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Embroidered quilts (not crazy quilts) (23 records)

Quilt, embroidered, white cotton, red motifs, 1896
Quilt top, embroidered, white cotton, red motifs, 1891
Quilt, pieced, signature, red and white cotton, 1891
Quilt, pieced, silk, black, red, white, brown, blue and purple strips, "Modern Blocks," 1875-1900
Quilt, embroidered, white cotton, state flowers, 1920-1940
Quilt, pieced, signature, white, pink, blue, & green cotton "Courthouse Square," c. 1930
Quilt top, embroidered, orange and white cotton, nursery rhymes titles and scenes, 1929-1931
Quilt, pieced, signature, orange & white cotton, fan design, 1929-1930
Quilt, pieced, signature, red, brown and orange velveteen, embroidered tree design, 1977
Quilt, appliquéd, white, green, red, and yellow cotton, bird, cherry tree and floral motifs, c. 1922
Quilt top, pieced, red & blue silk fair ribbons, c. 1912
Quilt top, embroidered, fundraising, white cotton, red embroidery, 1897
Quilt, appliquéd & embroidered, white cotton/polyester, Square Dance Association of Wisconsin, 1998
Quilt, Bicentennial, embroidered & appliqued, yellow & blue, polyester & cotton, 1976-1979
Quilt, pieced, appliquéd, signature, white, red, blue, green cotton, "Courthouse Square," 1854
Quilt, embroidered, pieced, white and turquoise cotton, snowflake design, 1969
Crib quilt, pieced, embroidered, blue and white cotton, blue animals, "Necktie," 1931
Quilt, Wisconsin Sesquicentennial, pieced, appliqued, embroidered, "Wisconsin Star," 1997-1998
Quilt, pieced, embroidered, signature, white cotton, flower basket design, Ladies Aid Society, 1938-1940
Quilt, pieced, embroidered, yellow and blue cotton, "Four Patch," 1932
Quilt, pieced, embroidered, tied, Veterans Quilt Project, one-patch, made by students at DeLong Middle School, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 1999-2000
Quilt, embroidered, fundraising, white cotton, red embroidery, ladies of the Baptist Church, Portage, Wisconsin, 1900
Quilt, pieced, signature, red and white cotton, "Courthouse Square," 1884
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