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Quilts from 1976-Present (24 records)

Quilt, Bicentennial, appliquéd & embroidered, historical scenes from Wisconsin history, 1976
Quilt, Bicentennial, pieced, red, white, and blue, "Bennington Flag," 1976
Quilt, sampler, pieced, various patterns in green, red, blue, brown and white cotton, 1978-1979
Quilt, pieced & appliquéd, pink, red and purple polyester, "One Patch" with Marching Band design, 1983
Quilt, pieced, signature, red, brown and orange velveteen, embroidered tree design, 1977
Quilt, Hmong, pieced, black, red & white cotton, reverse appliqué, 1988-1989
Crib quilt, pieced, printed and solid cotton and polyester fabrics, 8-point star, c. 1985
Quilt, whole-cloth, pink and blue cotton/polyester, 1990
Quilt, pieced, red, brown, green, & blue double-knit polyester, tied, c. 1986
Quilt, pieced, polyester, "Broken Dishes," 1981
Quilt, pieced, red, green, blue, and white, cotton/polyester & double-knit polyester, "Nine Patch," c. 1980
Quilt, pieced, printed & solid cotton/polyester, "String Quilt" variation, 1986-1987
Quilt, pieced & appliquéd, signature, light blue polyester, various neckties, "Necktie Quilt," 1982
Crib quilt, pieced, solid and printed wool squares, "One Patch," 1990
Quilt, appliquéd & embroidered, white cotton/polyester, Square Dance Association of Wisconsin, 1998
Quilt, pieced, green & white cotton, "Nine Patch," "Wisconsin's Megabucks," 1988
Quilt, Bicentennial, embroidered & appliqued, yellow & blue, polyester & cotton, 1976-1979
Quilt, pieced, blue and printed cotton, "Trip Around the World" variation, 1970-1979
Quilt, pieced, primarily red, yellow, blue, and green, "One Patch," 1976
Quilt, Wisconsin Sesquicentennial, pieced, appliqued, embroidered, "Wisconsin Star," 1997-1998
Quilt, pieced, embroidered, tied, Veterans Quilt Project, one-patch, made by students at DeLong Middle School, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 1999-2000
Quilt, wall hanging, pieced, black & white cotton/polyester, log cabin, "Black Tie," 2001
Quilt, pieced, 36 Wisconsin counties, made by Wisconsin School children for Senator Russ Feingold, 1998
Quilt, pieced, 36 Wisconsin counties, made by Wisconsin School children for Senator Russ Reingold, 1998
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