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Infants' footwear (99 records)

Socks, baby's, yellowed knit, ribbed cuff, 1850-1900
Bootees, off-white crocheted, tapered toes, 1900-1910
Shoes, baby's, brown leather, navy blue ribbon trim, 1850-1855
Shoes, baby's, black cotton, pink soutache trim, 1850-1855
Shoes, baby's, blue leather, high top with blue laces, 1869-1870
Shoe, baby's, black leather, green eyes, 1856
Shoes, baby's, tan kid leather, silver buckle ornaments, 1874
Shoes, baby's, pink leather, pale pink ribbons, 1851
Shoes, baby's, white leather, clear glass beading, red wool trim, Native American, 1865-1867
Shoes, baby's, black leather, high top with scalloped edging, 1880-1890
Shoes, baby's, red kid leather, black zig-zag machine embroidery, 1870-1899
Bootees, off-white, knitted, pearlized cotton embroidery, 1905-1915
Bootees, off-white, knitted, double ribbon feed at ankles, 1905-1915
Bootees, pink, knitted, drawstring ankle, 1905-1915
Stocking, baby's, off-white knit, pink striped top, 1883
Shoes, baby's, black kid leather, button up sides, 1862-1863
Shoes, baby's, black leather, black ankle straps with buttons, 1863
Shoe, baby's, pale blue leather, button-up side, 1896-1898
Shoes, baby's, blue leather, ankle straps with white buttons, 1850-1870
Shoes, baby's, black leather, ankle straps with black buttons, 1850-1870
Shoes, baby's, white kid leather, geometric cut-outs and blue ribbon bows, 1850-1870
Shoes, baby's, brown leather, slip-on, perforated decoration, 1870-1899
Shoes, baby's, black leather, high tops with button up sides, J. Ennis, Brooklyn, NY, 1860
Socks, baby's, white knit, ribbed cuffs, 1860
Stockings, baby's, off-white knit, open work pattern, 1860-1861
Shoes, baby's, white leather, double straps, 1900-1910
Shoes, baby's, pink leather, pink ribbon trim and laces, 1885-1895
Shoes, baby's, pink leather, pink embroidery, laces, 1890-1899
Stockings, baby's, white wool, light blue cotton stripes, 1915-1916
Stockings, baby's, bright pink knit, ribbed wool yarn, 1888
Stockings, baby's, pink wool, 1888
Stockings, baby's, pink knit, off-white heel and toe, 1888
Shoes, baby's, tan leather, high tops with pointed toes, 1845-1865
Shoes, baby's, white leather, high top, pink tassels and satin trim, buttons, 1920
Bootees, white linen, floral embroidery, 1880-1900
Stockings, baby's, yellow knit, cotton with silk stripes, 1930-1939
Shoes, baby's, black leather, tapered square toes, 1842
Shoes, baby's, beige kid leather, gold kid leather piping, 1842
Shoes, baby's, red kid leather, matching red piping, 1840-1850
Shoes, baby's, brown kid leather, zig-zag embroidery, 1850-1900
Shoes, baby's, white cotton, ankle strap with button, 1920-1929
Shoes, baby's, white cotton, hand quilted with tassels, 1867
Bootees, off-white/pale pink knit, fine wool, 1874-1876
Socks, baby's, faded blue wool, knitted, 1870
Bootee, blue and white knit, thick wool, 1877
Bootee, mustard yellow, knitted, off-white crocheted trim, 1877
Bootee, magenta/plum color, knitted, thick wool, 1877
Socks, baby's, yellow wool, tightly knit, 1868
Bootees, off-white mercerized cotton, knitted, 1900-1920
Bootees, off-white shiny mercerized cotton, knitted, 1900-1910
Socks, baby's, off-white knit, ankle length, 1900-1929
Stockings, baby's, off-white cotton, knitted, ribbed cuff, 1900-1920
Stockings, baby's, off-white cotton knit, 1900-1920
Shoes baby's, brown leather, dark orange ribbon trim and laces, 1875-1900
Stockings, baby's, blue, crocheted, c. 1910
Bootees, white and blue, knitted, grosgrain ribbon feed, 1895-1905
Stockings, baby's, off-white wool, ribbed knit, 1895-1905
Bootees, off-white crocheted, bright pink trim, 1895
Shoes, baby's, red leather, red embroidery, laces, 1894-1895
Bootees, off-white flannel, high top with white shoe buttons, 1909
Shoes, baby's, pale blue kid leather, grosgrain ribbon bows, 1912
Shoes, baby's, blue leather, high tops with button up sides, 1910-1920
Shoes, baby's, pale blue kid leather, high top with laces, 1890-1899
Shoe, baby's, brown leather, green piped trim, 1831
Bootees, dark red silk, quilted, cotton batting liner, 1920-1929
Shoes, baby's, black velvet, black fur trim, 1905-1910
Bootees, off-white knit, tassled drawstring, 1922-1923
Shoes, baby's, white linen, embroidered, c. 1912
Bootees, black knit, yellow accents, 1880-1889
Bootees, white silk, light blue embroidery, 1920-1929
Shoe, baby's, yellow suede, slip-on, light blue embroidery, 1890-1899
Sock, baby's, off-white wool knit, 1847
Bootees, yellow and pink, knitted, checked band at ankle, 1905-1907
Stockings, baby's, brown knit, pink toe and heel, 1905-1907
Socks, baby's, pink knit, 1941-1942
Socks, baby's, light purple knit, scalloped cuff, 1942-1943
Bootees, light green knit, white bear motif, 1951-1952
Bootees, green knit, brown leather soles, teddy bear applique, 1950-1951
Shoes, baby's, white leather, perforated decoration, in box, Ideal, 1951-1952
Shoes, baby's, white leather, perforated decoration, in box, Ideal, 1951-1952
Shoes, baby's, white leather, white laces, in box, Ideal, 1951
Shoes, baby's, off-white nylon, white ribbon ties, 1956-1960
Bootees, off-white satin, attached knit sock, 1964
Shoes, baby's, white vinyl, perforated decorations, 1993-1994
Shoes, baby's, white kid leather, pink ribbon trim and embroidery, 1917-1918
Bootees, off-white tatted, blue silk lining, 1918
Bootees, yellow, knitted, 1954-1956
Bootees, knit white wool, 1903
Shoes, baby's, white leather, Simplex Flexies, 1936-1937
Shoes, baby's, white cotton diaper, 1872-1873
Shoes, baby's, black patent leather, 1872-1873
Bootees, off-white and pink cotton, knitted, 1944-1946
Bootees, off-white cotton and wool blend yarn, knitted, pink ribbon feed, 1944-1946
Bootees, white cotton, pale green embroidery, 1913
Socks, baby boy's, blue, green and white striped cotton, Old Navy, 2004-2005
Socks, baby boy's, light blue cotton with dark blue heel, toe and cuff, "Dog Gone Cute" tag, Carter's, 2004-2005
Socks, baby boy's, white with blue dog footprint motif, Carter's, 2004-2005
Socks, baby boy's, blue, tan and white stripes, Carter's, 2004-2005
Shoes, baby's, multi-colored plaid, Old Navy, 2008
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