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Children's footwear of the 1850s (24 records)

Socks, baby's, yellowed knit, ribbed cuff, 1850-1900
Shoes, girl's, black leather, rounded square toe, 1850-1865
Shoes, child's, brown leather, brass toe protectors, 1858-1860
Shoes, child's, off-white kid leather, lace up fronts, 1845-1855
Shoes, baby's, brown leather, navy blue ribbon trim, 1850-1855
Shoes, baby's, black cotton, pink soutache trim, 1850-1855
Shoe, baby's, black leather, green eyes, 1856
Shoes, girl's, blue cotton sateen, side laces, 1858-1862
Shoes, child's, brown leather, brass eyelets, 1860-1863
Shoes, baby's, pink leather, pale pink ribbons, 1851
Shoes, girl's, brown leather, buckskin laces, 1845-1850
Shoes, baby's, blue leather, ankle straps with white buttons, 1850-1870
Shoes, baby's, black leather, ankle straps with black buttons, 1850-1870
Shoes, baby's, white kid leather, geometric cut-outs and blue ribbon bows, 1850-1870
Shoes, child's, dark brown leather, hand-sewn, 1820-1850
Shoes, girl's, black cotton sateen, elastic side panels, 1855-1865
Shoes, baby's, tan leather, high tops with pointed toes, 1845-1865
Shoes, baby's, red kid leather, matching red piping, 1840-1850
Shoes, child's, brown leather, elastic side panels, 1855-1865
Shoes, baby's, brown kid leather, zig-zag embroidery, 1850-1900
Shoes, boy's, black leather, brass toe protectors, 1862-1863
Stockings, child's, off-white knit cotton, shell pattern, 1850-1900
Stockings, child's, blue knit cotton, mixed blue with white thread, 1850-1900
Stockings, child's, off-white knit thick cotton, unfinished edges, 1850-1900
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