boy's, black leather, blue silk yarn laces, 1884
Shirt, boy's, off-white printed cotton, attached plaid wool kilt, 1894-1895
Coat, boy's, off-white cotton waffle pique, double breasted, lace trim, 1875-1880
Dress, boy's, red cotton, white with red embroidery tape trim, c. 1888
Dress, boy's, natural beige linen, double breasted with dark brown cotton trim, 1875-1879
Dress, boy's, off-white cotton pique, inset ric-rac trim, c. 1885
Dress, boy's, off-white cotton lace, drawn-thread work and crochet, matching slip, c. 1885
Mittens, boy's, red knit wool, orange knit lining, 1858-1863
Skirt, boy's, black velvet, black twill trim and covered buttons, 1890-1899
Dress, boy's, off-white cotton, floral embroidered eyelet, 1853-1854
Hat, boy's, dark blue felted wool, beret style, c. 1940
Dress, boy's, bright blue wool twill, plaid wool challis bodice, 1877-1880
Uniform, black wool shirt and pants, white trim, sailor style, Sea Scouts, c. 1946
Neckerchief, blue cotton, square, R.W. Blohm, Sea Scouts, c. 1946
Sailor cap, white cotton, patch, Sea Scouts, c. 1946
Scarf slide, blue and tan, knotted, Sea Scouts, c. 1946
Neckerchief, dark blue/yellow cotton, square, Boy Scouts, 1935-1945
Neckerchief, red cotton, white logo, square, Boy Scouts, 1935-1945
Dress, boy's, red, blue, ecru and green plaid wool, blue velvet and mirrored button trim, 1850-1859
Dress, boy's, yellow wool, bright yellow soutache trim, 1860-1868
Coat, boy's, dark brown velvet, fitted with bell-shaped sleeves, 1850-1859
Slippers, boy's, blue and yellow wool knit, suede soles, c. 1910
Suit, boy's, 2-pc, off-white cotton duck, "Russian" style with box pleated front, c. 1905
Suit, boy's, 3-pc, black wool, formal tuxedo style with black sateen trim, 1900-1910
Pantalettes, boy's, white cotton, long pants with shoulder straps, 1850-1859
Dress, boy's, blue and off-white windowpane check cotton, off-white batiste trim, 1900-1910
Sweater, boy's, dark red wool, knitted, pullover with shawl collar and green stripes, Lorenz, 1900-1915
Uniform shirt, olive green cotton twill, Boy Scouts, Forest Myers Manufacturing Co., Los Angeles, c. 1917
Uniform shirt, khaki twill, Boy Scouts, Glass Block Boy's Shop, Duluth, Minnesota, c. 1917
Uniform knickers, khaki twill, Boy Scouts, c. 1917
Riding breeches, boy's, olive-green cotton twill, c. 1917
Coat, boy's, natural homespun linen, bolero style, band collar, 1860-1865
Coat, boy's, off-white slub-woven wool, blue crocheted buttons, 1920-1929
Suit, boy's, 2-pc black striped wool twill, narrow white crocheted lace cuffs, 1886-1888
Gloves, boy's, tan leather, rust-colored top stitching, 1886-1888
Dress, boy's, 2-pc, red and ecru wool plaid, matching self-fabric vest, 1872-1874
Hat, boy's, natural straw, ruched ivory ribbon and feather trim, 1897-1900
Suit, boy's, 2-pc, brown wool, gold button decoration, c. 1835
Hat, boy's, tam o'shantar, black silk, self-fabric rosette and ties, 1890-1895
Duster, boy's, natural tan linen, 1917-1920
Coat, boy's, dark brown heavy wool tweed, Chesterfield-style, brown velvet collar, 1890-1899
Suit, boy's, pink wide-wale corduroy, white cotton lawn shirt, c. 1915
Shirt, boy's, white linen, long sleeves, shirred bodice panels, 1853-1854
Belt, khaki cotton webbing, Boy Scouts, Sigmund Eisner Co., 1920-1940
Coat, boy's, light yellow wool flannel, embroidered shoulder cape, 1890-1899
Socks, boy's, off-white knit silk boy's socks, clocked, 1907-1909
