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Quilts from 1900-1919 (32 records)

Doll quilt, pieced, yellow, green, brown and white cotton, "Double Cross," c. 1900
Quilt, pieced, silk, "Log Cabin," wide pink border , 1909
Quilt, whole-cloth, white floral cotton print, small white and red checkered borders, 1890-1910
Quilt, whole-cloth, white cotton, circular, feather quilting, c. 1910
Doll quilt, pieced, red and white cotton squares, "Triple Irish Chain," 1900-1925
Quilt, pieced, pink, red, blue and gray cotton prints, "Double T," c. 1900
Doll comforter, red cotton, tied with blue wool yarn, 1900
Doll quilt, pieced, printed silk and cotton triangles, 1900
Quilt, pieced, varying shapes of blue, brown, orange and gray cotton prints, 1890-1910
Quilt, pieced, blue and white cotton, "Basket of Flowers," 1890-1910
Quilt top, pieced, cotton, "Old Maid's Ramble," 1890-1910
Quilt, pieced, white, blue and red cotton, "Trip Around the World," c. 1910
Quilt, whole-cloth, white cotton with red polka dots, 1890-1910
Doll quilt, pieced triangles, rectangles and squares, printed and solid cottons, 1910
Quilt, pieced, white, green, pink, purple and orange cotton hexagons, "Grandmother's Flower Garden," c. 1915
Quilt, pieced, green and white cotton, "Goose in the Pond," 1900-1920
Doll quilt, pieced, printed and woven cottons in "Hit or Miss" pattern, 1900-1925
Quilt, pieced, signature, white and blue cotton rectangles, "Hairpin Catcher," 1917
Quilt, pieced, pink and white cotton, "Basket Design," c. 1920
Quilt, pieced, pink and white cotton, "Basket Design," c. 1920
Quilt, appliquéd, white, green, red, and yellow cotton, bird, cherry tree and floral motifs, c. 1922
Quilt top, crazy, wool, 1918
Quilt, crazy, silk, 1907-1908
Quilt, pieced, pink, blue, black, & brown, "Broken Dishes," 1900-1920
Quilt, pieced, silk hexagons, 1915
Crib quilt, pieced, wool rectangles embroidered with a flower, 1900-1940
Quilt top, pieced, red & blue silk fair ribbons, c. 1912
Quilt, pieced, signature, red, white & blue cotton, 1902
Quilt, appliquéd, red and green on white cotton, "President's Wreath," 1912-1914
Quilt top, crazy, silk, made in Morris, Wisconsin, 1910
Quilt, embroidered, fundraising, white cotton, red embroidery, ladies of the Baptist Church, Portage, Wisconsin, 1900
Quilt, pieced, white and printed cotton, "Center Diamond" with pieced border, 1900-1915
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