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Children's outerwear of the 1920s (175 records)

Dress, girl's, off-white cotton lawn, embroidered, "V" shaped over vest, c. 1915
Coat, boy's, red wool, double-breasted, black buttons and lining, 1915-1916
Suit, boy's, 2-pc, brown linen, long jacket and trousers, 1922-1923
Suit, boy's, 2-pc, light brown linen, 1920-1923
Suit, boy's, 2-pc, olive velveteen shorts, off-white linen shirt, 1920-1921
Shorts, boy's, blue felt, matching belt with metal buckle, c. 1927
Suit, boy's, white lightweight cotton, blue cotton pants, collar and cuffs, c. 1919
Suit, boy's, 3-pc, dark blue wool, knicker-style pants, 1929-1930
Overalls, child's, blue denim, button-up fly and front patch pocket, c. 1925
Dress, girl's, off-white linen, blue cotton trimmed hem and cuffs, 1924-1925
Dress, girl's, off-white cotton, elaborate filet-style grided lace and drawn thread work, 1920-1929
Dress, child's, off-white cotton seersucker, small floral print, 1910-1920
Dress, child's, white cotton lace and eyelet, drop waist, 1910-1920
Nightgown, girl's, off-white cotton, floral embroidered, 1915-1920
Dress, girl's, blue and white striped cotton chambray, off-white lawn blouse, 1915-1920
Coat, baby's, off-white silk, cape collar, lace, 1921
Dress, girl's, off-white eyelet embroidered lawn, lace inserts, c. 1920
Dress, girl's, white embroidered lawn, blue satin waist sash with separate bow, c. 1920
Riding breeches, boy's, olive-green cotton twill, c. 1917
Coat, boy's, off-white slub-woven wool, blue crocheted buttons, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, white point d'esprit lace, yellow silk taffeta underdress, c. 1920
Duster, boy's, natural tan linen, 1917-1920
Dress, girl's, white organdy, front and back aprons trimmed in lace, c. 1923
Suit, boy's, pink wide-wale corduroy, white cotton lawn shirt, c. 1915
Shawl, baby's, yellow and blue wool, lacy knitted pattern, 1900-1920
Shawl, baby's, pale green and off-white wool, hand-woven, 1900-1929
Belt, khaki cotton webbing, Boy Scouts, Sigmund Eisner Co., 1920-1940
Dress, child's, off-white cotton, square yoke with lace insets, c. 1916
Dress, child's, white cotton lawn, white embroidery on hem, sleeves, and collar, c. 1916
Dress, child's, off-white cotton, high square yoke decorated with pintucks, c. 1916
Dress, child's, off-white cotton, square yoke with lace insets, c. 1916
Dress, child's, off-white cotton, square yoke made of eyelet panel, c. 1916
Dress, child's, off-white cotton, square yoke made of eyelet panel, c. 1916
Dress, child's, white sheer cotton, puffed gathers on skirt, 1916-1920
Sack, baby's, off-white wool knit, pink ribbon at neckline, c. 1920
Suit, boy's, off-white corded cotton, two pieces with plain off-white muslin collar, c. 1915
Dress, girl's, white cotton lawn, pink smocking and pink tatted trim, 1920-1929
Romper, child's, off-white heavy cotton, honeycomb-stitch smocking, 1910-1920
Uniform dress, khaki cotton twill, belt, blue scarf, Girl Scouts, 1925-1928
Dress, girl's, off-white embroidered cotton voile, tatted lace collar, 1925-1929
Uniform dress, green cotton heather, belt, dickey, Girl Scouts, 1929
Dress, child's, light yellow muslin, pink and blue embroidery, c. 1920
Uniform dress, green cotton heather, patches, 3 pins, belt, dickey, Girl Scouts, 1928-1935
Suit, boy's, natural brown linen canvas, Norfolk-style jacket with short pants, c. 1915
Suit, boy's, natural linen, Russian-style with Cossack collar and red and white embroidery, c. 1915
Suit, boy's, blue linen canvas, Norfolk-style jacket with short pants, c. 1915
Shirt, boy's, light peach cotton, drawstring waistline, c. 1915
Suit, boy's, white cotton, two pieces with smocked jacket, c. 1915
Romper, child's, beige wool, red and blue stripes, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, 2-piece, blue organdy, pink satin ribbon trim, 1920-1925
Pinafore, child's, off-white cotton, children and rabbit print, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, pale purple linen, white linen collar with dark purple blanket stitching, c. 1925
Suit, boy's, pink and white striped cotton, pale blue embroidery, 1924-1926
Nightgown, girl's, light purple cotton, dotted swiss material, 1920-1925
Dress and shorts, girl's, off-white cotton, yellow duck appliques,1920-1929
Coat, girl's, white cotton pique, double collar with blue and white floral embroidery, 1920-1922
Dress, girl's, white ruffled cotton lawn, embroidered blue wreaths, 1922-1924