Gloves, boy's, off-white kid leather, metal wrist snap with goat image, 1907-1910
Mittens, boy's, off-white mercerized cotton, knitted, flared cuffs with novelty weave, 1907-1910
Skeleton suit, boy's, blue and white striped denim, empire waist, 1820-1829
Coat, boy's, white pique, whitework embroidery, 1854-1858
Suit, boy's, off-white, pink and blue plaid cotton, two pieces with empire waistline, c. 1811
Pants, boy's, off-white cotton, blue tattersall checks, 1850-1859
Coat, boy's, light blue chambray, piped in white cotton tape, 1862-1868
Coat, boy's, off-white cotton, ankle-length, "V" shaped yoke and embroidery, 1860-1869
Suit, boy's, off-white corded cotton, two pieces with plain off-white muslin collar, c. 1915
Coat, boy's, dark brown velvet, double-breasted, round silver buttons, 1880-1889
Cap, boy's, brown velvet, brown grosgrain ribbon cockade, 1880-1889
Dress, boy's, red plaid wool, brown velvet trim, 1860-1869
Hat, boy's, brown velvet, red plaid velvet trim, 1860-1869
Suit, boy's, off-white cotton birdseye pique, off-white embroidered scallop edging, 1860-1869
Shoes, boy's, black leather, brass toe protectors, 1862-1863
Bloomers, boy's, pink cotton chambray, attached cross-over shoulder straps, c. 1925
Neckerchief, red/blue cotton, square, National Jamboree, Boy Scouts, 1937
Pants, boy's, brown cotton and nylon blend, "blue jeans" style, white top stitching, Sears, 1969
Pants, boy's, dark blue cotton and nylon blend, "blue jeans" style, white top stitching, Sears, 1969
Dress, boy's, red, white and black wool plaid, black braid trim, 1867-1870
Coat, boy's, tan striped cotton, bolero style, black and tan braided trim, 1860-1869
Suit, boy's, natural brown linen canvas, Norfolk-style jacket with short pants, c. 1915
Suit, boy's, natural linen, Russian-style with Cossack collar and red and white embroidery, c. 1915
Undershirt, boy's, off-white cotton, ivory bone buttons, c. 1915
Suit, boy's, blue linen canvas, Norfolk-style jacket with short pants, c. 1915
Shirt, boy's, light peach cotton, drawstring waistline, c. 1915
Suit, boy's, white cotton, two pieces with smocked jacket, c. 1915
Long underwear, boy's, off-white cotton knit, cotton waistband, 1905-1915
Pants, boy's, blue and white pinstriped cotton denim, knee length, steel buttons, Browning, King & Co., c. 1910
Dress, boy's, dark midnight blue velvet, green and pink painted flowers, 1880-1889
Dress, boy's, red cotton, white lace and silver button trim, 1875-1885
Shirt, boy's, bright red acrylic, long-sleeved pullover, Sportswear of Distinction, 1965-1967
T-shirt, boy's, light blue cotton, raglan sleeves, patch pocket on chest, Montgomery Ward, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, off-white and taupe cotton/polyester knit, Donmoor, 1965-1968
Shirt, boy's, blue and white cotton, short sleeves, striped seersucker material, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, blue, green, and tan polyester/cotton, short sleeves, plaid, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, olive green cotton knit, mock military style, Montgomery Ward, 1965-1968
Shirt, boy's, pale blue cotton, long sleeves, small pocket embroidery, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, red and black plaid cotton, long sleeves, button-down collar, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, dark red and gold cotton print, long sleeves, paisley print, Towncraft, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, black cotton print, long sleeves, large mustard yellow polka-dot motifs, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, bright yellow polyester/cotton, long sleeves, button-down collar, 1966-1968
