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Children's headwear of the 1890s (48 records)

Bonnet, baby's, off-white sheer cotton, ruffled tulle brim, 1895-1896
Bonnet, baby's, ivory silk, cotton bonnet attached inside, 1895-1896
Bonnet, baby's, white cotton, inset lace and embroidery, 1890-1899
Bonnet, girl's, white cotton batiste, ecru lace, cream silk ribbon, 1890
Bonnet, girl's, ecru wool with off-white lace, 1890
Bonnet, child's, black cotton gauze, black silk rosette on top of head, 1887-1897
Scarf ("fascinator"), baby's, off-white wool, lacy knit, 1889-1891
Bonnet, girl's, light yellow wool boucle, 1899
Bonnet, girl's, off-white cotton lawn, looped pink ribbon trim, 1897-1899
Bonnet, girl's, off-white silk girl's bonnet, shirred, fluted and pleated silk decorations, 1897-1899
Veil, baby's, yellow fine wool knit, 1896
Veil, baby's, yellow fine wool knit, 1896
Sunbonnet, girl's, pink coarse cotton, vertical shirring on brim, 1897-1899
Hat, girl's, pink linen, wide flat brim with shallow crown that buttons to brim, 1898-1899
Hat, girl's, blue cotton, flat corded brim with poufy button-down crown, 1898-1899
Bonnet, child's, off-white lace and silk, quilted silk lining, 1870-1899
Bonnet, baby's, ecru cotton, shell crochet with flannel lining, 1890-1891
Bonnet, baby's, light yellow wool knit, grosgrain ribbon trim, 1890-1891
Veil, baby's, off-white crocheted cotton thread, 1898
Bonnet, girl's, greenish-black crocheted wool, black yarn pompoms, c. 1900
Bonnet, baby's, ivory silk, large rosettes made of lace and ribbon, 1890-1899
Bonnet, baby's, white cotton, long ruffled curtain, 1890-1899
Bonnet, baby's, off-white coarse cotton pique, 1890-1899
Hat, girl's, pink cotton, pleated white eyelet pouffed crown, 1895-1905
Bonnet, child's, off-white silk faille, two faux mink faces made with real fur, 1890-1899
Hat, boy's, natural straw, ruched ivory ribbon and feather trim, 1897-1900
Hat, boy's, tam o'shantar, black silk, self-fabric rosette and ties, 1890-1895
Bonnet, child's, rich royal blue velvet, white lawn ties with embroidered ends, c. 1900
Bonnet, child's, off-white silk faille, face trimmed in off-white down feathers, c. 1900
Bonnet, baby's, light blue crocheted mercerized cotton, ribbon ties, 1885-1895
Bonnet, baby's, off-white cotton, sunbonnet style with pink lining, 1870-1899
Bonnet, child's, off-white cotton, bias tape ties, 1870-1899
Bonnet, baby's, off-white cotton, tatted edging, 1870-1899
Bonnet, child's, off-white crocheted angora, ivory satin ribbon trim, c. 1900
Bonnet, baby's, ecru lace and net, looped grosgrain ribbon trim, 1893
Veil, baby's, ecru silk net, daisy-patterned off-white lace trim, 1893
Hatband, boy's, black silk grosgrain ribbon, "U.S.S. MINNESOTA," c. 1900
Bonnet, baby's, beige Battenberg lace, 1895-1915
Veil, baby's, off-white silk knit, 1894
Bonnet, baby's, ecru cotton sateen, embroidered diamonds, c. 1900
Bonnet, child's, gold cotton and silk cord, pale silk lining, 1885-1895
Bonnet, baby's, off-white cotton, eyelet and daisy trim, c. 1900
Bonnet, baby's, ecru crocheted, mercerized cotton, c. 1900
Bonnet, girl's, off-white cotton, crocheted, small checkered pattern, 1899-1902
Bonnet, child's, white cotton pique, two-piece with button on crown and curtain, c. 1900
Bonnet, baby's, ecru crocheted cotton, shellstitch bands, 1898
Cap, boy's, black and off-white checked wool, silk braided trim, Sehlesinger & Mayer, Chicago, 1890-1894
Bonnet, girl's, dark blue wool, blue & red ribbon trim, 1890
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