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Girls' headwear (85 records)

Bonnet, girl's, natural silk, red silk ribbon trim, c. 1880
Hat, girl's, black velvet, blue and pink satin ribbon trim, c. 1875
Bonnet, girl's, off-white silk twill, box pleated blue satin ribbon trim and pink silk rose clusters, 1868
Hat, girl's, natural woven straw, red pinked ribbon trim around brim, 1865-1870
Bonnet, girl's, off-white silk faille, brown silk ribbon trim, 1870-1876
Bonnet, girl's, woven straw with pale blue lining, 1858
Hat, girl's, natural plaited straw, shaped brim, 1872-1875
Bonnet, girl's, light blue silk, iridescent taffeta with pink silk facing, 1856-1863
Bonnet, girl's, ecru bobbin lace, pink silk lining, 1900-1903
Bonnet, girl's, off-white teneriffe lace, blue silk lining, 1900-1903
Sunbonnet, girl's, brown cotton, blue and orange stripes, 1848-1852
Bonnet, girl's, green and brown knitted and crocheted wool, off-white and black patterns, 1848-1852
Hat, girl's, off-white embroidered lawn, wide floppy brim and crown with flower trim, c. 1903
Bonnet, girl's, dark brown plaited straw, deep red and orange plumes, 1880-1885
Bonnet, girl's, dark blue wool, blue & red ribbon trim, 1890
Bonnet, girl's, white cotton batiste, ecru lace, cream silk ribbon, 1890
Bonnet, girl's, ecru wool with off-white lace, 1890
Bonnet, girl's, natural straw, peaked brim & crown, brown velvet trim, 1882-1888
Bonnet, girl's, off-white cotton lawn, looped pink ribbon trim, 1897-1899
Bonnet, girl's, off-white silk girl's bonnet, shirred, fluted and pleated silk decorations, 1897-1899
Sunbonnet, girl's, pink coarse cotton, vertical shirring on brim, 1897-1899
Hat, girl's, pink linen, wide flat brim with shallow crown that buttons to brim, 1898-1899
Hat, girl's, blue cotton, flat corded brim with poufy button-down crown, 1898-1899
Hat, girl's, natural plaited straw, wide fan pleated segments of blue velvet ribbon trim, 1910
Hat, girl's, natural plaited straw, wide fan pleated segments of deep pink ribbon trim, 1910
Bonnet, girl's, greenish-black crocheted wool, black yarn pompoms, c. 1900
Hat, girl's, pink cotton, pleated white eyelet pouffed crown, 1895-1905
Bonnet, girl's, white cotton lawn, inset bands of Irish crochet, dimensional flowers, 1916-1917
Hat, girl's, white pique, floppy brim with satin stitch and eyelet embroidery, c. 1910
Bonnet, girl's, off-white knit net, lace trim, 1830-1850
Bonnet, girl's, light blue and off-white silk, quilted, c. 1840
Bonnet, girl's, off-white cotton, hand-sewn cording and puckering, 1800-1810
Bonnet, girl's, light brown silk, hand-quilted with piped and ruffled self-fabric trim, 1830-1839
Bonnet, girl's, light blue wool, knitted, covered in bright blue wool hairpin lace, 1850-1869
Bonnet, girl's, off-white cotton, small woven diamond pattern, 1860-1869
Bonnet, girl's, pink and white cotton gingham, self-fabric curtain, 1840-1849
Bonnet, girl's, green silk, varigated shades of green with off-white dots, 1856-1858
Hat, girl's, white silk, pale blue cloth flowers, 1885-1889
Hat, girl's, green buckram, collapsible, c. 1933
Hat, girl's, dark and light straw, blue ribbon and flowers, 1880-1889
Hat, girl's, dark brown beaver fur, brown grosgrain ribbon, 1915-1925
Bonnet, girl's, off-white cotton, hand-knit narrow lace trim, 1860-1869
Beret, green wool, Girl Scouts, 1960-1969
Bonnet, girl's, off-white silk damask, embroidered tulle ruffle, 1850-1859
Sunbonnet, girl's, off-white silk, quilted, c. 1840
Bonnet, girl's, off-white cotton, long gathered self-fabric curtain, c. 1840
Bonnet, girl's, black silk faille, quilted, blue cotton padded edging, c. 1840
Beret, girl's, red mohair, c. 1903
Hat, cloche, girl's, pink, green, and blue wool, blue ribbon trim with felt ovals, c. 1926
Cap, green heather cotton, Girl Scouts, 1930-1945
Bonnet, girl's, off-white cotton, crocheted, small checkered pattern, 1899-1902
Hat, girl's, natural straw, velvet flowers and grosgrain ribbon trim, 1945-1950
Cap, green heather cotton, Girl Scouts, 1950-1959
Hat, girl's, white linen, eyelet, c. 1912
Bonnet, girl's, straw, brown plaid ribbon trim, c. 1885
Hat, cloche, girl's, pink felted wool, c. 1929
Bonnet, girl's, off-white wool, knitted, large poufy crown and long knit ties, 1908-1910
Hat, girl's. off-white buckram, collapsible, c. 1933
Hat, girl's, red, white and blue cotton duck, tennis racquet appliques, 1982-1985
Headband, black and clear beads, Camp Fire Girls, c. 1923
Hat, girl's, white acrylic knit, ski hat style, "Smurf" cartoon character, 1984-1988
Communion veil, off-white net, double-tiered with white braid trim, 1949-1950
Rain hat, girl's, yellow vinyl, wide brim, American Girl, 1989-1991
Tam o'shanter, girl's, blue, green, red and yellow plaid acrylic knit, Hansen, c. 1970
Beanie, brown felt, Girl Scout Brownies, 1980-1982
Cowboy hat, girl's, black wool, swirled pink braided trim, c. 1956
Headband, red/white/blue beaded Indian motifs, Camp Fire Girls, 1929-1931
Cap, adolescent's, olive green, brim and ear flaps, 1995-1998
Hat, girl's, peach organdy, 1936
Hat, girl's, white polyester satin, wedding costume, in original box, 1990
Bonnet, girl's, light blue wool, white wool yarn embroidery, c. 1945
Hat, girl's, green velvet, off-white velvet gardenia-style flowers, 1940
Bonnet, girl's, yellow sheer nylon, small dotted white flocking, c. 1958
Bonnet, girl's, pale peach rayon, 1920-1929
Bonnet, girl's, brown silk, pleated crown, c. 1840
Bonnet, girl's, light yellow wool boucle, 1899
Sunbonnet, girl's, white embroidered cotton, c. 1875
Sunbonnet, girl's, gray and white cotton, gingham, 1906-1910
Veil, adolescent girl's, black lace, beaded edge, from "Spanish" costume, 1922
Flower girl's veil, white net, 1950
Hat, girl's, faux marbled fur, circular lined body, dark brown corded braid, 1920-1922
Beret, green felt, Girl Scouts, 1960-1962
Communion veil, white rayon mesh, 1934
Uniform cap, blue cotton, Girl Scout Mariner, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, 1960-1964
Hat, girl's, Mexican-themed applique, 1948
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