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Children's footwear of the 1900s (61 records)

Socks, baby's, yellowed knit, ribbed cuff, 1850-1900
Bootees, off-white crocheted, tapered toes, 1900-1910
Shoes, girl's, ivory kid leather, three leather bows on vamp, 1895-1905
Shoes, boy's, red leather, ankle straps and red grosgrain ribbon bow, A. Muller, Berlin, Germany, 1907-1908
Shoes, boy's, light brown leather, copper-colored ribbon bows, 1907-1908
Stockings, child's, black knit cotton, cable stitch design, c. 1900
Shoes, girl's, black patent leather, single straps with metal buckles, 1900-1910
Shoes, girl's, ivory cotton canvas, high-top with black patent toe and fleur-de-lis applique, G.C.&T., c. 1914
Bootees, off-white, knitted, pearlized cotton embroidery, 1905-1915
Bootees, off-white, knitted, double ribbon feed at ankles, 1905-1915
Bootees, pink, knitted, drawstring ankle, 1905-1915
Shoes, child's, black leather high-top, unworn with original store strings, V. Schoenecker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, c. 1900
Shoes, child's, black patent leather, ankle straps and black ribbon rosettes, c. 1890
Shoes, child's, black leather, suede appliques with silver painted patterns, c. 1900
Shoes, child's, black patent leather, high tops with triple ankle straps, c. 1900
Slippers, boy's, blue and yellow wool knit, suede soles, c. 1910
Shoes, baby's, white leather, double straps, 1900-1910
Shoes, child's, black kid leather, reiforced toe cap and black leather soles, Robert, Johnson & Rand, 1900-1910
Shoes, girl's, rust colored suede, matching grosgrain ribbon on vamp, c. 1900
Slippers, child's, light yellow and blue knit, blue satin ribbon ties, 1895-1905
Shoes, child's, brown and off-white two-tone kid leather, brown satin ribbon trim, 1905
Shoes, child's, brown leather, scalloped opening and button-up flap, c. 1905
Shoes, child's, white kid leather, button-up flap with reverse scallop, glass buttons, c. 1905
Bootees, white linen, floral embroidery, 1880-1900
Shoes, baby's, brown kid leather, zig-zag embroidery, 1850-1900
Slippers, child's, bright pink wool knit, light pink satin ribbons, 1900-1915
Socks, boy's, off-white knit silk boy's socks, clocked, 1907-1909
Bootees, off-white mercerized cotton, knitted, 1900-1920
Stockings, child's, off-white knit silk, mismatched pair, 1900-1930
Bootees, off-white shiny mercerized cotton, knitted, 1900-1910
Socks, baby's, off-white knit, ankle length, 1900-1929
Stockings, baby's, off-white cotton, knitted, ribbed cuff, 1900-1920
Stockings, baby's, off-white cotton knit, 1900-1920
Stockings, child's, off-white knit cotton, cuffs with buttons, 1880-1910
Shoes baby's, brown leather, dark orange ribbon trim and laces, 1875-1900
Shoes, child's, black kid leather, high top, triangular toe cap, black satin bows, c. 1900
Overshoes, child's, black rubber, black-green knit cotton uppers, Old Colony Co., Boston, 1880-1900
Shoes, child's, black leather, low-quartered flats with thick cotton woven laces, 1900-1915
Stockings, child's, off-white knit cotton, shell pattern, 1850-1900
Stockings, child's, blue knit cotton, mixed blue with white thread, 1850-1900
Stockings, child's, off-white knit thick cotton, unfinished edges, 1850-1900
Stockings, baby's, blue, crocheted, c. 1910
Bootees, white and blue, knitted, grosgrain ribbon feed, 1895-1905
Ballet slippers, girl's, pink satin, I. Miller & Sons, 1900-1930
Stockings, girl's, white knit silk, reinforced toes and cuffs, c. 1900
Stockings, baby's, off-white wool, ribbed knit, 1895-1905
Shoes, girl's, ivory kid leather, decorative gilded shoe buckle with ivory ribbons, 1898-1899
Shoes, child's, off-white and black leather, white glass buttons with metal studs, c. 1900
Shoes, child's, black and off-white leather, white buttons with metal studs, c. 1900
Bootees, off-white flannel, high top with white shoe buttons, 1909
Stockings and socks, child's, off-white knit silk, ribbed cuffs, 1900-1929
Socks, child's, light yellow wool, ribbed knit, 1900-1910
Shoes, baby's, black velvet, black fur trim, 1905-1910
Overshoes, boy's, black rubber, black cotton knit vamp covering, Granite Rubber Co., 1905-1910
Shoes, baby's, white linen, embroidered, c. 1912
Sandal, girl's, brown leather, two buckled straps, 1902-1905
Bootees, yellow and pink, knitted, checked band at ankle, 1905-1907
Stockings, baby's, brown knit, pink toe and heel, 1905-1907
Stocking, child's, pink knit silk, ribbed cuff, 1900-1910
Bootees, knit white wool, 1903
Shoes, girl's, white canvas, c. 1910
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