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Quilts from 1840-1869 (31 records)

Quilt, appliquéd, white cotton with green & red rose design, 1858
Doll quilt, appliquéd, dove and wreath pattern, c. 1860
Doll quilt, pieced, white and yellow cotton triangles and strips, "Wild Geese Flying," 1855-1870
Quilt, pieced, signature, red, green, white, and brown cotton, "Courthouse Square," 1849
Quilt, appliquéd, signature, white, red, green & pink cotton prints, oak leaf design, 1846
Quilt, pieced, appliquéd, green and white cotton, "Iowa Star," 1865-1870
Quilt top, pieced, white, brown, blue, and orange cotton, "Snowflake" variation, c. 1856
Crib quilt top, pieced, printed cottons, "Lone Star," 1850
Quilt, pieced & appliquéd, 12 orange 12-pointed stars, "Album Quilt" variation, c. 1853
Quilt, whole-cloth, white cotton, trapunto, floral and feather designs, white fringe, c. 1842
Quilt, whole-cloth, white cotton, quilted floral & feather designs, 1840-1865
Quilt, whole-cloth, white cotton, 1840-1855
Doll quilt, pieced, printed cottons, "Nine Patch," 1830-1860
Quilt, appliquéd, white, red, pink, and green cotton, rose and rosebud design, 1861-1865
Quilt, pieced, white cotton with large multi-colored 8-point star, "Star of Bethlehem," 1860-1880
Quilt, appliquéd, white cotton with 9 green floral squares, 1860-1880
Crib quilt, pieced, printed cotton squares and triangles, "Double X," 1850
Quilt, pieced and appliquéd, white, pink, blue and brown, "Star of Bethlehem," 1850-1855
Quilt, whole-cloth, red floral cotton print, c. 1860
Quilt, whole-cloth, white cotton, 1853
Quilt, pieced, silk, "Star of the East" variation, 1840-1853
Quilt, pieced, off-white, blue and red wool prints, "Log Cabin," c. 1865
Quilt, appliquéd, white, repeated green oak leaf pattern with red abstract squares, 1840-1850
Quilt, pieced, brown, tan and red cotton and wool, "Log Cabin," 1860-1865
Quilt, pieced, pink and white cotton, "Stars and Cubes," 1848 & c. 1925
Quilt, appliquéd, cotton, vase with flowers, floral border, c. 1840
Quilt top, pieced, cotton, "Four Patch," c. 1860
Crib quilt top, appliquéd, white, green and pink cotton, "Pineapple," 1840-1870
Quilt, pieced, appliquéd, signature, white, red, blue, green cotton, "Courthouse Square," 1854
Quilt top, pieced, printed cottons, "Lone Star," 1863
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