Shirt, boy's, gold and red plaid knit cotton, gold ribbed mock turtleneck, 1965-1968
Pajamas, boy's, red and black cotton, kimono style, Weldon, 1966-1968
Pants, boy's, tan cotton, zipper fly with snap waist closure, Farah, 1966-1968
Pants, boy's, dark green cotton, pressed front creases and permanent cuffs, 1966-1968
Raincoat, boy's, tan vinyl and nylon, air vents under arms, 1966-1968
Suit, boy's, navy blue cotton, three pieces and clip-on bowtie, 1950-1959
Coat, boy's, light brown wool tweed, c. 1960
Hat, boy's, light brown wool tweed, c. 1960
Dress, boy's, Light blue cotton, white soutache trim in repeated knot pattern, 1865-1870
Dress, boy's, light brown cotton, white soutache trim in stylized organic pattern, 1865-1870
Suit, boy's, pink and white striped cotton, pale blue embroidery, 1924-1926
Overalls, boy's, blue-gray cotton, embroidered dog on pocket, 1923-1925
Suit, boy's, light blue cotton chambray, one piece with white striped trim, 1920-1922
Suit, boy's, off-white rayon, two piece button together with self ruffled trim, 1922-1924
Romper, boy's, off-white cotton, white embroidered hens, 1921-1925
Dress, boy's, white cotton print, red swiss dot pattern, 1865-1870
Dress, boy's, red, blue, and white cotton calico, roller-printed floral patterns, 1820-1850
Suit, boy's, pink and white cotton pique, white embroidered ruffles, c. 1894
Coat, boy's, off-white cotton pique, shoulder cape with eyelet embroidery, 1891-1892
Suit, boy's, off-white corduroy, three-piece with double-breasted shirt, 1920-1929
Suit, boy's, off-white corduroy, two piece, rayon shirt, 1920-1929
Dress, boy's, white cotton, eyelet skirt and eyelet bodice panel, 1865-1875
Coat, boy's, brown wool striped tweed, 3-piece: jacket, dickey and belt, c. 1902
Pants, boy's, brown wool striped tweed, c. 1902
Suit, boy's, white linen, off-center opening, 1912-1913
Costume, boy's, Civil War soldier, blue cotton denim, 1902
Kepi, boy's, dark blue wool, from Civil War soldier costume, 1902
Suit, boy's, white cotton twill, sailor style with tan felt collar, c. 1900
Hatband, boy's, black silk grosgrain ribbon, "U.S.S. MINNESOTA," c. 1900
Shirt, boy's, light brown cotton, short sleeves, notched collar, c. 1940
Shirt, boy's, light brown cotton, short sleeves, notched collar, c. 1940
Shirt, boy's, light brown cotton, short sleeves, notched collar, c. 1940
Shirt, boy's, light yellow linen, short sleeves, blue top stitching, c. 1935
Shirt, boy's, light yellow linen, elbow-length sleeves, blue top stitching, c. 1935
Sash, with merit badges, olive green cotton twill, Boy Scouts, 1960-1965
Uniform shirt, olive green cotton, short sleeves, Boy Scouts, Troop 120, Madison, Wisconsin, c. 1964
Uniform shirt, olive green cotton/polyester blend, short sleeves, Boy Scouts, Madison, Wisconsin, 1960-1965
Uniform shirt, olive green cotton twill, long sleeves, Boy Scouts, Madison, Wisconsin, 1960-1965
Uniform shirt, blue cotton twill, Cub Scouts, Troop 270, Madison, Wisconsin, 1955-1959
Uniform shirt, blue cotton twill, long sleeves, Cub Scouts, 1955-1959
Uniform shirt, dark green cotton twill, short sleeves, Explorer Scouts. 1965-1969
T-shirt, cotton, blue and yellow stripes, Cub Scouts, 1955-1959
Neckerchief, dark green/yellow cotton, triangle, Boy Scouts, 1960-1969
