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Children's footwear of the 1870s (43 records)

Socks, baby's, yellowed knit, ribbed cuff, 1850-1900
Shoes, boy's, brown leather, brass toe protectors, 1869-1870
Shoes, child's, black rubber, Meyer Rubber Co., New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1885
Shoes, baby's, blue leather, high top with blue laces, 1869-1870
Shoes, girl's, brown leather, button up sides, 1876-1879
Overshoes, girl's, black wool cloth, black rubber soles, Goodyear Rubber Co., New York, New York, 1877-1879
Shoes, baby's, off-white kid leather, 1873-1875
Shoes, child's, brown leather, buckle and lace up closures, 1875-1880
Shoes, child's, brown leather, button-up side with scalloped flap, 1870-1879
Boot, girl's, black leather, brown laces and red leather lining, 1870-1879
Boots, boy's, black leather, gold embossed image on red leather of bicyclist, 1875-1885
Boot, boy's, brown leather, brass toe protector, 1865-1875
Boots, boy's, brown leather, square toe with brass protectors, 1877
Shoes, baby's, tan kid leather, silver buckle ornaments, 1874
Shoes, child's, brown leather, red leather lining, c. 1870
Shoes, baby's, red kid leather, black zig-zag machine embroidery, 1870-1899
Shoes, girl's, brown and black two-tone leather, button-up sides, 1870-1879
Shoes, baby's, blue leather, ankle straps with white buttons, 1850-1870
Shoes, baby's, black leather, ankle straps with black buttons, 1850-1870
Shoes, baby's, white kid leather, geometric cut-outs and blue ribbon bows, 1850-1870
Shoes, baby's, brown leather, slip-on, perforated decoration, 1870-1899
Shoes, girl's, pink leather, slip-on Albert style with toe buckles, Bullock Bros., Chicago, 1860-1880
Shoes, girl's, light pink kid leather, button-up sides with scallop edged flap, 1870-1879
Shoes, child's, off-white leather, button-down flap with mother-of-pearl buttons, 1870-1879
Shoes, baby's, brown kid leather, zig-zag embroidery, 1850-1900
Bootees, off-white/pale pink knit, fine wool, 1874-1876
Socks, baby's, faded blue wool, knitted, 1870
Sock, child's, off-white knit thick cotton, scalloped top, 1865-1875
Bootee, blue and white knit, thick wool, 1877
Bootee, mustard yellow, knitted, off-white crocheted trim, 1877
Bootee, magenta/plum color, knitted, thick wool, 1877
Socks, child's, off-white knit thick cotton, spiraled ribs, 1875-1880
Stockings, girl's, off-white knit cotton, pink cuff stripes, 1876-1878
Stockings, child's, off-white knit thick cotton, narrow cuff with wider ribs, 1870-1899
Shoes, child's, black patent leather, black velvet toe ribbons, c. 1870
Shoes baby's, brown leather, dark orange ribbon trim and laces, 1875-1900
Stockings, child's, off-white knit cotton, shell pattern, 1850-1900
Stockings, child's, blue knit cotton, mixed blue with white thread, 1850-1900
Stockings, child's, off-white knit thick cotton, narrow cuff with wider ribs, 1870-1899
Stockings, child's, off-white knit thick cotton, unfinished edges, 1850-1900
Shoes, baby's, white cotton diaper, 1872-1873
Shoes, baby's, black patent leather, 1872-1873
Shoes, girl's, tan leather, 1874-1875
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