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Modern: Fleischaker & Baum (Effanbee) (23 records)

Composition doll, man, "George Washington," Patsyette, blue and gold outfit, Effanbee, USA, 1932
Composition doll, woman, "Martha Washington," Patsyette, pink Colonial-style outfit, Effanbee, USA, 1932
Composition doll, man, "Charlie McCarthy," black suit and top hat, USA, Effanbee, 1937-1939
Composition doll, baby, white and pink baby outfit, "Sugar Baby," USA, Effanbee, 1938-1945
Compostion doll, woman, nurse's uniform, USA, Effanbee, 1938-1948
Composition doll, woman, brown dress and hat, USA, Effanbee, 1939-1946
Composition doll, woman, nun, white cap, long black dress, USA, Effanbee, 1938-1939
Composition doll, baby, long purple dress and bonnet, Effanbee, USA, 1924-1930
Composition doll, girl, "Mae Starr," blue dress, includes 6 cylinders, Effanbee, USA, 1928-1938
Composition doll, girl, "Little Lady," pale peach velveteen dress, Effanbee, USA, 1938-1939
Composition doll, baby, pink organdy dress and bonnet, "Lovums," Effanbee, USA, 1928-1940
Composition doll, pale green dress and hat, "Patsyette," Effanbee, USA, 1931-1939
Composition doll, girl, "Wee Patsy," red dress, USA, Effanbee, 1934-1936
Composition doll, girl, no clothes, "Anne Shirley," Effanbee, USA, 1935-1948
Plastic doll, baby, no clothing, Effanbee, USA, 1960-1969
Plastic doll, girl, undressed, Effanbee, USA, 1950-1962
Composition doll, girl, "Anne Shirley," blonde wig, blue dress, Effanbee, USA, 1938-1948
Composition doll, girl, no clothing, "Patsy Junior," Effanbee, USA, 1931-1937
Composition doll, "Dy-Dee Baby," rubber body, sleeper outfit, Effanbee, USA, 1935-1942
Composition doll, girl, yellow gown, USA, Effanbee, 1941-1942
Plastic doll, girl, white knit garments, "Lisa Grows Up," with trunk, USA, Effanbee, 1983-1984
Plastic doll in basket, baby girl, pink and white garments, "Lisa Baby," USA, Effanbee, 1980
Doll, hard plastic, baby girl, "Dy-Dee Baby," with wardrobe and two boxes, Effanbee, USA, 1937-1938
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