Overalls, boy's, blue-gray cotton, embroidered dog on pocket, 1923-1925
Suit, boy's, light blue cotton chambray, one piece with white striped trim, 1920-1922
Suit, boy's, off-white rayon, two piece button together with self ruffled trim, 1922-1924
Romper, boy's, off-white cotton, white embroidered hens, 1921-1925
Dress, girl's, pale pink silk crepe, pink feather stitching, c. 1920
Pinafore, girl's, off-white cotton, bunny appliques, 1921-1922
Suit, boy's, off-white corduroy, three-piece with double-breasted shirt, 1920-1929
Suit, boy's, off-white corduroy, two piece, rayon shirt, 1920-1929
Blouse, adolescent girl's, fine white cotton with lace trim, c. 1918
Blouse, girl's, white cotton lawn, white machine lace, c. 1918
Blouse, girl's, white cotton batiste, drawn thread work, c. 1915
Romper, child's, peach cotton, white cotton trim, 1925-1929
Romper, child's, bright blue cotton, white and blue embroidery, 1925-1929
Romper, child's, white cotton, blue cotton trim, 1925-1929
Romper, child's, off-white cotton, blue embroidery, 1925-1929
Romper, childs, bright blue cotton, white floral embroidery, 1925-1929
Dress, girl's, white cotton, embroidered neckline, c. 1925-1929
Pinafore, girl's, white cotton, pink daisy and stripe print, 1900-1920
Uniform dress, 2-piece, khaki cotton twill, attached belt, patches, pins, Girl Scouts, 1914-1920
Suit, boy's, white printed cotton, plain white cotton pants with blue embroidery, 1919-1920
Suit, boy's, white and blue linen, two pieces, ruffled white cotton trim, 1919-1920
Suit, boy's, off-white linen, half-moon slash pockets with pale pink stitching, 1919-1920
Knickers, girl's, olive green cotton, baggy legs with wide buttoned cuffs, c. 1920
Coat, girl's, off-white ribbed cotton, eyelet embroidery, 1910-1920
Dress, girl's, heavy off-white ribbed cotton, black and white stem stitched trim, 1920-1925
Dress, baby's, white cotton, c. 1919
Sack, baby's, blue silk, kimono style with drawstring cuffs, 1910-1920
Dress, girl's, sheer off-white china silk, blue polka dot print, c. 1920
Shirt, boy's, gray wool, sailor-style with white striped trim and beige neck tie, 1915-1922
Knickers, boy's, off-white cotton, striped pique, c. 1920
Vest, boy's, natural yellow chamois, red felted wool lining, 1920-1929
Knickers, boy's, gray wool, elasticized cuffs, 1915-1922
Dress, girl's, black silk panne velvet, self-fabric belt with bow, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, white dotted swiss cotton, pink embroidered collar, c. 1930
Suit, boy's, pink linen, two piece, c. 1930
Dress, girl's, off-white cotton voile, blue and white embroidered circle trim, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, white linen, blue linen piped trim, c. 1925
Shirt, boy's, white cotton dimity, short sleeves, tape lace trimmed collar, c. 1920
Dress, child's, white cotton batiste, pink embroidered smocking, 1920-1929
Suit, boy's, navy blue gabardine, three-piece with jacket, pants, and belt, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, off-white dotted Swiss cotton, blue and white stitched smocking, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, pink and beige silk, pink, beige and brown striped print crepe skirt, c. 1930
Dress, girl's, dark blue silk taffeta, pink yarn embroidery, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, black silk taffeta, gold colored embroidery, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, light red silk chambray, sailor style with off-white trim, c. 1920
Knickers, girl's, natural linen, coarse weave with matching belt, Bear Brand Outing Togs, c. 1920
Dress, girl's, off-white silk, woven with pink and blue stripes, c. 1923
Uniform jacket, dark khaki cotton twill, Boy Scouts, c. 1915
Coat, boy's, blue cotton, "Buster Brown" style, white embroidery, c. 1915
Coat, boy's, blue cotton, white shawl-style collar with embroidery, c. 1915
Suit, boy's, off-white linen, three pieces with off-white embroidered lace trim on collar, c. 1916
Suit, boy's, blue cotton chambray, white sailor-style striped details, c. 1915
Suit, boy's, gray mottled stripe cotton, off-white cotton trim, c. 1916
Coat, boy's, light blue cotton, sailor-style, deep "V" neckline, c. 1915
Suit, boy's, off-white coarse cotton, blue sailor collar and belt with white braid trim, c. 1917
Suit, boy's, blue cotton chambray, off-white pique sailor collar, c. 1916
Shorts, boy's, off-white linen, red and white striped ribbon trim, c. 1916
Suit, boys', pale yellow coarse-woven cotton, floral warp-printed cotton trim, c. 1917
