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1980-1989 (21 records)

Cloth doll, girl, Girl Scout, USA, 1980-1982
Cloth doll, girl, Brownie Scout, USA, 1980-1982
Cloth doll, girl, Girl Scout uniform, USA, 1980-1982
Bisque artist's doll, boy, gold shirt, gray vest, plaid knickers, Julie Good-Krueger, USA, 1981
Plastic doll, woman, Quaker style costume, peach taffeta gown and bonnet, USA, 1978-1980
Plastic doll, boy, Sasha doll, "Gregor," red hair, turquoise blue corduroy outfit, England, 1980
Plastic doll in basket, baby girl, pink and white garments, "Lisa Baby," USA, Effanbee, 1980
Plastic doll, girl, white knit garments, "Lisa Grows Up," with trunk, USA, Effanbee, 1983-1984
Plastic doll, girl, "Kimberly," in original box, blonde hair, white blouse and plaid skirt, USA, Tomy Corp., 1981-1984
Cloth doll, girl, red blouse, plaid skirt, 1965-1985
Cloth doll, baby, made from white handkerchief, USA, 1980
Plastic doll, girl, "Kirsten Larson," American Girl, 1986
Plastic doll, girl, "Samantha Parkington," American Girl, 1986
Plastic doll, girl, "Molly," American Girl, red and blue outfit, in original box with book, USA, Germany, Gotz Co., 1986
Cloth doll, girl, white and blue dress, "Nancy Hanks," Wisconsin, USA, 1987
Cloth doll, girl, "Nancy Hanks," pink dress with white pinafore, Wisconsin, USA, 1987
Plastic doll, woman, "Barbie," Wedding Fantasy, in original box, USA/China, Mattel, 1989
Plastic doll, woman, African American, "Christie," red dress, Mattel, Inc., USA/China, 1988
Plastic doll, troll, gray shirt, China, 1989-1990
Troll doll, female dancer, Norwegian, Oljanna Cunneen, Wisconsin, 1987
Cornhusk doll, woman, Norwegian, Charlene Brainerd, USA, c. 1981
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