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Children's headwear of the 1840s (28 records)

Bonnet, baby's, off-white cotton, rickrack inserts, 1845-1855
Sunbonnet, girl's, brown cotton, blue and orange stripes, 1848-1852
Bonnet, girl's, green and brown knitted and crocheted wool, off-white and black patterns, 1848-1852
Bonnet, baby's, off-white net, lace inserts, 1848-1849
Bonnet, baby's, off-white cotton, rows of inset lace, 1848-1849
Bonnet, baby girl's, off-white cotton, rows of inset lace and gathered cotton, 1848
Bonnet, baby's, off-white cotton, satin stitch embroidery, 1800-1849
Bonnet, baby's, off-white net, ruffled lace edging, 1800-1849
Bonnet, baby's, off-white Point d'Alencon lace, 1800-1849
Earmuffs, child's, off-white cotton, wire frame, c. 1850
Bonnet, baby's, off-white linen, narrow lace trim, 1845-1855
Bonnet, baby's, ecru net, large scale floral embroidery, 1835-1845
Bonnet, girl's, off-white knit net, lace trim, 1830-1850
Bonnet, girl's, light blue and off-white silk, quilted, c. 1840
Bonnet, baby's, off-white checked cotton dimity, 1847
Bonnet, baby's, white cotton, floral chain stitch embroidery, 1827-1842
Bonnet, baby's, sheer white linen, floral chain stitch embroidery, 1827-1842
Bonnet, baby's, ecru net, highly ruffled, inset lace, 1827-1842
Bonnet, baby's, white net, embroidered with rows of "X"'s and vines, 1827-1842
Bonnet, baby's, white cotton, chain-stitched hearts in diamond pattern, 1841-1842
Bonnet, baby's, off-white cotton, swiss-dot linen thread embroidery, 1841-1842
Bonnet, girl's, pink and white cotton gingham, self-fabric curtain, 1840-1849
Bonnet, girl's, brown silk, pleated crown, c. 1840
Sunbonnet, girl's, off-white silk, quilted, c. 1840
Bonnet, girl's, off-white cotton, long gathered self-fabric curtain, c. 1840
Bonnet, girl's, black silk faille, quilted, blue cotton padded edging, c. 1840
Bonnet, baby's, white linen, wide ties, 1840-1855
Bonnet, baby's, ecru cotton crochet, cream satin ribbon bows, 1835-1845
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