Neckerchief, yellow/blue/white cotton, square, scouting motifs, Cub Scouts, 1955-1959
Uniform pants, khaki twill, red pocket trim, Boy Scouts, 1960-1969
Uniform shirt, light olive green cotton twill, short sleeves, Boy Scouts, 1960-1969
Uniform shirt, blue cotton twill, long sleeves, Cub Scouts, Troop 27, Madison, Wisconsin, 1940-1949
Neckerchief, yellow/blue cotton, triangle, Cub Scouts, c. 1960
Uniform shirt, olive green twill, long sleeves, Boy Scouts, Troop 11, Madison, Wisconsin, c. 1965
Suit, boy's, white printed cotton, plain white cotton pants with blue embroidery, 1919-1920
Suit, boy's, white and blue linen, two pieces, ruffled white cotton trim, 1919-1920
Suit, boy's, off-white linen, half-moon slash pockets with pale pink stitching, 1919-1920
Dress, boy's, blue and off-white printed plaid wool challis, black velvet trim, 1865-1875
Halloween costume mask, boy's, Frankenstein, green molded plastic, 1972-1975
Halloween costume, boy's, Frankenstein, green vinyl and rayon, Collegeville Costumes, Collegeville, PA, 1972-1975
Snowsuit, boy's, brown nylon, gold nylon trim, c. 1970
Boots, boy's, black plastic, blue nylon leggings and zipper-up fronts, c. 1970
Shirt, boy's, gray wool, sailor-style with white striped trim and beige neck tie, 1915-1922
Vest, boy's gray wool, dickey-style with off-white added tunic, 1915-1922
Cap, boy's, black leather, B&K Co., c. 1920
Knickers, boy's, off-white cotton, striped pique, c. 1920
Vest, boy's, natural yellow chamois, red felted wool lining, 1920-1929
Knickers, boy's, gray wool, elasticized cuffs, 1915-1922
Cape, boy's, yellow wool felt, red star print, 1862-1868
Suit, boy's, pink linen, two piece, c. 1930
Shirt, boy's, white cotton dimity, short sleeves, tape lace trimmed collar, c. 1920
Suit, boy's, navy blue gabardine, three-piece with jacket, pants, and belt, 1920-1929
Coat, boy's, navy blue polyester knit, red, white and blue enamel buttons, c. 1975
Halloween costume, boy's, gorilla, black rayon, in box, Ben Cooper Inc., New York, NY, 1950-1959
Pants, boy's, blue printed cotton with fake "patched" look, blue and red top stitching, c. 1970
Pants, boys, dark blue cotton, bell bottom style, 1970-1975
Shirt, boy's, brown cotton knit, pull-over long sleeve turtleneck, K-Mart, 1970-1977
Pants, boy's, dark red polyester, small checked weave, 1970-1975
Pants, boy's, light brown cotton, gold and white plaid weave, 1970-1975
Pants, boy's, bright blue cotton and polyester blend, heavy twill weave, flared pant legs, Wrangler, 1970-1975
Pants, boys, red corduroy, flared legs, patched knees, 1970-1975
Shirt, boy's, pink, orange and white striped cotton, long sleeves, floral discharge print, 1970-1977
Boots, boy's, terra cotta synthetic, red cotton laces, 1975-1976
Coat, boy's, brown plaid synthetic, fake fur with brown nylon trim, 1970-1975
Pants, boy's, dark blue cotton twill, square patch pockets, Sears, 1970-1978
Pants, boy's, brown, red and white plaid cotton and polyester blend, Wrangler, 1970-1975
Pants, boy's, blue-gray synthetic, coarsely woven, Levi's, 1970-1975
Pants, boy's, brown synthetic, coarse weave, 1970-1975
Pants, boy's, dark red brushed cotton denim, square patch pockets, c. 1972
Boots, boy's, brown synthetic leather, lace-up style with metal eyelets, 1970-1978
Shirt, boy's, yellow cotton, long sleeves, flared cuffs trimmed in lace, 1890-1895
Hat, olive green wool felt, Boy Scouts, 1960-1969
