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Children's clothing accessories of the 1870s (93 records)

Dress, baby's, off-white cotton, vertically pintucked fitted bodice with pleat-fitted skirt, 1865-1870
Dress, girl's, off-white cotton, pintucks and inset eyelet, c. 1875
Pinafore, girl's, white cotton, small diamond weave, 1875-1885
Dress, girl's, brown and white plaid silk taffeta, bright blue silk trim, 1878-1880
Skirt, girl's, taupe silk taffeta, self-fabric ruffles, 1878-1880
Dress, girl's, 2-pc, off-white cotton, trapunto-like quilted surface, 1867-1870
Dress, boy's, light brown cotton sateen, black embroidered flowers, c. 1871
Dress, baby, off-white heavy cotton, square neck yoke made of diagonal pintucks, 1872
Overdress, girl's, black silk, bustled back, c. 1872
Dress, girl's, brown velveteen, rust colored trim and bow, 1876-1878
Duster, boy's, brown linen, double breasted, 1878-1882
Dress, baby's, white dotted swiss cotton, 1874
Dress, girl's, light peach wool, blue soutache trim, c. 1871
Dress, girl's, salmon wool, black satin trim, c. 1880
Sack, baby's, off-white wool, knit with separate sleeves, 1874
Dress, baby's, white cotton dimity, ruffles, ties, 1872
Pinafore, girl's, off-white cotton with ruffle trim, 1870-1899
Dress, girl's, off-white cotton print, pink, aqua, and brown polka dots, 1870-1875
Dress, baby's, off-white cotton calico, small brown half-drop diamond print, 1860-1880
Dress, baby's, off-white cotton, plain tent-style with drawstring neckline, c. 1870
Dress, girl's, 3-pc, red, white and black plaid wool, black velvet trim, c. 1872
Dress, baby's, white cotton, inset hourglass panel, eyelet and tucks, 1870
Dress, baby's, white cotton, pointed yoke, tucks and eyelet, 1875
Dress, girl's, off-white cotton, pintucks and inset lace, 1876-1878
Dress, baby's, white cotton, short, ruffled sleeves, 1875
Dress, girl's, peach wool, black silk embroidery, c. 1873
Dress, girl's, light yellow wool/silk, blue soutache trim, c. 1873
Cape, girl's, off-white birdseye pique, pointed collar, c. 1870
Dress, girl's, light brown cotton, pink cotton trim, 1870-1875
Cape, baby's, white cotton dimity, two layers, white embroidery, c. 1880
Pants, boy's, khaki brown wool, novelty twill weave, c. 1873
Suit, boy's, 3-pc, black and ivory finely striped wool, black twill trim, c. 1870
Apron, girl's, off-white cotton, tatted edging, 1865-1875
Apron, girl's, off-white cotton, folded twill tape edging, 1865-1875
Cape, girl's, off-white figured cotton, dark olive green soutache trim, 1870-1875
Dress, girl's, black and white checked silk blend, bright blue silk fringe, 1870-1875
Coat, boy's, off-white cotton waffle pique, double breasted, lace trim, 1875-1880
Dress, girl's, off-white silk taffeta, pink velvet and satin trim, 1870-1873
Dress, baby's, white cotton, inset hourglass panel, tucks & ruching, 1875
Dress, boy's, natural beige linen, double breasted with dark brown cotton trim, 1875-1879
Cape, girl's, red and off-white plaid wool, wool hood with silk lining, 1868-1870
Dress, girl's, light yellow wool, off-white embroidered vines, c. 1869
Dress, baby's, white cotton, plain inset hourglass panel, eyelet, ties, 1875-1876
Dress, boy's, bright blue wool twill, plaid wool challis bodice, 1877-1880
Dress, girl's, brown and white plaid cotton, purple and white striped trim, 1875-1878
Dress, girl's, melon wool, teal velvet ribbon trim, 1865-1870
Dress, baby's, light green calico, matching calico trim with apple print, 1870-1875
Dress, child's, off-white cotton pique, eyelet trim, 1875-1879
Nightgown, child's, off-white cotton, band collar with embroidery, 1865-1885
Dress, boy's, 2-pc, red and ecru wool plaid, matching self-fabric vest, 1872-1874
Coat, child's, off-white cotton waffle weave, embroidered off-white lace trim, 1875-1885
Dress, baby's, pale orange wool flannel, purple braid, 1869-1870
Dress, baby's, white cotton batiste, inset hourglass panel, embroidered trim, 1874
Dress, baby's, white cotton, inset hourglass panel, 1879
Dress, baby's, white cotton, inset hourglass panel with large scale eyelet trim, 1865-1870
Pinafore, girl's, orange and white cotton gingham, 1870-1899
Coat, girl's, off-white cotton pique, long cotton fringes, 1870-1875
Dress, baby's, white cotton, scalloped front closure, embroidered, 1875-1879
Dress, girl's, white cotton dimity, eyelet trim, 1865-1870
Dress, baby's, white cotton, inset hourglass panel, ruching, lace & eyelet, blue ribbon, 1877
Jacket, girl's, red wool flannel, white soutache trim, 1869-1871
Bathrobe, baby's, white cotton, ruffles, 1875
Dress, baby's, white cotton, pointed yoke, embroidery & tucks, 1870-1879
Dress, baby's, white cotton, inset hourglass panel, tucks & tatting, 1870-1875
Dress, boy's, red, white and black wool plaid, black braid trim, 1867-1870
Dress, boy's, red cotton, white lace and silver button trim, 1875-1885
Cape, girl's, red wool, white soutache trim, 1865-1875
Dress, boy's, Light blue cotton, white soutache trim in repeated knot pattern, 1865-1870
Dress, boy's, light brown cotton, white soutache trim in stylized organic pattern, 1865-1870
Dress, boy's, white cotton print, red swiss dot pattern, 1865-1870
Stole, girl's, ermine fur, 1870-1875
Dress, boy's, white cotton, eyelet skirt and eyelet bodice panel, 1865-1875
Dress, child's, lavender and gold iridescent silk/wool, brown pleated trim, 1877-1880
Dress, child's, dark pink and white cotton gingham, pleated trim, 1870-1879
Dress, child's, white and blue tattersall check cotton, off-white cotton trim, 1870-1879
Dress, baby's, pink and ecru pinstriped cotton, pink cotton chambray trim, 1870-1879
Dress, baby's, off-white and black cotton calico, appliqued floral bands, 1870-1879
Dress, boy's, blue and off-white printed plaid wool challis, black velvet trim, 1865-1875
Dress, child's, tan cotton, off-white soutache trim, 1870-1879
Dress, girl's, off-white and brown cotton pique, double radish print, 1870-1879
Coat, baby's, light brown wool/cotton flannel, embroidered cape, c. 1880
Dress, child's, off-white cotton, inset gathered panels, 1870-1879
Dress, child's, off-white cotton, princess line with pin-tucked panel, 1870-1879
Coat, girl's, brown beaver fur, yellow quilted silk lining, c. 1880
Dress, boy's, 2-pc, white cotton pique, small printed red dot pattern, 1870-1875
Dress, child's, white cotton pique, princess style, 1865-1875
Dress, girl's, pale yellow wool, black soutache trim, c. 1873
Dress, girl's, orange and white pinstriped cotton, white bias tape trim, c. 1873
Dress, baby's, white cotton lawn, pointed yoke with inset ruching, 1870-1879
Dress, girl's, 2-pc, blue silk, blue silk and clear glass beaded trim, 1876-1877
Nightgown, baby's, off-white cotton, lace trim, 1870-1910
Coat and cape, girl's, ecru wool/silk, 1874-1875
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