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Boys' clothing accessories (23 records)

Gloves, boy's, light brown kid leather, orange celluloid wrist snap, J.H. Danforth Co., Gloversville, New York, 1915-1917
Gloves, boy's, tan kid leather, orange celluloid wrist snaps, 1916-1917
Mittens, boy's, red knit wool, orange knit lining, 1858-1863
Neckerchief, blue cotton, square, R.W. Blohm, Sea Scouts, c. 1946
Scarf slide, blue and tan, knotted, Sea Scouts, c. 1946
Neckerchief, dark blue/yellow cotton, square, Boy Scouts, 1935-1945
Neckerchief, red cotton, white logo, square, Boy Scouts, 1935-1945
Gloves, boy's, tan leather, rust-colored top stitching, 1886-1888
Belt, khaki cotton webbing, Boy Scouts, Sigmund Eisner Co., 1920-1940
Gloves, boy's, off-white kid leather, metal wrist snap with goat image, 1907-1910
Mittens, boy's, off-white mercerized cotton, knitted, flared cuffs with novelty weave, 1907-1910
Neckerchief, red/blue cotton, square, National Jamboree, Boy Scouts, 1937
Neckerchief, dark green/yellow cotton, triangle, Boy Scouts, 1960-1969
Neckerchief, yellow/blue/white cotton, square, scouting motifs, Cub Scouts, 1955-1959
Neckerchief, yellow/blue cotton, triangle, Cub Scouts, c. 1960
Vest, boy's gray wool, dickey-style with off-white added tunic, 1915-1922
Neckerchief, blue cotton, square, Boy Scouts, 1930-1939
Belt, khaki cotton webbing, Boy Scouts, 1930-1939
Neckerchief, yellow/blue cotton, triangle, Cub Scouts, 1940-1945
Belt, blue cotton webbing, black buckle, Cub Scouts, 1940-1945
Neckerchief, yellow/blue cotton/polyester, triangle, Cub Scouts, 1980-1986
Neckerchief, blue/red/green yellow plaid cotton polyester, triangle, patch, Boy Scouts, 1985-1986
Scarf, boy's, black acrylic, knitted, hand-made, c. 1965
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