Uniform jacket, dark khaki cotton twill, Boy Scouts, c. 1915
Uniform, khaki twill shirt and pants, Boy Scouts, Troop 25, De Kalb, Illinois, 1930-1939
Socks, olive green cotton, knee-high, Boy Scouts, 1930-1939
Neckerchief, blue cotton, square, Boy Scouts, 1930-1939
Belt, khaki cotton webbing, Boy Scouts, 1930-1939
Coat, boy's, blue cotton, "Buster Brown" style, white embroidery, c. 1915
Coat, boy's, blue cotton, white shawl-style collar with embroidery, c. 1915
Suit, boy's, off-white linen, three pieces with off-white embroidered lace trim on collar, c. 1916
Suit, boy's, blue cotton chambray, white sailor-style striped details, c. 1915
Suit, boy's, gray mottled stripe cotton, off-white cotton trim, c. 1916
Coat, boy's, light blue cotton, sailor-style, deep "V" neckline, c. 1915
Suit, boy's, off-white coarse cotton, blue sailor collar and belt with white braid trim, c. 1917
Suit, boy's, blue cotton chambray, off-white pique sailor collar, c. 1916
Shorts, boy's, off-white linen, red and white striped ribbon trim, c. 1916
Suit, boys', pale yellow coarse-woven cotton, floral warp-printed cotton trim, c. 1917
Coat, boy's, light brown cotton, faux ecru shirt front with Peter Pan style collar, c. 1915
Coat, boy's, red and tan nylon, warm-up style, Milwaukee Braves logo, 1953-1959
Uniform, dark khaki shirt and pants, Boy Scouts, 1920-1929
Cap, Cub Scout, navy blue wool, gold trim, 1940-1945
Uniform, blue cotton short-sleeved shirt, shorts, Cub Scouts, 1940-1945
Neckerchief, yellow/blue cotton, triangle, Cub Scouts, 1940-1945
Belt, blue cotton webbing, black buckle, Cub Scouts, 1940-1945
Suit, boy's, blue and white striped cotton, 4-piece: pants, shirt, dickey, and belt, 1920-1929
Shoes, boy's, tan leather, button-up scalloped side panel with darker brown buttons, 1890-1899
Union suit, boy's, off-white cotton, nainsook with yellow topstitch, Positivewear, 1920-1929
Undershirt, boy's, off-white cotton, adjustable button straps, Little Beauty, 1920-1929
Shirt, boy's, off-white printed cotton, short sleeves, blue and tan plaid, 1920-1925
Shirt, boy's, gold cotton, elbow-length sleeves, brown embroidered trim, 1930-1939
Suit, boy's, off-white cotton twill and blue chambray, sailor-style, 1930-1939
Suit, boy's, brown corduroy, off-white and brown pinstripe cotton shirt, 1930-1939
Overshoes, boy's, black rubber, black cotton knit vamp covering, Granite Rubber Co., 1905-1910
Dress, boy's, 2-pc, white cotton pique, small printed red dot pattern, 1870-1875
Coat, boy's, dark brown wool, black scrolled soutache trim, 1890-1899
Coat and vest, boy's, black and tan checked wool, brown sailor collar, 1890-1899
Shirt, boy's, white cotton calico, small brown sprig printed pattern, 1890-1899
Hat, olive green wool felt, Boy Scouts, 1960-1969
Suit, boy's, olive green cotton, two piece, c. 1930
Overalls, boy's, light blue cotton, snap up sides, 1923-1925
Helmet, soap box derby, blue molded fiber board, Madison, Wisconsin, 1952
Coat, boy's, tan corded cotton, double-breased, mother-of-pearl buttons, 1891-1892
Cap, boy's, black and off-white checked wool, silk braided trim, Sehlesinger & Mayer, Chicago, 1890-1894
Suit, boy's, black and white checked wool, black grosgrain ribbon bows and buckles, 1887-1890
Suit, boy's, brown and cream flecked wool, brown grosgrain ribbon bows with gold buckles, c. 1893
Shirt, boy's, light golden brown silk, sailor collar, c. 1893
Dress, boy's, tan cotton, hand-sewn with off-white embroidered scallops, 1853-1854
