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Quilts from 1870-1899 (72 records)

Quilt, pieced, cotton, alternating white diamonds and crosses, "Snowflake," 1878
Doll quilt, pieced, yellow, green, brown and white cotton, "Double Cross," c. 1900
Doll quilt, pieced, white and yellow cotton triangles and strips, "Wild Geese Flying," 1855-1870
Doll quilt, pieced, printed cottons, "Four Patch," 1875-1880
Doll quilt, pieced, solid and printed cottons, "Courthouse Square," 1875-1900
Quilt top, appliquéd, roses with central floral basket, 1872
Quilt, pieced, printed and solid silk diamonds, "Hexagonal Star" variation, 1875
Quilt, crazy, wool, multi-colored, 1891
Quilt, pieced, appliquéd, green and white cotton, "Iowa Star," 1865-1870
Quilt, pieced, gray, white, orange, and brown, "Jacks on Six," c. 1880
Doll quilt, pieced, printed cotton, "Nine Patch" with sashing, 1877
Quilt, pieced, wool and cotton, "Log Cabin," c. 1886
Doll quilt, pieced, printed cottons, "Four Patch" with sashing, 1870
Doll quilt, pieced, printed cottons, "One Patch," 1870
Quilt, whole-cloth, cotton brown and white striped print, 1870-1890
Quilt, whole-cloth, white floral cotton print, small white and red checkered borders, 1890-1910
Doll quilt, pieced, cotton prints and woven plaids, "One Patch," 1875-1900
Crib quilt, pieced, printed cottons, "Sunburst," 1899
Doll quilt, pieced, cotton prints, "Diamond in the Square," 1880
Quilt, pieced & appliquéd, white & red, cotton and wool, 8-point star , 1880-1899
Quilt, contained crazy, silk, slanted diamonds in columns, 1875-1880
Quilt, pieced, white cotton with large multi-colored 8-point star, "Star of Bethlehem," 1860-1880
Quilt, appliquéd, white cotton with 9 green floral squares, 1860-1880
Doll quilt, pieced, printed cotton rectangles, "Brick Wall," 1870-1880
Quilt, pieced, silk, predominately black, "Yo Yo," 1875-1899
Quilt, appliquéd, white ground, red tulips, 1880-1900.
Quilt, crazy, silk, dark purple border, blue & cream tassel shapes in corners, 1880-1890
Quilt, pieced, cotton, "Irish Chain," 1880-1899
Quilt, pieced, appliquéd, yellow suns in blue squares, brown sashing, c. 1880
Quilt, whole-cloth, red floral cotton print, c. 1860
Doll quilt, pieced, printed and woven cottons, "Kite's Tail," 1875-1899
Quilt, embroidered, white cotton, red motifs, 1896
Quilt, pieced, white, pink, red, brown, green, and black cotton strips, "Log Cabin," c. 1890
Quilt, pieced, white and red cotton, "Goose Tracks," c. 1890
Quilt, pieced, pink, red, blue and gray cotton prints, "Double T," c. 1900
Crib quilt, pieced, pink and white cotton, "Turkey Track," 1897
Quilt, pieced, signature, white and blue cotton, "Four Patch," 1892-1898
Doll quilt, pieced, printed cotton hexagons, "Mosaic," 1875-1899
Quilt, pieced, red, white & blue cotton, "Double Irish Chain," 1870-1890
Quilt top, embroidered, white cotton, red motifs, 1891
Quilt top, pieced, signature, white, red, green and brown cotton prints, "Courthouse Square," 1874
Doll quilt, pieced, printed cotton, "Four Patch," 1880
Quilt, pieced, white, red, pink, brown, green and blue cotton prints, "Honeycomb," 1880-1900
Quilt, pieced, varying shapes of blue, brown, orange and gray cotton prints, 1890-1910
Quilt, pieced, blue and white cotton, "Basket of Flowers," 1890-1910
Quilt top, pieced, cotton, "Old Maid's Ramble," 1890-1910
Quilt, pieced, white, brown, pink, green and blue cotton, "Octagon," 1870-1890
Quilt top, pieced, white and pink cotton print, "California Rose," 1875-1900
Quilt, pieced, white, blue, brown, and pink cotton prints, "A Plain Block," 1890-1899
Quilt, pieced, silk, velvet prints in blue, white, red, purple and brown, "Roman Stripe," 1875-1900
Quilt, pieced, signature, red and white cotton, 1891
Quilt, pieced, brown, purple, pink and white cotton prints, "Odd Fellows," 1875-1900.
Quilt, whole-cloth, white cotton with red polka dots, 1890-1910
Quilt, pieced, green, white, and red cotton, "Twenty-five Patch," red border, 1885
Quilt, pieced, silk, red, black, brown, pink, blue and green strips, "Modern Blocks," 1875-1900
Quilt, pieced, silk, black, red, white, brown, blue and purple strips, "Modern Blocks," 1875-1900
Crib quilt, pieced, printed and solid cottons, "Wild Geese Flying," 1880-1890
Quilt top, pieced, signature, red & white cotton, "Courthouse Square," 1887-1891
Quilt, crazy, silk velvet, satin and taffeta, embroidered, 1880
Quilt, pieced, pink, brown, white and blue cotton prints, "Nine Patch" and others, 1875-1900
Quilt, pieced, white and blue cotton, "Swallows in the Window," wide quilted borders, c. 1880
Quilt, pieced, brown, white, red, and pink cotton prints, "Fruit Basket," c. 1880
Crib quilt top, appliquéd, white, green and pink cotton, "Pineapple," 1840-1870
Quilt top, embroidered, fundraising, white cotton, red embroidery, 1897
Quilt, crazy, silk, 1884
Quilt, pieced, pink, white, brown and red cotton, "Hands All Round," 1872
Quilt, pieced, red & yellow on white cotton, flower baskets, 1880-1899
Quilt, crazy, silk, 1884-1886
Quilt, pieced, red and white cotton, Drunkard's Path, 1880-1899
Quilt, pieced, signature, red and white cotton, "Courthouse Square," 1884
Quilt top, pieced, signature, brown, white, and red cottons, variation of "Friendship Quilt," c. 1880
Quilt, crazy, silk & cotton, 1880-1889
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