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Boys (80 records)

All-bisque doll, boy, blue and red yarn outfit, 1920-1930
Cloth doll, boy, dark blue pants, tan vest, Italy, 1930-1939
Bisque doll, boy, Swedish costume, navy blue and red, Germany, 1928-1932
Bisque doll, Scotch boy, green and red tartan plaid, Germany, Simon & Halbig/K*R, 1912-1922
Bisque doll, Dutch boy, bobble head, molded clothing, 1920-1935
Cloth doll, boy, "Hansel," white shirt, tan breeches, Germany, 1920-1930
All-bisque doll, boy, Swiss costume, black and white, Germany, 1910-1925
Composition dolls, boy and girl, dancing pair, molded and painted clothing, France, 1922
All-bisque doll, boy, Swiss costume, red and white, Germany, Kling, 1885-1915
All-bisque doll, boy, navy blue jacket, white knickers, ethnic German costume, Germany, 1895-1914
All-bisque doll, boy, blue uniform, Germany, 1890-1900
All-bisque doll, boy, Swiss costume, black knickers, red vest, Germany, 1900-1918
Bisque doll, boy, dollhouse, Italian costume, Germany, 1912-1925
Celluloid doll, boy, white shirt, gray shorts, Germany, Bruno Schmidt, 1915-1930
Composition doll, boy, red print kimono, Asian, 1880-1902
Bisque doll, boy, military uniform, Germany, 1860-1870
Bisque doll, boy, brown pants, red vest, white apron, Germany, Gebruder Kuhnlenz, 1895-1910
Bisque doll, boy, dark blue uniform, Germany, 1890-1920
Bisque doll head, boy, Germany, 1880-1900
Composition doll, boy, Asian, green, white and red paper kimono, 1910-1919
Bisque doll, baby boy, white dress, Germany, Heubach, 1910-1920
Doll, wool yarn, handmade, African American boy, blue and white knit outfit, USA, 1920-1940
Composition doll, boy, Skookum, Native American Indian, blanket garment, Tammen Co., USA, 1925-1940
Cloth doll, boy, Dutch costume, blue trousers, red jacket, blue hat, Georgene Averill, USA, 1930-1939
Cloth doll, boy, represents "Jack," blue outfit, USA, 1930-1940
Celluloid doll, boy, black suit, 1920-1930
Cloth doll, boy, Chinese costume, yellow garments, tiger hat, China, 1920-1940
Composition doll, boy, "Pinocchio," red and yellow outfit, USA, Ideal, 1940-1942
Bisque doll, boy, tan and black suit, S.F.B.J., France, 1899-1930
Wooden doll, boy, "Pinocchio," red coat, red pointed hat, 1929-1939
Bisque doll, painted, boy, brown shorts, white shirt, Germany, 1920-1935
Bisque doll, painted, boy, white pants, red vest, Germany, 1920-1935
Metal head doll, boy, green suit, 1920-1930
Bisque doll, boy, navy blue sailor outfit, Germany, F. W. Goebel, 1889-1915
Celluloid doll, black boy, white Egyptian costume, red fez, Germany, 1925-1934
Celluloid doll, boy, blue coat over striped kimono and long white pants, Egypt, 1900-1925
Bisque doll, girl, European costume, red skirt, black vest, in box with boy bisque doll, Germany, 1900-1925
Bisque doll, boy, European costume, black pants, white shirt, in box with bisque girl doll, Germany, 1900-1925
Rubber doll, boy, tan molded romper; Japan1920-1930
Bisque doll, boy, dark gray velvet suit, Germany, 1880-1900
Bisque doll, boy, red tunic and knee length pants, Kestner, Germany, 1900-1920
All-bisque doll, boy, dollhouse, dark purple suit, Germany, 1890-1910
All-bisque doll, boy, dollhouse, tan coat and dark blue pants, Germany, 1890-1910
Bisque dollhouse doll, boy, brown coat, Germany, 1890-1915
All-bisque dolls, boy and girl pair, red and white costumes, Germany, 1900-1925
All-bisque doll, boy, dollhouse, brown sailor suit, Germany, 1890-1910
Bisque doll, boy, navy blue suit, Kestner, Germany, 1880-1890
Bisque doll, boy, "newsboy", brown suit, Kestner, Germany, 1890-1915
Bisque doll, boy, Floradora, green uniform, Germany, Armand Marseille, 1909-1921
Composition doll, boy, white sailor suit, Germany, 1892-1915
Bisque doll, boy, no clothes, Germany, 1905-1930
Bisque doll, boy, maroon body, no clothes, Germany, Ernst Heubach & Co., 1887-1915
Nut doll, boy, green overalls, striped shirt, USA, 1930-1945
All-bisque doll, boy, green suit, Germany, 1880-1895
Composition doll, boy, clown, pink and blue costume, 1922-1929
Cloth doll, boy, cowboy outfit, USA, 1940-1955
Plastic doll, boy, undressed, Irwin Corp., USA, 1950-1960
Celluloid doll, boy, blue suit, Elizabethan style, Rheinische Gummi Co., Germany, 1920-1939
Plastic doll, boy, Campbell Kid, "George Washington," colonial outfit, Ideal, USA, 1976
Cloth doll, boy, "Raggedy Andy," green suit, USA, 1940-1950
Composition doll, boy, walker, undressed, USA, 1920-1930
Bisque doll, boy, white suit, Germany, Kammer & Reinhardt, 1909-1915
Bisque artist's doll, boy, gold shirt, gray vest, plaid knickers, Julie Good-Krueger, USA, 1981
Plastic doll, boy, Sasha doll, "Gregor," red hair, turquoise blue corduroy outfit, England, 1980
All-bisque Kewpie doll, boy, white and black Pierrot costume, Germany, Kestner, 1913-1930
Composition marionette, boy, "Jack," navy pants, blue striped shirt, Hazelle's Marionettes, USA, 1938-1948
All-bisque doll, boy, red and blue suit, Germany, 1920-1940
Bisque doll, Native American boy, green print loin cloth, Germany, 1915-1930
Plastic doll, boy, Scottish Highlander outfit, A & H Doll Mfg. Corp., USA, 1949-1959
Plastic doll, boy, dressed as "Hansel," brown lederhosen with suspenders, Italy, 1940-1950
Plastic doll, boy, Spanish costume, red pants, black vest, 1940-1950
Plastic doll, boy, represents "Robin Hood," costume includes a brown jerkin, 1940-1950
Plastic doll, man, cowboy, animal print chaps, blue cowboy hat, Flagg and Company, USA, 1948-1957
Cloth doll, molded, boy, Dollhouse doll, blue jacket, plaid pants, Germany, 1950-1960
Plastic doll, boy, "Little Boy Blue," blue suit, red hat, USA, 1950-1960
Cloth doll, boy, WPA, "Peter," twin, red outfit, Milwaukee Handicraft Project, Wisconsin, 1939-1943
Cloth doll, boy, "Radish Child," pink and white striped one-piece romper, Ethel Bachelle, USA, 1930-1936
All-bisque doll, boy, dollhouse, green shorts, gold vest, red tie, Germany, 1895-1915
Plastic doll, boy, dollhouse doll, gold shorts, white shirt, USA, 1950-1960
Plastic doll, baby boy, dollhouse, white diaper, USA, 1950-1960
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