Suit, boy's, black cotton velveteen, bolero-style jacket with single button closure, c. 1890
Pants, boy's, off-white cotton, buttoned fly, Garment Corp. of America, Chicago, c. 1920
Shirt, boy's, brown and red cotton plaid, long sleeves, Western style, 1940-1949
Shirt, boy's, light pink printed cotton, short sleeves, bamboo hut and palm tree motifs, 1940-1949
Coat, boy's, off-white cotton, gray colored plastic buttons and lining, 1940-1949
Suit, boy's, light green linen, two piece button-together with white linen collar, 1940-1949
Shirt, boy's, off-white rayon, long sleeves, "sharkskin" material, 1940-1949
Romper, boy's, red and off-white cotton, red cross stitched embroidery, 1940-1949
Suit, boy's, light turquoise green cotton, two piece, white soutache trim, 1940-1949
Suit, boy's, tan and maroon cotton, two piece, double-breasted shirt, 1940-1949
Suit, boy's, light blue cotton, two piece, dark blue and red trim, 1940-1949
Suit, boy's, dark red rayon, two piece, zipper pockets, 1940-1949
Suit, boy's, dark red cotton, two piece, sailor style, 1940-1949
Suit, boy's, off-white ribbed cotton, two piece, burgundy pants and trim, 1940-1949
Suit, boy's, bright blue linen, two piece, military-style, 1940-1949
Suit, boy's, off-white cotton, two piece, blue linen trim, 1940-1949
Sunsuit, boy's, white and red cotton, anchor applique and self-fabric belt, Boston Store, c. 1940
Sunsuit, boy's, light yellow and gray cotton, anchor applique and self-fabric belt, Boston Store, c. 1940
Bathing suit, boy's, trunks, white cotton, gray net print, with fishhooks and red and yellow lures, c.1950
Dress, boy's, pale yellow wool, dark blue-gray velvet trim, 1885-1886
Coat, boy's, black and red wool, checked weave, 1945-1949
Briefs, boy's, off-white cotton, ribbed knit, 1943-1948
Apron, boy's, dark blue cotton twill, top-stitched tool pockets, 1950-1955
Bathing suit, boy's, yellow lycra, colorful abstract print, Florence Eiseman, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1981-1982
Pants, boy's, gray wool tweed, knee-length, in box, Marx & Haas Clothing Co., St. Louis, MO, c. 1915
Romper, boy's, gray wool/polyester, off-white cotton/polyester turtleneck shirt, Florence Eiseman, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1986
Neckerchief, yellow/blue cotton/polyester, triangle, Cub Scouts, 1980-1986
Neckerchief, blue/red/green yellow plaid cotton polyester, triangle, patch, Boy Scouts, 1985-1986
Bathing suit, boy's, blue and white polka-dot lycra, appliqued dinosaur, Florence Eiseman, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1988
Romper, boy's, black cotton velvet, white cotton trim, Florence Eiseman, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1989
Shoes, boy's, black leather, slipper-shaped with double straps, 1884-1885
Shirt, boy's, yellow rayon print, short sleeves, blue and brown bamboo motifs, 1945-1947
Shirt, boy's, pale yellow rayon print, short sleeves, stylized scenes of Hawaii, 1945-1947
Briefs, boy's, white cotton, clear plastic packaging with brown print, Jockey International, Kenosha, Wisconsin, 1987-1990
Container, clear plastic tube, Jockey's boy's underwear, 1986-1990
Briefs, boy's, gray cotton knit, colored stripes, Jockey, 1986-1990
Briefs, boy's, white knit cotton, colored stripes, Jockey, 1986-1990
Briefs, boy's, red knit cotton, colored stripes, Jockey, 1986-1990
Hat, boy's, black leather, sheep skin lining, Mondl Manufacturing Co., Oshkosh, 1912-1920