Coat, boy's, light brown cotton, faux ecru shirt front with Peter Pan style collar, c. 1915
Dress, girl's, peach silk crepe, colorful wool yarn ovals on hem, c. 1925
Dress, child's, 2-pc, blue and white printed cotton, 1920-1929
Dress, child's, 2-piece, off-white and red printed calico, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, white cotton dimity, pink and orange tulip print, 1925-1929
Dress and slip, girl's, pale peach rayon, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, light peach rayon, ivory rayon collar with pink embroidery, 1920-1929
Dress and shorts, girl's, red print girl's, blue stitched smocking, 1920-1929
Uniform, dark khaki shirt and pants, Boy Scouts, 1920-1929
Suit, boy's, blue and white striped cotton, 4-piece: pants, shirt, dickey, and belt, 1920-1929
Uniform dress, green cotton heather, patches, Girl Scouts, 1928-1935
Overalls, child's, white and blue cotton print, flared pants, c. 1930
Overalls, child's, white, green, and orange cotton print, flared pants, c. 1930
Shirt, boy's, off-white printed cotton, short sleeves, blue and tan plaid, 1920-1925
Nightgown, baby's, off-white knit, drawstring hem, 1900-1920
Dress, girl's, pink and white striped batiste, red and white smocking, c. 1930
Dress, girl's, pink and white calico, pink-on-white embroidered collar, c. 1930
Uniform dress, green cotton heather, Girl Scouts, 1928-1935
Uniform dress, khaki cotton twill, Girl Scouts, 1920-1928
Dress, girl's, peach cotton voile, white embroidery, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, red and white cotton gingham, red and white stitched smocking, 1920-1929
Playsuit, child's, yellow cotton, red bias tape trim, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, dark green wool crepe, bright red buttons and ribbon trim, 1928-1932
Dress, girl's, black cotton velveteen, yellow embroidered flower motif, 1917-1920
Coveralls, child's, dark blue denim, 1925-1940
Suit, boy's, olive green cotton, two piece, c. 1930
Pajamas, child's, off-white cotton flannel, ruffled cuffs, 1920-1929
Overalls, girl's, brown cotton twill, orange and gold stripes on bib and sideseams, c. 1930
Dress, girl's, off-white cotton, printed in bright orange, yellow and dark blue stylized florals, c. 1930
Bathing suit, girl's, blue wool knit, red stripes, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, sheer ivory mouselline de soie, matching waist sash, 1915-1920
Creeper, baby boy's, blue and off-white calico, off-white Bermuda-style collar, 1922-1923
Overalls, boy's, light blue cotton, snap up sides, 1923-1925
Romper, child's, blue denim, red cotton trim, 1920-1929
Uniform, girl's, unbleached muslin middy blouse, "MW," brown twill collar and knickers, Camp Minnewawa, 1918-1925
Dress, girl's, pale blue cotton gauze, white embroidery and drawn thread work, c. 1925
Dress, child's, off-white cotton lawn, pale pink cotton petticoat, 1915-1920
Pants, boy's, off-white cotton, buttoned fly, Garment Corp. of America, Chicago, c. 1920
Sack, baby's, white cotton, embroidered soldiers and cannons, c. 1920
Apron, girl's, off-white cotton, pink flower appliques, 1920-1929
Dress, girl's, bright yellow organdy, ruffled bloomers, 1920-1921
Pants, boy's, gray wool tweed, knee-length, in box, Marx & Haas Clothing Co., St. Louis, MO, c. 1915
Uniform dress, khaki cotton twill, brown suede fringe, Camp Fire Girls, 1910-1915
Shirt, boy's, off-white cotton, long sleeves, sailor style with blue striped trim, 1926-1930
Girdle, pink sateen, embroidery, sequins, fringe, from Arabian slave girl dance costume, c. 1922
Coat, boy's, dark brown velvet, fake dark blonde fur trim, 1929-1930
Dress, girl's, tan rayon, white glass buttons with painted flowers, 1926-1928
Bunting, baby's, white flannel, pink ribbon trim, 1900-1940
Sack, baby's, off-white cotton, blue stripes, pink satin trim, 1900-1925
Halloween costume, adolescent girl's, Spanish lady, printed tan silk dress, black lace, 1922
Shirt, boy's, white cotton from St. Joseph Orphanage, Milwaukee, c. 1920
Dance costume, Arabian slave girl, 3-piece, 1922
Apron, girl's, white cotton, embroidered with 4-H clover, 1928
Dress, girl's, white cotton, 1924
Graduation dress, off-white cotton, middy style, 1920
Baptismal dress, white cotton, 1923
Costume, girl's, drill team, yellow cotton, "The Sun," c. 1925
Costume, girl's, drill team, red cheesecloth, c. 1925
Costume, girl's, drill team, blue crepe paper with pink flowers, c. 1925
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