Suit, boy's, navy blue wool twill, Norfolk-style, three pieces, 1910-1912
Pajamas, boy's, red and blue polyester knit, "Spider-Man," 1987-1990
Shirt, boy's, off-white cotton, long sleeves, sailor style with blue striped trim, 1926-1930
Headband, child's, red plastic, glitter-covered stars, c. 1985
Shirt, boy's, orange, brown, & white cotton print, paisley and stripe pattern, c. 1965
Dress, boy's, ivory cotton gauze, horizontal tucks on skirt, 1867-1869
Dance costume, boy's, black polyester tailcoat and pants, white satin cummerbund, used at Kehl School of Dance, Madison, Wisconsin, 1971-1972
Briefs, boy's, white cotton, "Super Mario Brothers" characters, 1989-1993
Coat, boy's, light blue cotton corduroy, single white button closure at neck, 1953-1954
Pajamas, boy's, white cotton, elf print, Sorbeau, 1952-1954
Suit, boy's, cream and green cotton/polyester, embroidered duck, c. 1953
Sunsuit, boy's, blue cotton, white floral embroidery, Philippines, 1953-1954
Carriage suit, boy's, light blue cotton corduroy, one-piece with enclosed feet, 1953-1954
Vest, boy's, brown wool blend, blue, orange, green and white plaid, 1953-1954
Bonnet, boy's, light blue corduroy, white corduroy trim, 1953-1954
Shoes, boy's, white leather, vamp and toe sewn together with a puckered seam, 1952-1954
Socks, boy's, white knit cotton, scalloped edge, 1953-1954
Socks, boy's, light blue knit cotton, scalloped edge, 1953-1954
Socks, boy's, light yellow knit cotton, scalloped edge, 1953-1954
Socks, boy's, light green knit cotton, scalloped edge, 1953-1954
Dress, boy's, white cotton, trimmed with pintucks and crocheted white lace, 1884-1885
Scarf, boy's, black acrylic, knitted, hand-made, c. 1965
Overshoes, boy's, black molded rubber, diamond impressions on sole, Ball Band, Mishawaka, Indiana, 1944-1946
Suit, baby boy's, pink coarse woven cotton/rayon, white pleated cotton ruffles, c. 1944
Briefs, boy's, white knit cotton, wide elastic waistband, 1945-1946
Riding breeches, boy's, mustard yellow cotton twill, self-fabric stirrups, Louis Gaiger, 1945-1946
Earband, boy's, black wool knit, white stylized snowflake design, c. 1960
Cowboy hat, boy's, red wool, gold metallic star and white ribbon trim, c. 1949
Coat, boy's, dark brown velvet, fake dark blonde fur trim, 1929-1930
Hat, boy's, dark brown velvet, fake dark blond fur trim, c. 1930
Coat, boy's, dark blue crushed velveteen, double-breasted, 1932-1934
Shorts, boy's, olive green leather suede, Lederhosen with leather suspenders, 1955-1960
Shoes, adolescent boy's, platform, tan leather, brown stitching, Thom McAn, c. 1976
Suit, adolescent boy's, blue-gray cotton corduroy, flared legs, Lee, 1971-1972
Cap, child's, green knit, Green Bay Packers, 1993-1995
Jersey, boy's, Milwaukee Braves baseball uniform, 1953-1954
Pants, boy's, Milwaukee Braves baseball uniform, 1953-1954
T-shirt, child's, white cotton, light blue trim, Madison Press Connection, Madison, Wisconsin, 1977
Costume, boy's, Chinaman, 2-piece, orange & purple cotton, c. 1940
Costume hat, boy's, Chinaman, purple cotton, braided black yarn, c. 1940
Costume, boy's, clown, green and yellow cotton, Turner Hall, Milwaukee, 1940-1945
Costume hat, boy's, clown, green & yellow cotton, 1940-1945
Costume, boy's, Native American, 2-piece, olive cotton, 1935-40
Shirt, boy's, blue, tan, & light brown plaid flannel, 1995-1998
T-shirt, adolescent's, gray heather cotton, Tom Knox, Sonic Skateboards, 1993-1994
Cap, adolescent's, knitted navy blue and taupe with "THINK," 1995-1998
Pants, boy's, baggy, taupe cotton twill, "Lucky Brand," 1995-1998
Hood ("do-rag"), adolescent's, black nylon with ties, 1995-1998
Shorts, boy's, baggy black denim, "Pelle Pelle," 1995-1998
Pants, boy's, baggy, black denim, "UPTIME JEANS," 1995-1998
Uniform jacket, boy's, khaki cotton twill, black trim, worn in musical band, Spring Green, Wisconsin, c. 1910
Shirt, boy's, white cotton, patchwork yoke, 1974
Winter cap, boy's, brown, 1958-1960
Slippers, boy's, tan corduroy, rocket and astronaut motif, 1958-1960
Pants, boy's, taupe twill, flannel lining, 1958-1960
Jacket, boy's, green and black stripes, flannel lining, 1958-1960
Suit, boy's, 3-pc (overalls, jacket, and shirt), blue, red and green knit check, 1955-1956
Pants, boy's, blue wool, Chippewa Falls Woolen Mill, 1936-1937
Slippers, boy's, green and yellow, football shape, Green Bay Packers, 1995-2000
Jewish Purim costume, boy's, blue and white star print with off-white headcloth, 1957
Jewish Purim costume, boy's, white, gold, and red polyester, 1957
Sweater, boy's, v-neck, green with black trim, c. 1957
Band cap, boy's, white, 1923
Shirt, boy's, white cotton from St. Joseph Orphanage, Milwaukee, c. 1920
Patch, Tom Kita Chara Lodge, Samoset Council, Boy Scouts, Wausau, Wisconsin, c. 1970
Hat, boy's, black velour, 5 triangular sections, 1920-1922
Dress, boy's, 3 left side shoulder buttons, 1914
Suit, boy's, sailor-style, 1900-1905
Racing skin, Madison Speed Skating Club, worn by Casey FitzRandolph, c. 1991
Shirt, boy's, gray, white and blue vertical stripes, cotton and lycra blend, J. Ferrar, 2004-2006
T-shirt, boy's, light taupe cotton knit, gray, white and black horizontal stripes, Old Navy, 2004-2006
Sweater, boy's, olive green cotton knit, off-white and green horizontal stripes, Old Navy, 2004-2006
Sweater, boy's, mock turtleneck, brown and black heather cotton knit, Gap, 2004-2006
Pants, boy's, khaki cotton, Old Navy, 2004-2006
Pants, boy's, brown cotton, Gap, 2004-2006
Pants, boy's, blue herringbone twill cotton, white pinstripe, Gap, 2004-2006
Shorts, boy's, blue denim, cotton, rubber/velcro closure, cargo pockets, Old Navy, 2004-2006
Bathing suit, boy's, dark gray with stylized flame print, polyester, Ocean Pacific, 2004-2006
Pajama pants, boy's, drawstring, blue, green, and white check, cotton flannel, Old Navy, 2004-2006
Sash, with merit badges, khaki cotton twill, Boy Scouts, 1925-1930
Baseball uniform, boy's, Milwaukee Braves, 1955
Football jersey, adolescent boy's, dark red nylon, white/yellow trim, worn by Chris Farley, Edgewood High School, Madison, Wisconsin, 1980-1982
Ice skates, boy's, black, white laces, 1974-1978
Coat, boy's, beige wool, Brooks Brothers, 1972-1975
Jacket, boy's, black cotton, embroidered, Vietnam souvenir, 1966
Shirt, boy's, yellow, olive green, blue and white plaid, The Children's Place, 2007
Coat, boy's, olive green corduroy with sherpa lining, Old Navy, 2007
Sweatshirt, boy's, gray cotton with red accents and Bucky (Badgers) logo, 2007
Jeans, boy's, blue denim, H&M, 2006-2007
Pajamas, boy's, "Monkeying Around" appliqued white cotton top with brown-on-white monkey print cotton shorts, Old Navy, 2007
Sandals, boy's, brown leather, Smartfit, 2007
Windbreaker, adolescent boy's, blue nylon, "Monona Grove Bands," Monona, Wisconsin, 1976-1978
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